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    Apparently the more intricate camo’ schemes were less common on ‘newer’ delivered items…….as war seemed more imminent the equipment was pushed out to depots and units with base colours….variants of green or whatever was to hand……..having painted my French armour ( and Polish tri-colour too) I painted 3 Hotchkiss in naval grey with markings…….great for ‘bleu -bleu’ misidentification events!

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    Hi Tim,

    Unfortunately French tanks came factory painted. Cammo patterns did vary from batch to batch, but were meant to be identical within that batch. Units tended to be allocated tanks from within one batch, although if they received later replacements they could be of a different pattern. Plenty of pictures of the real thing here http://www.chars-francais.net/2015/index.php/engins-blindes/chars?task=view&id=106 I’d go with hard edges to the colours personally.

    Thissi the book that you want:
    http://www.ipmsusa.org/reviews/Books/Armor/Trackstory/trackstory_6_hotchkiss.htm It covers equipment variations, (trench tails, gun length etc), batch allocation, camouflage patterns etc. Now on CD by the look of it. http://trackstory.fr/accueil/80-cd-trackstory-n-6-hotchkiss-h35-et-h39.html

    Sadly mine’s buried in storage so I doubt I’ll be able to find it until I unpack again in a year or so…. Trackstory are gradually working their way through the French armoury.


    My 15mm take on the scheme:

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    Hi Tim, AFAIK the Trackstory book is fairly up to date, being published around 7 or so years ago. The Trackstory authors are French so are likely to be more up with recent work than most of us. IIRC the print copy of some of their series are OOP but they have released CD versions. Blitzkrieg is ok but is definitely dated in some places (unless there’s a new edition I’m not aware of).

    My scheme is based on one in the Trackstory book, being Humbrol forest green  (150, used to be called french artillery green once!) and chocolate (86.)

    Yes, I’ve got a lot of the little buggers!

    I only found the colour photo when I looked at the Chars Francais  site when chasing it up for you. It looks like one taken by the German PK photographers, who mostly worked in black and white but did shoot some colour (Agfa) film. I don’t think it’s colourised, but Agfacolor of the time tends to be a bit washed out so it may be a little brighter in real life. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agfacolor

    The tank has clearly been abandoned (Broken down or KO’d, take your pick) My take on it is a darker green and brown  pattern with some yellow ochre  lines & regions. If I was doing it, I’d use the same colours as above and add my favoured yellow ochre (Humbrol 83), which doubles for dunkelgelb for me! The turret markings have obviously been overpainted at some point. There’s probably a crest underneath the later diamond,  or alternatively 4 smaller playing card symbols (heart,diamond, spade, club), which was sometimes used for the company command tank.

    These are some R35s using the ochre and green (no brown on these)

    (Bloody static grass gets everywhere!)

    These guys https://translate.google.com.au/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=http://www.colleurs-de-plastique.com/forums/showthread.php%3F59375-Couleur-H-39-25e-BCC&prev=search have the third colour as light gray, which was used on some French tanks, but that’s all part of the controversy! From memory Steve Zaloga recommends Tamiya Field Gray for the ‘gray’ on French tanks. It is of course a shade of gray-green….

    Assuming that the unit ID is accurate (& it usually is with Chars Francais), a bit more on that particular H39 unit http://chars-francais.net/2015/index.php/28-documentation/jmo-historiques/1610-1940-25e-bcc-historique

    http://atf40.forumculture.net/t8242-25e-bcc#66127 and on the parent unit, 1DCR, http://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?t=128837

    I wasn’t on Missing Lynx. I visit occasionally but I’m not a member. Too little time!

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