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    I recently did some business with Any Scale Models:


    They quoted a price for P&P  which I found acceptable & paid up the total amount.

    They got back to me today & told me they’d managed to squeeze my order in a smaller container which reduced the postage. This savings was deposited in my PayPal account.

    Who does this? Who today is that honest??

    I’m pleased to get back some money but far, far more pleased to see the Good People are still around.

    Will I be placing further orders with them? What do you think?






    Thanks for the link. some fantastic models.

    Oh no….

    I’ve bought quite a bit from them over the last year or two. Very nice stuff, well cast, and always great service.

    No hesitation in recommending them.

    Ivan Sorensen

    I’ve had a few cases where I got a few dollars back from lower packaging costs, even from rando’s on Ebay.

    One supplier who I don’t remember now, threw a few extra random figures in an order.

    Nordic Weasel Games


    Paypal screwed up the shipping charges when I bought from  Leven Miniatures a couple of years ago. I thought “oh well, postage has gone up again.”

    I had to ask what the refund was for.

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    Enjoy your gardening

    Les & Alison

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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