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    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    Pudding, chips, peas*, gravy, salt and vinegar. Proper cuisine.

    Parkin in autumn.

    Meat and potato pie with pickled red cabbage on the side(don’t listen to stray Lancastrians and eat Hollands pies under any circumstances).

    Treacle toffee.

    Meat pies (preferably local if there are any still about). Not pork pies with identifiable bits of pinkish meat, proper minced u/i grey ‘meat’ with jelly and hot water crust pastry.

    Obviously black pudding (probably best from Bury – other places may put healthy ingredients in by accident).

    * obviously mushy and don’t let the imitations on YouTube vids fool you – if you can identify a single actual pea in it they haven’t been prepared right. Marrowfat boiled until all individual shape has been lost. No garden peas and if you use a ‘masher’ or a fork to squash them you’re a southerner (or a Scot trying too hard – looking at you Ramsay). No onion, no garlic, no sugar no nothing  – just boil the peas.

    Work your way through that list and we can move on to tripe and onions, butter pie and ‘stew’ (not lob scouse or Lancashire hot pot, they’re made up names to fool southerners – ‘stew’ is eclectic and all embracing and should last at least a week and not be the same meal at the end as it was at the beginning. Some ‘stew’ may end up as the filling for meat and potato pie if sufficient potatoes are added at some stage near the end of the week.

    It may start out as ‘Tattie’ash’ but really that is a treat on its own.

    You lucky devil you, such a culinary wonderland to explore.

    If you are vegetarian, you could substitute cheese and onion pies for some of the above – if Vegan I hope you have an escape plan.

    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Nothing wrong with gravy on chips – at least we do not stick curd cheese in it!

    For decent fish and chips you need to head to Steels Corner House in Cleethorpes (sit down) or possibly The Ocean Fish Bar but they are better from Beckett’s (take out) and walk the prom on a chilly day. Mushy peas need mint sauce according to my wife – I think they should be flushed down the drain 🙂

    Decent meat pies (full and slice) are available in Brigg from Spelman but getting a decent pork pie locally is hard – too dry for my liking…

    If you head south, you are not far from wild boar / crocodile and ostrich from Oslinc – the kangaroo steaks are great. Venison is a regular option from the Brigg Farmers market. Their mince is wonderful in pasta.

    Many traditional food suppliers locally and more decent vegetarian and vegan offerings appearing too. Great gluten free cakes from The Steel Rooms (Brigg again) if that’s a requirement.

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    There used to be wild wallabies around Flash and Wildboarclough but I never knew anyone who ate one.


Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)
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