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    Mr. Average

    I ask obliquely because I recently picked up Strike Legion Platoon Commander, which I have read and like a whole lot, as it seems to be the right mix for my infantry-centric games in Costaguana at 6mm scale. In mentioning it to a friend he suggested that I look into Dropzone Commander, but could give no details as to gameplay or “tone,” just that he thought the miniatures looked cool.

    Has anyone here given it a try? Care to comment to someone considering giving it a throw?


    From what I have heard the game is about getting troops from A to B.
    Not so much a shooty dicer who has the biggest gun, but a who controls the battlefield ebb and flow wins game.
    Though that could be wrong…

    Alexander Wasberg

    I’ve only played a few games, but I’d agree with Editor Mike.

    It’s mostly about manouvering and using your dropships to take and hold the critical objectives, or just drop your big scary units on top of a exposed enemy.. Most units are rather slow when not using their dropships, so I’d say that some similar transport would be necessary unless you want to really boost movement values on every unit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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