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    So I guess technically this belongs in the computer gaming part. But this is really for the Napoleonic crowd.

    I started to follow Histwar: Les Grognards back in 2002, with out it I would never have become a wargamer.

    I was waiting for this game to come out and asked for literature to read to get ready, I got Chandler’s Campaigns as a suggestion, and bought and read it. After that I was hooked on Napoleonic history, 5 years later I started with Napoleonic wargaming, by that time the game still hadn’t come out.

    It came out sevral years later, I had great fun with it, but it was very flawed, and never got completely there. Later a sequel/upgrade was released called Histwar Napoleon, the game is a lot better, but still has some issues and the road map is far behind schedule.(like well over a year) I’m telling you this so you don’t go into it blind if you do get interested in the game. It’s playable now, but it’s not the complete vision of the creator.

    It’s mostly made by 1 Frenchmen who is very bad at communicating in English.


    Anyway, the game lets you play several historical battles from the 1805-1814 period. You can play it in 1:10 or 1:2 scale, that means at Borodino you might have up to 150 000 3d soldiers. The game deals mostly with the larger parts of the battle, you generally give orders to your corps, and while you can give specific orders to brigades, it’s often best to let the Corps ai do its job. The ai will deploy its artillery to start pre-assault bombardments, place its battalions and brigades etc. This is one of the major improvement with Napoleon over Les Grognards, the ai is a lot more dynamic and competent, horse artillery will follow the cavalry and give support. Cavalry combat is quite good, with squadrons kept in reserve, and those in reserve will ride in and cover retreating squadrons. This means cavalry combat is often quite dynamic and fun to watch. Once when I played Borodino, by random chances my Russian and the French cavalry reserves met, this led to 40 000 men and horses charging and counter charging for several hours.  A rather unhistoric happening but fun.

    The game is real time, but you can speed it up. So battles last 6-18 hours. And can continue the next day.

    You have 3 map sizes, a small one for corps vs corps games, 1 “normal” map for full battles, and a campaign map that is hundreds of square kilometers, where you need to scout and find the enemy and fight them.

    There is also a OOB editor, where all the regiments for the major combatants are(two major exceptions are 1813 Prussians and British). And yes, the uniforms do change, 1805 Russians do have different uniforms from the 1812 Russians. Same goes for French etc.

    It’s quite fun spending a few hours just making armies in the editor, I made Davout’s 3rd corps at Auerstad for smaller corps vs corps games.

    I also tried to make the biggest armies I could, this led to armies of some 220-250 000 a piece.

    You make a crops, division and brigade, add a regiment, decide a number of battalions in the regiment, decide the size of the regiment, and might add battalion guns if that army used them. You then do this until you have finsihed with the corps, and then you add another corps etc etc.

    It’s fun game even with it’s missing parts. The major missing bits now are.

    1. Division ai. You have crops AI and brigade AI, but in the game, there is no AI for divisions so all brigades kinda act somewhat independently with in a corps.
    2. graphics are crap, there should have been a major graphics update last summer? or was it the summer before that? Well hasn’t showed up yet.
    3. Some random bugs, biggest one is that some times the ai gets “turned off” if you load a battle you’ve saved. (It might have been fixed.)
    4. Some strange things, not sure if this is simply bad French to English translations, but some times units “rout” but I think it’s more correct to say they are pulling back to regroup. Because if one of your cavalry units win a combat they often “rout” as the enemy routs.

    But it’s still very fun and at times, when everything works it does campture the Napoelnic feel.

    I had a corps spend several hours trying to take a village held by the Austrians, my regiments charged, got beaten back, regrouped and came on again and again.

    It got Multiplayer including PBMG.


    Might be worth a look




    Yes.  I made a reasonably big effort to learn and like Histwar: Les Grognards.  But I could never really get to like it unfortunately.  I think that it sold me on the virtues of miniature, or at least manual, wargames by annoying me so much: too complicated, the interface too fiddly, too opaque (and too buggy).  But perhaps the new version would have solved enough of this to make it worth having another look at.


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