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    I just received an order from Anyscale. It wasn’t large; just a pele tower (for my Covenanter army) & a studebaker truck (for my WW2 US force).

    The order came with a resin post box & a dinghy & the explanation that these were substandard items & rather than throw them out, they were gifting them to me. Darned if I can find anything wrong with them. Regardless, how nice!

    I mentioned Anyscale in a post at “the other forum” and one reply said he’d not heard of them but was going to place an order. I am glad to do such a good company a good turn. The pele tower, BTW, is a cracking model & I can’t wait to paint it.




    Not familiar with them either, is this them?



    Not familiar with them either, is this them? LINK


    Yes. The only thing that could improve them in my eyes is if they advertised here.  87)





    Not wargaming, but you reminded me of the old F & SF Book Co., from whom I used to order; they did that sort of thing too. Once they sent me a 1948 SF calendar, illustrated by the likes of Ed Emshwiller and Hannes Bok. It was a collector’s item even then.


    I feel like a lot of manufacturers did this sort of thing in the past, and not that long ago because even I can harken back to it (and I haven’t been in this hobby nearly as long as the old beards). It doesn’t seem to occur often anymore, though. Can’t begrudge anyone for it, obviously. Also can’t guess at the reason for the change, but that’s probably a complex weave of causes and effects anyway. I’m glad for the gifts I’ve received, and slightly ashamed that I can no longer recall all of them.

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    I think a lot fewer do it because every bit you add cost more in shipping now.  I have a bunch of miscasts, and at some point will probably have a “scratch and dent” category where you can buy substandard bits at a steep discount.

    Now, I do occasionally throw in freebies to returning customers, but they are not substandard casts.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    I do occasionally throw in freebies to returning customers,.


    Given the tight margins I imagine you chaps work on, I would not expect a “freebie”. I should say that by & large I am always happy to pay for my wargaming needs & think prices are nearly always reasonable & I only really grumble about P&P which is, of course, not the fault of the manufacturers.




    That’s a great catch, never heard of Anyscale.  After looking at their ranges I wish I’d known about them earlier!

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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