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    Moderns Release: January 2021: Boxer GNGP “Genie” (144th)

    This month, we have the Boxer Geniegruep GNGP “Genie” variant (as used by the Dutch army among others), in 144th.

    Direct price: £4.50
    The Shop3D price: £4.57 (Resin)/£10.19 (Nylon) Link
    Shapeways price: $10.77 (£7.91) Link


    Photo of Prusa i3 Mk3S version. (Taken in Dad’s mancave as he’s setting up for cover photos for Manoeuvre Group, so a bit better than usual. While it’s up, I’ll be trying to take some photos of the scifi ground forces that haven’t been done yet, too*)

    As with the ambulances, the modifications included more than just the rear module, so the hull is a single piece (plus turret), rather than a hull-and-module.

    (In fact, while making the boxer modules removable seemed like a good idea at the start, it has in the long run proven to be a largely irrelevant exercise, since I don’t think anyone ever actually uses the capability; heck I don’t on the similarly-designed Turma and Neuron scifi APCs myself. Wargamers tend to just have one model for one purpose it seems. It was an experiment, but I don’t think it’s one I’ll attempt to implement again (and indeed, I’ll probably remove the capability from the Neurons when I finally release them.)

    Hopefully, next month’s release (and March’s) will come with some nice resin print photos.

    From April onwards, with the Aotrs ground force re-release completed, the scifi will be taking a break while I get the rest of the moderns up at TheShop3D.



    *Also, I couldn’t have taken them normally anyway – the lightbulb in the dining room we only replace a month or so ago bust and the replacement is a FRACk-awful “warm” one that taints everything like a skein or urine and OF COURSE it is apparently impossible to find a cool/daylight bulb of any kind of brightness. So I cannot EVEN have the luxury of frickin’ light to see by now.

    Aotrs Commander

    Aotrs Shipyards (Late) February 2021 Release: Yamaha Grizzly 450 Quad Bike

    (Okay, so I have delayed this as long as I can, but TheShop3D doesn’t seem to have been able to fix whatever technical issue went wrong yesterday (it was supposed to up in the shop yesterday, but something obviously went wrong and I haven’t heard back from them since this morning when they said they were looking into it), so as and when that gets fixed, I’ll edit in the TheShop3D links.)

    This month, belatedly, and not quite according to plan, we have for you the Yamaha Grizzly 450 Quad Bike, as used by the British Army (at 144th).

    These are a sprue of with four, and four more with the trailer with bridging ladder. (Given the size, trying make the trailers removable was simply not a physical possibility!)

    Direct price: Available on request*
    The Shop3D price: £4.8 (Resin)/£8.99 (Nylon) (Link to be added)
    Shapeways price: $12.02 (£8.50) Link

    *Due to the change of line-up, I haven’t had chance to experiment printing in more than one at once, so the nominal price is £2.50 for the quad and £2.65 for the quad plus trailer; if anyone is interested, let me know through the usual channels and I can try running more off, but in the interests of not delaying things any further, I wanted to get this stuff out.


    Photos of the TheShop3D resin.

    Also, if you don’t follow us on Facebook, here is a link to some photos of some of the other resin prints from TheShop3D that I got with these.

    March’s release (due this month, hopefully soon…) should be the Fennek AD platoon, assuming there aren’t any other problems.

    After that, April is very nominally the Boxer HEL prototype.

    Aotrs Commander

    Aotrs Shipyards March 2021 Release: Fennek AD and Teams

    Once again, later than I hoped. TheShop3D are still having technical issues, so once again, I will have to be making the scifi release tomorrow without the links, which will have to be added later, as and when and if. That will, unfortunately, have to be the drill for the foreseeable future, as I obviously can’t keep delaying the releases like this.

    So, this month, we have the Fennek AD – one with L81 mortar and one with Spike ATGW. Direct sales, they are available as individual models, but from the webshops, they come in a sprue of four, with two regular Fenneks, plus the Fennek AD with mortar and with Spike ATGW, as used by the Dutch army. With these, there is also an accompanying three-man infantry squad, armed with the FN Minimi and the L81 Mortar and Spike dismounted accordingly. (As infantry has to be webshop, since FDM is very poor at doing them.) All at 144th, as per usual.

    LGS Fennek AD Platoon

    Direct price: £3.10 (mortar), £3.10 (Spike)
    The Shop3D price: £9.94 (Resin)/£23.12 (Nylon) for sprue of four plus teams Link
    Shapeways price: $12.02 (£8.50) Link for sprue of four plus teams Link


    Photo is of the resin versions (standard, standard and Spike), except for the Mortar, which is Prusa. (And yes, I can assure you, the Prusa hull IS the same size as the others (I double checked myself!), it just looks bigger in that photo, because of the colour and angle!)

    I still have not heard back from TheShop3D on what went wrong with my print of this, and unfortunately, the render is still not up yet, but the correct model is up in the shop – I was able to check before it went live – so it SHOULD, he says hopefully, be correct now.


    As tangential to the moderns players, but worthy of note anyway, I have also updated the older Aotrs models with the new version 2 locking turret versions (which means they are all sprued up now). This was a somewhat mixed experiment, and shows why I haven’t rushed to try and do it with everything yet; while in some cases, it meant the price did go down as expected, Shapeway’s deliberately arcane and black-box pricing algorithm meant that some models actually went up (albiet only around 20p on the VPN). Annoying, to say the least. I’m doing my best to provide cheaper (and/or better) alternatives, either via my direct sales or through TheShop3D, but… *shrug*

    The Boxer HEL is likely to be going into the backlog queue for a bit – next month, instead, I’ll be releasing the Merkava IV, since after being the single most difficult model (including the IMR-2) I’ve ever had to deal with, it’s going out as soon as possible. It took me two solid weeks (plus) just to do the turret!

    (Needless to say, the GT have gotten their own version, because after all that effort, I wasn’t not going to do a scifi version!)

    Aotrs Commander

    Aotrs Shipyards April 2021 Release: Merkava IV

    So this month, actually close to on time, we have for you the single most difficuly model I have ever had to do – the Merkava IV, at 144th as usual.

    It might not look it, compared to, say, the IMR-2, but that turret geometry is a NIGHTMARE to do. I initially started the Merkava IV on a commission in 2016, who lost interest halfway through. I had done the hull and was wrestling with the turret, so I shelved it. Coming back to finish it off, with five year’s more experience… It still took as long again as doing an entire regular tank to finish the turret.

    But here it is, at last.

    (Needless to say, after all that, I wasn’t not going to do a sci-fi’d up version, so expect the Galactic Terrorist Grand Marauder to show it’s gatlintg-covered face at some point down the line…)


    Merkava IV

    Direct price: £4.80
    The Shop3D price: ??? (Resin)/???? (Nylon) Link to be added
    Shapeways price: $14.56 (£10.62) Link


    Next month is up in the air. Some of this depends on the TheShop3D status. How are we doing on that front?

    Ask me again on Monday.

    I pride myself on being as up-front as I can be with you, so here’s where we are. I completed uploading about 240 models – all of the moderns ranges, plus the Aotrs (all scales) and the Xyriat fleet last Friday. Yesterday, I sent them a quick note asking if they had any clue on the timescale when it was up and it appears that they thought they were still waiting for me. (So I’ve been kicking my heels for a week, waiting for a response for that and another job, but my parents went away for a few days, so I had a small break myself.) They then got back to me that afternoon and asked me to change the logo (which I did), but then they said they’d already used the first one (that I thought was better myself, but a CAD’s jockey not a graphic designer). (They had sent me a link to a free logo site, but I was decidedly unimpressed with it and as you guys have likely twigged by this point I won’t half-arse a job.)

    Everything was then up – the notification came in just as I was having tea yesterday. So it wasn’t until an hour later (in the evening at this point), I noticed that all the prices, that I spent literally hours carefully putting in, the prices I’ve been quoting to you for the past year – had been changed. They are going to talk to me on the phone on Monday, but the general gist of it is, they seem to have an automated system that did that. This is due to them wanting to effectively subcontract out stuff to other sellers. Now when I spoke to them and signed the license (and at no point was a necessary price increase mentioned), I was given the impression that it was to retail (and I treated it as more or less a little bit of an ego trip but did not expect any serious amount of sales, since unlike the 28mm roeplaying figures that form the rest of their designers, the wargames market has always been online). But now I’m not sure whether they meant other print subcontractors or both. In any case, the… Significant change as it stands not an acceptable sacrifice to my core customers (i.e. online), especially as it would place my models more expensive than at Shapeways.

    So we will see what they say on Monday. I’d say hopefully we could reach a compromise, but I’m planning for the worse case scenario; and even if we do, it means I will have to go through ALL the prices AGAIN. (I might well just straight drop supporting their nylon if the prices has to go even a little higher, since it was already only about on a par with Shapeways.)

    The long and short, then, is that the aforementioned ranges are up and available at TheShop3D site, but the prices are much higher than I am comfortable with. Whether this can be fixed is unknown.

    Aotrs Commander

    Shipyards update.

    Okay, so I had a chat with TheShop3D and we reached a good old-fashioned compromise. They are indeed looking at become a supplier to retail stores (they have about 50 stores world-wide interested) in addition to online. I explained that the wargames market has always been predominatly mail-order/online, and is not quite the same market as their 28mm roleplaying figures that is pretty much the rest of the catalogue, and so that while I was open to retail, it couldn’t come at the expense of my core market.

    So we agreed that the items on their primary catalogue would go back to the prices they were previously, but they would split the difference and items that went to retail would be at the adjusted prices. That’s a compromise I can live with; I further said that for retail specifically, it would be better for me to bundle up some of the smaller items – specifically, stuff like the fighter sprues (all of which were coming in at the £4 floor), as it would be more cost-effective for the customer and also take up less shelf space.

    The gentleman is working on putting the prices back himself (he said it was his job and I wasn’t going to argue!) He’s going to send me an email when that’s done and I’ll let you all know.

    Aotrs Commander

    Aotrs Shipyards May 2021 Release: KTM 500 Exc Bikes

    This month, slightly late, we have for you something a little different – two sets of bikes and riders! (All in 1:144th as usual.) This came as a commission, as the commissioner wanted them in resin, I said that (with their agreement) that I might as well make them this month’s release.
    One set of riders are irregulars slash insurgents, and one set of Special Ops riders.

    The bike in question is the KTM 500 Exc, as used by the Lithuanian Special forces.

    So we two sets of a dozen riders. The Spec Ops riders have two poses, one on the bike and a second with pillion rider with M4s.

    The insurgent riders have five poses – one with rider, one with pillion rider with AK-47, one with pillion rider with AK-47 firing, one with RPK and one with RPG-7.

    As this was a commission, I don’t have any photos, so we’ll have to make do with the renders for the time being.

    As with the infantry, these will only be available from the webshops.

    (While they ARE printable on the Prusa, it’s right on the border of possible due to the small size and all the fine detail is lost. Plus the reel we’re using is not the best (but we were limited as to what we could get last year), which didn’t help.)

    KTM Insurgents

    The Shop3D price: £3.12 (Resin)/£5.35 (Nylon) Link
    Shapeways price: $9.77 (£7.01) Link

    Spec Ops

    The Shop3D price: £2.99 (Resin)/£5.99 (Nylon) Link
    Shapeways price: $9.58 (£6.87) Link


    So, the pricing issue at TheShop3D was resolved (as those of you who see my Facebook page may already know). The long and the short of it is the equitable compromise that from them direct will use the old, lower prices, but the prices for their retail partners (of which one has already been pointed out to me!) will be at the higher prices, which I felt was fair enough!

    I’ve been continuing to update the rest of the sci-fi ranges, and while I did so, I have had a rationalise on Shapeways. I have gone through and updated all the moderns to the new version 2 locking turrets, and standardised, basically, my product lines so that they are the same at Shapeways as my direct and TheShop3D versions, simple to keep the maintenance payload sensible. In the cases of some very early models, which had never even been sprued, this means they now don’t come in a group, but individually. This is simply because ten years ago, Shapeway’s pricing scheme was totally different and it was actually more cost effective then and isn’t now.

    I also standardised my mark-up, since Shapeway’s price shenanigans had completely screwed it up on some of the older models.

    As per usual, the black box that is Shapeway’s pricing algorithm is unpredictable, with between the change to sprues and correcting of the mark-up, the prices of some vehicles changed anything from +/+ 20p. To my annoyance, it leaned more towards the increase end, but sometimes for no apparent reason, some models were a lot cheaper. (Anything that wasn’t previously sprued and usually having unnecessarily expense-creating gaps to boot went down significantly, of course.)

    I suspect some of that increase is part of the global change to standardise my mark up to 12% where it had been 10% on the older models – so, for the sake of some of that, that price increase is a little bit on me, sorry.

    (Though as usual, I point a finger to TheShop3D’s resin and note, cheaper and better…)

    Hopefully, the sci-fi re-release should follow very shortly, and I’m a goodly way into the prep-work for the next batch. (Though until next week or so when I can get some better reel, the Prusa-reprinting aspect has had to be halted.)

    Next month will be the ZSU-23-4 Shilka. I managed to get three variants done (-4V, -4V1 and -4M), of which I will probably release one (saving the other two for backlog, which is getting a bit thin at the moment). If anyone out there has a preference, speak now, otherwise I’ll start with the oldest (the -4V). After that I have some nebulous plans for July, but we’ll see how we got. (I have nominally slated myself to do the S-tank, Gepard and Challenger 2 this year, simply because they were tanks I had in 6mm as a child and they seemed as good as any to add to my list!)

    If you didn’t see it on Facebook, I recently did an interview with PrecinctOmega on his podcast about my experiences in 3D printing. Please go and have a listen, if you feel so inclined, here.

    Aotrs Commander

    Aotrs Shipyards June 2021 Release: ZSU-23-4V Shilka

    On time again (finally!) this month, we have for you the ZSU-3-4V Shilka in 144th!

    ZSU-23-4V Shilka

    Direct price: £3.60
    The Shop3D price: £6.50 (Resin)/£13.50 (Nylon) Link
    Shapeways price: $9.00 (£6.35) Link

    Photo of Prusa version.

    Next week, sci-fi re-release will be on track. Only a small one this time, since I spent quite a bit of time this month hacking away at Manoeuvre Group Issue 2 (including completely re-designing their stat blocks from scratch). That is getting very very close to release. Basically, it’s now down to updating some of the force organisation data (which is of course taken from real-world force organisations), and that has been delayed since the half of their team that does that is dealing with family in hospital. But it is perilously close!

    Next month for moderns, the plan is for the S-tank (i.e. the Stridsvagn 103C).


    I’m impressed the overhang and the barrels came out so well. I would definitely expect the barrels and the radar support to droop.

    Tired is enough.
    I like tiny miniatures

    Aotrs Commander

    A lot of it is in the supports (both in the placement of and the ease removal of), which is why we paid for Simplify3D when we had the Replicator (which was like getting a new printer). Simplify3D’s ability to be able to put the supports in finely (and them being fairly easy to remove) has enabled us to print a lot of stuff we couldn’t before. Prusa’s own slicing software still really isn’t up to the same level (though Simplify seems to have not been updated recently, unfortunately).


    Even so, getting the supports out of the radar dish for the three versions of the Shilka I did was… A little challenging, shall we say, the trick being to do so without breaking the radar off. Something these things take a couple of tries before you work out the knack for that particular model.

    (And as I found doing starships, if you don’t have a conveniant underside like ground vehicles do, there’s still not a substitute for doing two-part prints with FDM.)

    Aotrs Commander

    Summer Campaign Sale

    A quick interim update. Both Manoeuvre Group (WW2 to 2010 (plus!)) and Accelerate and Attack: Aeons of War (starships) rules are only sale at 25% off as part of Wargames Vault’s Summer Offensive, from today until the 7th (of July, even though it says June… typo on their end, apparently!)

    So if you are interested in either set, now is as good a time to check it out!

    In MG’s case. this sale also covers their army lists and the cardboard fold-flat terrain!

    Manoeuvre Group’s issue 2 has not quite made it in time for this sale, but the advantage of Wargames Vault is that when it’s released, all customers can be notified by email of the update.

    Accelerate and Attack was updated yesterday, too, to v1.03 (with some very minor changes, but I’ll go into that in July’s sci-fi release).

    Aotrs Commander

    Aotrs Shipyards July 2021 Release: Stridsvagn 103C

    This month, we have for you the Stridsvagn 103C, better known as the S-tank, in 144th.

    (Brought to you as going ongoing miniseries as “tanks Bleakbane had at 6mm as toys when he was a child” range…!)

    Stridsvagn 103C

    Direct price: £3.90
    The Shop3D price: £5.10 (Resin)/£10.90 (Nylon) Link
    Shapeways price: $8.89 (£6.43) Link

    Photo of Prusa version.

    I am working on starting to update the catalogue to incorporate links to the webshops, starting with TheShop3d. As I’ve been doing that, we’ve discovered some pricing issues with some of the models due to the teething issues in getting stuff set up (which we have adjusted our processes for to make things easier all round), so I won’t put it out until we’ve at least gotten the first half sorted.

    As I always pride myself on being upfront and honest with you guys, I have to report that I have had an issue TheShop3D in the past week, primarily with their print team failing to communicate problems to either myself or our customer. I have made my dissatisfaction very clear to them on this issue and I have been assured that measures are being taken to prevent a repeat. I have over the last year invested a lot of time and effort into TheShop3D, and have extended every patience, especially in the trying times we are currently in, because I believe that they do have the potential to finally provide a credible alternative to Shapeways; but as I have stated, my customers come first so I will be keeping a sharp eye on things. I should also stress, however, that I have had problems with Shapeways over the years that were just as bad, if not worse, and ones that I have had to just suck it up with, since there was no other option.

    MG issue 2 has been set back, since it appears that half the design team was not happy with the stat blocks I did, so they are re-designing them again.

    In brighter news, the next release up was going to be the Gepard… But on researching, I discovered that it was, in fact, a modification to the Leopard 1 hull, so on the basis that I would have had to do that first anyway, I have instead done the Leopard 1A4. This potentially opens up other Leopard 1 variants down the line, in addition to the Gepard.

    Aotrs Commander

    Aotrs Shipyards August 2021 Release: Leopard 1A4

    This time we have for you the Leopard 1A4 in 144th. (Slightly delayed, since the moderns and sci-fi releases got flipped this month.)

    This was necessary as the run-up for next month’s release, the Gepard.

    Leopard 1A4

    Direct price: £3.75
    The Shop3D price: £4.19 (Resin)/£10.19 (Nylon) Link
    Shapeways price: $10.70 (£7.60) Link

    Photo of Prusa version.

    Next month, then, will be the Gepard; after that is currently up in the air, but I have one and one possible commission in the works, so it might be one of those.

    Finally, for anyone that didn’t see the Facebook post a PSA: Sorting Shapeways sections in a sensible fashion.

    Shapeways has never fixed their webshop’s sorting feature. You can sort the entire catalogue by newest/name etc. instead of the arbitrarily random default order, but if you select a shop section and try to sort it, takes you out of the section and applies the sort to the whole catalogue. (Shapeways seems actively uninterested in fixing the problem.)

    Raising the issue on their forums AGAIN, I as usual had no official response, but yesterday, poster woody64 told me that it can be done, by changing the url address.

    If you replace the end of the shop section url “&s=0”


    with “&sort=name”, it will actually do what it supposed to do.


    and “&sort=newest” it will sort by newest.


    I appreciate it is a massive pain to have to do it manually, but it means at least I can include links like those above (for instance, when I do a new starfleet release or something), but at least I can tell you all about the option. As to whether Shapeways will actually ever fix it so it works properly, your guess is as good as mine, but I’m willing to lay odds TheShop3D will have shop sections that will work before they ever do…

    Aotrs Commander

    Aotrs Shipyards September 2021 Release: Gepard 1A2

    This month, as aforementioned, we have the Gepard 1A2 in 144th for you.

    Gepard 1A2

    Direct price: £5.05
    The Shop3D price: £6.13 (Resin)/£13.92 (Nylon) Link
    Shapeways price: $16.10 (£11.71) Link

    Photo of Prusa version.

    As is typical of more recent mast/radar releases, there are two turrets; one up and active and one down and transit.

    Next month is likely to be the M113GA1 and M113GA2, done on commission from Maneouvre Group. After that, we’ll see.

    I will be updating the PDF catalogue again next week when I do the sci-fi release, so look for a fresh link then. Hopefully by that point, TheShop3D and I will have caught and ironed out all the pricing glitches caused in the initial uploads, and all the links (to TheShop3D) are in, along with Shapeways links for stuff released to re-released. (Once the rest of the sci-fi releases are out, I’ll finally look at going back through and adding the rest of the links to Shapeways, but for the moment, I want to make an effort to get the rest of the sci-fi stuff re-released – or released, in the cases of the about three ground forces.)

    I have put another order in at TheShop3D, hopefully to come before Other Partizan in a month, so by next moderns release (or even before), there might be some more pictures of resin prints for you to drool over.

    Aotrs Commander

    Aotrs Shipyards October 2021 Release: M113A1G and M113A2G (ETF)

    So this time, we have both the moderns and the sci-fi on the same day! First of all, if you haven’t been following the Facebook posts, TheShop3D has rebranded itself since the last post to Only-Games, and have been rolling out their new website. The delay was because they had been implementing their new system that will allow the creators (i.e. me) to uploaded directly (like at Shapeways), which will streamline the process significantly, since I won’t have to submit it to them. This is better for everyone all around.

    I should note that because of the legacy stuff, there will be a few glitches as we iron things out, so bear with us! (I’m the largest shop on there in terms of items, and me being likely the most pedantic creator, the Shipyards is most likely going to the be most faff to fix!) One such issue is that the material button is no longer present, since the store treats things differently. (I recommend using the links from the Shipyards PDF catalogue to order the older stuff fort the next couple of weeks, while we clear things up). As the resin in their main line anyway, all the new releases will be in resin only form this point forwards, and we will likely be taking the nylon out as we fix stuff. If there is a demand for nylon, I can always look at putting it back in later – but as that option is available from Shapeways as VPN, I don’t see that being very likely.

    I’ll be going back through everything and adding tags to all the models as well. Only-Games doesn’t want to add a semi-infinite number of user-created tags (not unreasonably), so I’ll be conservatively tagging the models basically by scale and genre. The current default sort method, Featured, is actually A-to-Z filter (for my collection, others have might have it configured differently), so hopefully between that and the model codes, you should be able to find stuff. Of course, the PDF catalogue remains another method, though it looks like I might have to re-do some of the links as we replace stuff. Check the Shipyards Facebook page (see OP) for updates on that!

    For those of you on here that don’t follow the Facebook posts, here’s a couple of pictures of some Only-Games resin prints (in their spiffy bubble packs) I ordered just in time to take to show off at Other Partizan a couple of weeks ago.

    Almost like I’m a proper company now or summat, innit!

    So onto the actual release the German M113s, the M113A1G and M113A2G (ETF) (as commissioned by my partners at Manoeuvre Group).

    Direct price: £3.00
    The Shop3D price: £2.80 (Resin) Link
    Shapeways price: $6.22 (£4.68) Link

    M113A2G (ETF)

    Direct price: £3.00
    The Shop3D price: £2.80 (Resin) Link
    Shapeways price: $6.35 (£4.78) Link

    Photos of Prusa versions.

    November’s and December’s releases are queued up for moderns, and the latter might also take us into January, depending on how things go. I’ll leave those as a surprise!

    Aotrs Commander

    Aotrs Shipyards November 2021 Release and Only-Games Update: QF-25 Pounder

    So, a slightly EARLY moderns release, for various reasons (not least being I can have a semi-holiday next week).

    Before we get to the release, a general Aotrs Shipyards update. As I alluded to last time, Only-Games has basically come out of beta and that has brought with it the usual issues. (For those of you that don’t follow the Facebook page (though you should!) I basically had to re-do ALL the prices of all my models.)

    But as of today, the materials select button is also back on the Only-Games webshop, and thus now my catalogue and all the models now have all the correct prices and links! (If you do find any errors or wrong links in the catalogue, please do let me know; my email is at the back!)

    Also – most of the models formerly NATO have been moved to the US. As we’re starting to get national variants (see last month’s German M113s, I decided it would be better to be consistent. Putting stuff under NATO seemed like a good idea at the time ten years ago, but not now!

    So, a light at the end of the tunnel? Yes, but its 2021, so it’s an oncoming train…

    As I always say, I pride myself on being up-front with you guys.

    The Shipyards is the only wargames collection on Only-Games right now; everyone else is RPG guys, and I’m told that not many of them have ever actually done the manufacturing side, so they have slightly different needs and expectations to the Shipyards, as after all, that’s a slightly different market. So the structure of the how the prices are set by us is more aimed towards that side. The way it works now is that Only Games take a proportion of the designated RRP (i.e. the price we as designers set), but that proportion is not accounted for in the manufacturing cost – which is, of course, what I based my mark-up on. And that I spent two days last week very carefully manually re-setting over 372 models… The net result of this is that, as they stand, the prices I have now don’t account for that proportion.

    Now, Only-Games is fervently committed to doing right by everyone. One thing they are offering as an alternative is that is you have a subscription with them, they use that instead of the proportion of the price towards their own costs. Which means the sale price can thus be lower – i.e. at the current price level. Now, the thing is, while the subscription is very reasonable, it’s unfortunately still more than I can afford at the moment (i.e., it is more than the sales I make per month).

    After a long conversation with the head honcho Alex (by co-incidence…), we have agreed that for the moment, the prices will stay as there are. (He was no happier at the prospect of having to put my prices up sharply than I was, bless his cotton socks.) I will be provided with some discount codes, to see if we can drum up some more sales, that I will be freely handing out at the next couple of conventions – Recon on 4th December and Hammerhead, 5th of March. After Hammerhead has had time to settle in (so end of March/April), we’ll take stock again. At that point, I’ll also hopefully finally have caught up so that Only-Games will have everything up on it as well.

    If sales have improved to the point the subscription becomes a viable option, then the prices will remain where they are. Otherwise, they will have to go up, just so I’m making, well, any money on stuff I sell down the line. The raised prices would still be cheaper (and a better product) than Shapeways, so there’s that, at least. And as/when/if sales improve to the point the subscription becomes an option, I can re-evaluate again. It’s unfortunate, but, at the end of the day, it’s just a fact that stuff costs what it costs to make. But I wanted to give everyone plenty of advance notice, and explain the reasons why.

    You may consider this a good excuse to splurge on the Shipyards now while it’s still cheaper – and hey, if everyone does it enough, it’ll stay cheaper!


    So, now that’s all said, let’s actually get down to the release itself, so you do have some more encouragement to part with your pennies. This month, I have for you the QF-25 Pounder (Cold War era), at 144th. In addition to the gun itself, there is a version being towed by the Bedford RL artillery truck, and the Bedford truck on its own, for when the gun is deployed.

    No photos of the models, I’m afraid – like with infantry, the QF is right on the border of what the Prusa will manage (due to a combination of factors, not least in getting the supports off), and I couldn’t get a satisfactory print off. Thus these, like infantry, will be exclusive to the webshops.

    QF-25 Pounder

    The 25-pounder is modelled with four of the six (maximum) crew. The remaining crew would be ammunitions guys, and as such can be assumed to be with the ammunitions truck.

    (I did not model that, as I figured even saddos like my partners at Manoeuvre Group would struggle to want to use ammo trucks in a wargame, but I remain open to the idea if there is interest.)

    Only-Games price: £1.34 (Resin) Link
    Shapeways price: $5.60 (£4.04) Link

    QF 25-Pounder (towed by Bedford RL)

    Only-Games price: £4.10 (Resin) Link
    Shapeways price: $9.26 (£6.71) Link

    Bedford RL Artillery Truck

    Only-Games price: £3.84 (Resin) Link

    Shapeways price: $8.01 (£5.81) Link
    Special note, the 25-pounder is courtesy of a visit I made to Fort Nelson in summer; the pictures I took of the 25-pounders they had there are the primary sources used for the model. I still used a for other walkaround, because even as you get better, you always find there’s at least one shot you need to didn’t take, but my own photos, for the first time, did a lot of the work!)

    I have queued up the releases for the next couple of months – the Ferret Mark 1 and Mark 2. I’m still working on getting the last bits of the back-catalogue revised and re-released; nominally after that I’m looking at the Challenger, but we’ll see how things pan out from here.

    Aotrs Commander

    Aotrs Shipyards December 2021 Release: Ferret Mk 1 Armoured Car

    So after basically TWO WEEKS of hassle and faffing about caused by a hard drive failure, things are sort of back on track, enough to attempt the release, at least.

    No data lost, because of back-ups and it was an-about-to-collapse warning, but a full re-install is always my greatest nightmare, because it takes days to re-install everything (literally, just to get to operational status took several days, email as always being the largest massive pain). And then you come to everything and it’s not set right and your work-flow is completely fragged. (And on top, I had to buy a new version of TurboCAD, since v21’s renderer didn’t work with any Nvidia graphics driver past version 399.7; while I was able to keep re-installing it on the old system, the fresh install flat-out refused, saying it was not compatible (obvious bovine excrement, considering I’d been using it for literal years at that point). Fortunately, the new version had fixed the issues that made us return the last upgrade and stick with v21. But it was still more expense.

    (And even doing THIS was not without problems – due to the change of system or something else entirely, when I came to do the post – which I have always previously done on TheWargamesWebsite and then copy/pasted to everything else – all the formatting buttons had disappeared (including the one to switch between text and visual), so I don’t even know the formatting tags will work until I click submit (I think it’s been changed to BBcode from… something else?, AND I’m having to attempt to manually type in all the formatting. Edit: there HAS been some site issues on top, but clearing my cache at least allowed me to see the formattign buttons, which still apparently format in html code. The view as text button is still AWOL, but it sounds like that’s WordPress’s fault. 2021 just will not let up.)

    So, despite all, I WILL release this month’s vehicle, the Ferret Mk1 Armoured Car, in 144th

    Ferret Mk 1 Armoured Car

    Direct price: £2.80
    The Shop3D price: £1.32 (Resin) Link
    Shapeways price: $5.60 (£4.21) Link

    Photo of Prusa version.

    So, assuming no other problems (which is foolish, I know), the sci-fi release will come out next week as planned (though that will potentially be an EVEN LONGER job without the buttons… *sigh* – y’know, I thought to myself as I started this release “this is taking less time than I thought…”

    January will see the release of the Ferret Mk 2; I had been getting very close to being ahead of the game, but of course the HDD failure put paid to that. I am HOPING to actually get to work on the Challenger at some point, but first I’ve got to finish off the stuff I SHOULD have done two weeks ago, the last bits of prep for this month’s sci-fi release and to finish the go-over of Soviet Remnant (nee sci-soviets)…

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