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    Aotrs Shipyards May 2023 Release: M2 and M3 Bradley

    Today’s release as almost forgotten, in the chaos of household Power Issues, but belatedly, this time I have for you the M2A1 and M3A1 Bradley.

    This fills probably the largest remaining obvious gap in the ranges, and opens up for me to do “proper” sci-fi versions down the line.

    (Sidenote – this was considerable effort. You’d have thought the Bradley would have been relatively easy to find pictures of, wouldn’t you? But it really wasn’t, surprisingly. No comprehensive walkarounds I could find, and not even many videos, so this was really quite hard.)

    M2A1 Bradley

    Direct price: £3.85

    The Only-Games price: £4.27 Link

    Shapeways price: £7.50 Link

    M3A1 Bradley

    Direct price: £3.85

    The Only-Games price: £4.26 Link

    Shapeways price: £7.49 Link


    Photos of Prusa versions.

    The M2A0 and M3A0 have also been produced, and placed into the backlog. I am tentatively looking at doing the A2 and maybe A3 versions of the Bradley for June, but between Partizan and various other stuff (like holidays), we might have to dip into the backlog for June.

    Speaking of Partizan, I will be down there again on the 21st of this month. I’ll be doing starships this time, showcasing the XGA01 starfleet, along with some (technically) new merchant ships and a significant amount of work on the laser cutter to make some new nebulas.

    Next week’s sci-fi release should also come with the release of the hex-based flight stands I created during the Great British Flight Stand Shortage. This will be in the form of a free .stl download from Wargames Vault (under Creative Commons); pertinent to 144th as far as that’s what the various scifi VTOLs are mounted on. Said stands are never going to be as cost effective and just buying ’em from Ground Zero Games at 15p a go, but should the worst happen in the future, I’d like to hope they proliferate enough that they are useful. This is also a test run of .stl files and how much I actually need to do to sort them out. Manoeuvre Group is preparing to release a pack of markers and such for 3D printing and then, eventually I may finally look at the Shipyards selling .stl files.

    Finally, I would also like to bring to everyone’s attention the Wargames Directory Miniatures Manufacturers list. This is a listing of all (or at least as many as can be added) figure manufacturers by scale. Here’s the link to the 10mm list.  There is current a listing for 3, 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 28, 30, 32, 40 and 54mm manufacturers. As a hobby, we distinctly lack any kind of centralised website of basis for this kind of thing, so the more we share this around, the better it is for everyone. Feel free to inform your favourite wargames Youtubers and let’s see if we can get plenty of eyes on it!

Viewing 81 post (of 81 total)
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