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    September 2019 Release

    So, here we are, with the first sci-fi release on TWW! I try and do a scifi release month a month, usually the week after the moderns release (but not always!) That said, the scifi releases tend to be a bit more substantial! This month, I have for you Wave Three of the Xygritt Matriarchy.

    (My full ranges can be found in the catalogue (which I think has at least pictures of the majority now, if nothing else!), which can be downloaded by joining the Aotrs Task Force group on Facebook under files. It’s not ideal, but it was the only way Facebook would let have a file that uploads of sufficient size. I could also email it on request. The full ranges can also be seen on the Shapeways webstore. (The Facebook products catalogue currently only has rthe releases I’ve made since starting there, getting everything up there is going to be another very long job!))


    Lagranix Class Battleship

    Direct price: £6.80
    Shapeways price: $10.42 (£10.24) Link

    The Lagranix is a fast-attack Battleship. It has impressive speed for such a large vessel, able to keep pace with cruisers half its size. It has excellent shields and strong armour. The point-defence arrays and ancillary systems give it a rating on the Xygritt’s scale of 480.

    However, these benefits come at a cost – the Lagranix is somewhat under-armed for a vessel of its size. It carries two spinal-mount lazer cannons and thirty-two particle beam turrets – not a significant more than the Shalashalla Heavy Cruiser. It does have one ace up its sleeve, however; a pair of heavy lazer beam arrays, which enable it to slice apart unprotected enemy vessels with ease.

    The Lagranix is the largest vessel to suffer from the Xygritt weakness of little to no rear firepower.

    The Lagranix, despite being a reliable ship that can fight for sustained engagements has seen only limited deployment, as its defensive traits are considered inferior to ships that are less well-protected, but better armed.

    Interestingly enough, the Lagranix’s crews, tending to survive more overall because of their better protection naturally gravitate to become some of the Xygritt Matriarchy’s most skilled crewed vessels.


    Orilaa Class Battlecruiser

    Direct price: £5.70
    Shapeways price: $7.30 (£7.18) Link

    The Orilaa Battlecruiser forms the core of the Matriarchy heavy ships. It has the most significant forward firepower of any of the Matriarchal Navy vessels short of the Nolaarulu, consisting of four spinal-mount lazer cannons. Two of these had to be mounted on the sides of the forward hull, which give it its atypical profile. It also has the manoeuvrability of a smaller cruiser, allowing it much more chance to bring those guns to bear.

    The main guns are supplemented by short-ranged arrays of eighteen particle beam turrets and point defence arrays and turrets that are rated at 240 on the Xygritt’s scale. However, like many smaller Xygritt ships, only the latter systems provide and firepower coverage at the rear.

    With a good balance of offensive and defensive capabilities, the relatively new Orilaa has seen widespread deployment as fast as it could be deployed.


    Laxagos Class Destroyer

    Direct price: £4.60 for two
    Shapeways price: $6.41 (£6.30) for two Link

    The Laxagos Destroyer is generalist vessel that has seen considerable service in the Matriarchal Navy. The Laxagos’ latest refit saw an upgrade to both its primary spinal mount lazer and an increase from nine to twelve higher-power particle beam cannons. The increased power core also allows extra auxiliary point-defence turrets, raiding it from rating 120 to 180. The refit increased its mass by over 10% and despite the largest power core, the ship has seen a slight decrease in acceleration.

    The Laxagos’ missile pods were installed in one of the prior upgrades after their success on the Isanagas Missile Frigates. There was at first some debate as to what attitude they should have to the hull in the vertical axis, ranging from 45º in either direction from the ship’s vertical centre-line. This debate, which had little technical merit, was primarily fought between two opposing engineers and became a focal point for their professional spat. In the end, the higher-ups were forced to step in and enforce a solution. The best compromise was to simply them at 90º to the vertical – as had originally been suggested by the original plans.


    Yriliol Class Defence Frigate

    Direct price: £4.30 for two
    Shapeways price: $5.60 (£5.51) for two Link

    Fitting between the Lillours-OX and the Goulonat in size, the Yriliol Defence Frigate is a common sight in Matriarchy fleets. A sturdy escort vessel in the middle of its projected life-cycle, the Yriliol is a workhorse vessel, neither badly flawed nor technically brilliant.

    The Yriliol’s extensive point-defence weapons rate it at 600 on the Xygritt’s scale, and it is well-shielded for a vessel of its size and class. It carries six particle beam turrets, though like many Matriarchy vessels, the fire arcs to the rear are limited.

    The Yriliol is nominally intended to be replaced by the Goulonat Defence Cruiser in most aspects. The Goulonat doesn’t not have quite as much point-defence power as two Yriliols (38% less), but it has better protection than the combined vessels and also has a power ECM array, which the Yriliols lack. In the shorter term, Goulonats are likely to be paired with Yriliols to protect high value targets.


    Ralaou Class Light Corvette

    Direct price: £3.00 for four
    Shapeways price: $5.60 (£5.51) for four Link

    Technically the smallest capital ship in the Matriarchal Navy, the Ralaou Light Corvette provides long-range fire-support for a low cost.

    The Ralaou’s main weapon is a light-calibre rail cannon. This allows the corvette to stand off at range, in numbers, or to provide a little extra ranged support as an escort vessel. They are often seen in the company of the Gosillix Artillery Cruisers, supplementing it firepower with their own.

    The Ralaou is extremely manoeuvrable, but very lightly protected. It has a mere rating 60 set of point-defence weapons.

    With only a single fixed-mount rail cannon, it is vulnerable to any attacks from range and its small size makes it ideal tractor beam fodder. It is a particular favourite for Xyriat Vutkor Tractor Runners, as a single tractor beam is enough to carry one away; the Vutkor’s heavy shielding means that a trapped Ralaou has little chance of escape. However, the Ralaou is often at the fringes of a battle, and a low-priority target, which mitigates this factor.


    Photos of the direct sales Replicator 2 versions. Normally with the scifi, I try and use photos of the painted models, but it’s not quite so easy when the fleet isn’t mine (especially when this year has been a bit hectic)! The painted models are done by my mate (who came up with the fluff concept for the Xygritts, and thus got himself a free starfleet, on account it meant less painting for me!)
    Next month will be Wave Four (of five), which will be either the carriers and smallcraft or the ancillary ships, time depending. (Ideally, I’d like to do the former if I have time, but that requires more work to finish preparations than the latter, which is more or less ready to go, so we’ll see.)
    I also have a set of starship rules, Accelerate & Attack: Aeons of War. AccAtt is something I consider a spiritual successor to Full Thrust, in that it was intended to play the same sort of fleet sizes (well the sizes we played anyway, in the 12-20 ships per side size). AccAtt is a generic system, where you build you own fleets and is suitable for at least broadly modelling anything.

    I always said to myself that as soon as I figured out a way to do away with the orders in FT (which I always found broke the game flow), I’d write my own system, and one day I did! AccAtt was worked on for about fifteen years, and with about forty-and-counting starfleets between us, it’s been given about as thorough testing as can be managed by a one-person operation.

    You build your own tech tree before building your ships; there are 20 tech levels, but the sweet spot is the 6-8 range (the upper bands are really there for the Old Ones style stuff), where the ranges best fit the board, and you can have enough toys to have a huge variety in the fleets without having everything! There are two sample fleets, the Stone Portals and the Vivrathk, both at tech level 6, included with the game along with markers for them and some scenarios, so you have something to get started with out of the “box” as it were.

    The game has alternating initiative. At the start of the game, the players roll to see who gets the choice of going first. (Since you don’t always want initiative in the first round.) The fleet are split each into four movement group, which alternative (player without initiative going first), with the clever trick being that you have to move the groups containing your least mobile ships first. Firing then comes, starting with the player who has initiative, an alternates by a firing group and fire is not simultaneous (though you can fire the firing groups in any order). (Usually but not always the movement and firing group are the same, but we found you needed that extra flexibility.) Thus there is a level of tactical decision making based on what to fire and when. This is particularly important when it comes to point defence, since a weapon can only fire a weapon system once per round, and if you shoot that missile salvo down now, you might not be able to shoot the next one… Or save it to use the PD’s horribly effective power on that shield-and-armour-stripped target right next to you…!

    Movement is itself handled by combing speed, turning capability, dodging capability and acceleration in a single Manoeuvre Factor (MF). Speed is measures by speed categories, which is a marker, each speed band being four times the MF. A vessel can only go up and down one speed category per round, so it will take an MF 1 ship longer to reach the same speed than an MF vessel, because it will need to go more categories. Within the speed band, you can just decide how far to move when you move; the marker is the only bit of record-keeping required.

    Each point of MF allows you to turn 30º, with MF 4 being the average. Turning is a little bit like in FT, on a clock face, except it’s a one operation more complex than FT’s “turn half move half.” That does, however, allow the turns to describe something closer to an arc, which makes it much more intuitive to use; you know when a vessel does a 3 point turn, it’s a 90º. Fighters and smallcraft use basically the same rules, except they just have higher MFs and thus are harder to hit. (MF 12 and above is also the point the vessels are assumed to be capable of more abstract manoeuvring, such as strafing runs or dogfights.)

    It is the only “buckets of D20” system I am aware of, though you can play with as little as nine D20 (as you can’t seem to get the 10mm D20 you could when I started!) and the magic of the Average Dice table.

    It was originally intended to have a campaign system built directly in. As it happened, I have never yet gotten around to that – but the architecture is there, in at the ground level, so that what exists is useful for at least linked games as is, mostly importantly, not something that needs to be bolted on later.

    There is a free web enhancement pack, which is basically the markers, the QR sheet (two sides of A4 with ALL of the 20 tech levels, and 25% of it, the weapons summary, we have never used, and the most common use is the average dice table!). There is also the ship design Excel spreadsheet; its crude, requires a fair bit of copy-pasting and so on, but it’s functional (it’s exactly what I use myself when making the ship stats!) So if you are interested, you can always go an give that a nosey, it should give you some idea.

    Accelerate & Attack: Aeons of War is available of Wargames Vault here:


    There is also a free Web Enhancement Pack; this contains the markers and the QR sheet the latter of which is an indicator of the level of the game if you want to have a quick nosey.


    And, of course, I’m always happy to answer questions about it here or via Facebook slash email.


    Aotrs Commander

    November 2019 Release (1/2)

    Slightly belated, because October was very busy for various reasons, but here is the next batch of the Xygritts, the carriers and fighters. There will (hopefully!) be what would be the normal November release in a couple of weeks, which will be the last wave of the Xyrgritts.

    So, without more waffle, let’s get to it!


    Makoria Class Force Dreadnought

    Direct price: £15.80
    Shapeways price: $38.12 (£35.54) Link

    The Makoria is the latest in the line of the Matriarchy force dreadnoughts. In reality, little more than glorified carriers, the force dreadnoughts are seen as one of the cores of the Matriarchal Navy – at least in Xygritt public opinion.

    The Matriarchy was the first elenthnar power to develop large vessels, and for a couple of centuries, the huge, lumbering monstrosities of the Matriarchal Navy were the legitimate terror weapon the Matriarchy still views them as. But as the technology for large ships was developed by the other powers, and the construction of ever-larger vessels proved increasingly impractical (thus further research irrelevant), that advantage ebbed away.

    As the tacit admission of practicality over intimidation, the Makoria is much-reduced in size from its predecessors, many of which were half as big again, and it is even more functionally a carrier that they were. Only a few of the true leviathans – classified as floating fortresses by the Xygritts – remain, most notably the Urollaria-class, of which only three examples still exist. The most famous of these is the traditional command ship of the High Mothers.

    The Makoria’s primary purpose is to serve as a base for the six squadrons of Haoph AstroFighters it carries. The cavernous hangar bay is set between split thermal vanes in the pattern established by the Gosillix artillery cruiser. The hangar has to be large, for it must also carry the transit racks for the six Gellmar Drone Carriers, themselves to carry the Haophs over shorter distances.

    The Makoria is armed with a pair of spinal-mount laser cannons and thirty-two supplementary particle beam turrets. Its point-defence weapons rate a total of 720 on the Xygritt scale.

    Despite its armour and shields, the Makoria’s straining engines make it cumbersome and an easy target unsupported, even with its attendant fighter craft and drone carriers.

    The Makoria is named for one of the most famous of Xygritt Fleet Commanders (a rank equivalent to admiral), Fleet Commander Makora. While Makora is held in high regard in the Matriarchy itself, this is less due to her competence and more to political expediency due to the climate of her time. Outside of the Matriarchy, Makora is also well-known, but remembered for being a generally poor commander with a tendency to public histrionics when battles did not go her way, and regularly blaming her subordinates, most notable her highest ranking male officer, Sub-Fleet Captain Oaryonn.

    Several Makoria vessels have been converted by removing the docking racks for the Gellmars. The additional space is replaced by troop quarters and improved small craft facilities, allowing the Makoria to carry six squadrons of the Matriarchy’s more advanced fighters and three Kalu assault shuttles.

    Aarpot Class Carrier

    Direct price: £4.40
    Shapeways price: $5.60 (£5.21) Link

    The Aarpot Carrier is a cruiser carrier, built to supplement the force dreadnoughts and carry a complement of more advanced AstroFighters.

    The Aarpot is a somewhat recent innovation for the Matriarchy – a small carrier. While force dreadnoughts and floating fortresses have traditionally been the choice for the base for small craft, as their usefulness waned and they became more vulnerable, necessity dictated that a smaller base ship was required.

    The Aarpot is a pure carrier. It can carry two squadrons of either Passalla or Uraali AstroFighters. While in theory, they could carry Haoph AstroFighters instead, doctrine prevents it.  Notable, the pilot quarters the elite female pilots have at their disposal are dramatically better than those used by the low-ranking males who fly the Haophs.

    The Aarpot’s split thermal vanes are a compromise between the traditional dorsal vane and the angled vanes of the Gosillix and Makoria, the idea being that slightly smaller vanes would be needed. Whether in practise, this makes a substantial difference is still up for debate.

    The Aarpot has six particle beam turrets, though they lack rear coverage. Its point defence system is rated at 180 on the Xygritt’s scale.

    The price of a carrier of the Aarpot’s size and technology is that it is very vulnerable. It is slow and poorly protected. However, as both the Passalla and Uraali have GV drives, the Aarpot can ideally remain out of any direct conflict zone.


    Gellmar Drone Carrier

    Direct price: £3.50 (12 Haophs and one Gellmar with slung Haophs and one Gellmar unslung)
    Shapeways price: $5.60 (£5.21) (12 Haophs and one Gellmar with slung Haophs and one Gellmar unslung) Link

    The Gellmar Drone Carrier is specifically designed as a transport vessel to carry Haoph AstroFighters over short FTL distances from the Matriarchy’s favoured large carriers and starbases, increasing their range.

    The Gellmar carries the fighters on racks underneath the hull. This necessitates that the Gellmar itself must have a carrier vessel; for while the Gellmar can function independently, the Haophs require a proper hangar for pilot access and to be re-fuelled or maintained. (Haophs are sufficiently fragile that almost any damage causes the loss of the craft, so “repair” is rarely among the tasks.)

    This somewhat bizarre design decision is one that is politically motivated. The Matriarchy is unwilling to allow males to pilot any craft without supervision, believing that the male would flee (perhaps to a neighbouring power) if their fighters were FTL capable. (This is an entirely founded fear.) However, they are also unwilling to give up the additional mobility an FTL fighter brings, and hence the compromise.

    The Gellmar itself is more than a transport, but works with the Haophs from range to assist in destroying enemy shields with its a spinal-mount lazer cannon. It is well-shielded for a vessel of its size, but only has few point-defence weapons, granting it only a rating 60 on the Xygritt’s scale.

    Haoph AstroFighter

    The Haoph AstroFighter is the Matriarchy’s most numerous fighters. It is little more than a pair of lazers strapped to an engine, with a bare-minimum approach to pilot comfort and function. The fighter lacks and shields or armour, nor even is it particularly agile. It does not carry either form of FTL drive.

    This approach means that Haoph is an extremely cheap vessel to manufacture. The design has changed little in the past two hundred years, with only a few avionics and weapon upgrades. The Haoph is dangerous only in a massed attack – and then only because of sheer numbers.

    The Haoph is piloted exclusively by low-ranking males and is considered essentially disposable and subsequently, pilot training is minimal. Even so, it is standard practise to ensure Haoph pilots are pumped full of drugs, including a more specialised version of Xamphat, which induces a state of euphoria but reducing – but unfortunately not eliminating – the normal side-effects of lethargy and drowsiness, but also increases aggression. The drug is injected at launch and a more severe dose injected when the fighting actually begins, to ensure the males fight. This effect means that the Haoph pilots tend to be sloppy and reckless and often hard to command once combat has begun, making the fighter’s weakness even more apparent.

    Despite these enormous shortcomings, the Haoph is still favoured by the Matriarchy’s elders and remains in constant production.

    Passalla AstroFighter

    Direct price: £3.00 (12 fighters)
    Shapeways price: $5.80 (£5.40) (24 fighters) Link

    The Passalla AstroFighter is considered an advanced fighter in the Matriarchy, which merely means it is on a par with most medium fighters of other powers. It has quad lazer cannons and a light torpedo tube armed with anti-ship torpedoes mounted above the cockpit.

    The Passalla is piloted by female pilots, as male pilots are considered too much of a flight risk, given that the Passalla has a GV drive. Unlike their hapless male counterparts flying the Haophs, the female pilots are not drugged into stupor. Given the disposable nature of the Haophs and their pilots, that the Passalla is more likely to survive a combat (as it actually has shields), this has led to a fleet-wide inflated sense of superiority among the pilots, which occasionally leaves them to under-estimate the quality of enemy pilots, especially if they are assumed or are known to be males. Conversely, an enemy used to the barely-competent Haophs can be taken by surprise by the Passallas which are flown with some degree of skill.


    Uraali AstroFighter

    Direct price: £3.00 (12 fighters)
    Shapeways price: $5.66 (£5.28) (24 fighters) Link

    The Uraali AstroFighter is in truth more of a long-range interdictor. It carries six missile pods, which are typically armed with eight light long-range missiles. These allow the Uraali to deal with enemy fighters – or occasionally, even capital starships – from a safer distance.

    However, once limited the missile stores are emptied, the Uraali has only a pair of lazer cannons to fall back on. It is no more manoeuvrable than the Passalla, but it does at least benefit from 50% more shielding.

    The Uraali is unusual in that there have been several recorded instances of a high-ranking male being permitted to use a craft. Such instances are very rare, and usually follow only a male who is deemed to be beyond approach. However, it is likely to only take one instance of even simply perceived defection for these pilots to be more than a footnote in Matriarchal history.

    Photos of the direct sales Replicator 2 versions. Not the best pictures of the Passala and Uraali, I’m afriad, we’re having some minor printer issues which are – naturally – at their worst on small models with lots of sticky-out bits, which of course look at their worst when looking at photos taken on my rather good camera and blown up several times beyond their natural size! I really didn’t want to delay the release further, though, so I will try and replace these with better photos when they become available. Ditto for the composite image of the Hapohs and Gellmars; I could not get a satisfactory photo out of what I’d printed to show them together, so I had to rely on my mate’s fleet. Still, these are at least painted! But, as I always say, I’d rather show the warts-and-all photographs than the render where I can.

    Anyone familiar with my older releases will note the Shapeways versions of the fighters now have twice as many fighters as they used to – for the simple reason that the $5 floor is now a thing (and the fighters used to be about $2.5-3) and adding a second sprue, essentially, only just noses out of that floor. It’s something I will address over time with the older fighters when I have chance.

    Next release, then, will be the ancillary ships for the Xygritts, and then December will see the release of the last bunch of Phystyulon ships.


    Aotrs Commander

    November 2019 Release (2/2)

    Here we are, with this month’s second and final release, the last wave of Xygritt ships. This time, we have the ancillary and auxiliary vessels!

    Kamalass Class Dro’Sanla Tug

    Direct price: £4.50
    Shapeways price: $5.60 (£5.21) Link

    The Kamalass Dro’Sanla Tug serves as the Matriarchy’s means of accessing and using the UCDR’s Node Station network.

    The Kamalass has a troubled design history. At conception, it was simply a scaled-up version of the small Noutr tug used for conventional larger-scale ship recovery, with a 180-rating point defence system and a pair of tractor beam arrays. It was simply assumed that the Noutr could be enlarged and the Dro’Sanla patched into the GVD focussing array.

    The Kamalass thus was built with the over-sized, fat nose that housed the GVD coils and the focussing array on the Noutr. The GVD coils themselves were down-sized, and the Dro’Sanla attached in the resulting space, to operate through the emission disk. This odd choice was chosen for cost over function, as the Matriarchy at the time viewed combat vessels as the priority.

    The prototype was a disaster, tearing the ship and crew apart in a catastrophic overload due to trying to force two incompatible systems to work together. It was an elementary error, and one that should never have been committed. Indeed, though the Matriarchy made a typical effort to cleanse all the pertinent records, it appears that even the engineers working on the design knew this, but were over-ruled by their political masters.

    The entire project was very nearly shelved permanently. But then the Matriarchy had a stroke of luck. They managed to salvage a completely intact Phystyulon vessel, whose crew had been wiped out due to a freak mechanical failure in the environmental system which had turned the atmosphere lethally poisonous in seconds. Without even the damage caused by leech cannons, the intact Phystyulon Dro’Sanla allows the Matriarchy engineers to completely re-design their own Dro’Sanla to use a system more like the Phystyulon’s Nazograk Cores than their current Xyriat-derived system.

    The Kamalass thus only required a pair of emitters for the Dro’Sanla, mounted on the rear hull, and the cores were solidly buried in layers of metal and ceramics in the forward hull.

    The Kamalass initially was not a favoured ship, due to the developmental disaster and subsequent unreliability of the systems, but over time, as evened out to an unremarkable vessel. Unconfirmed reports suggest that there are still occasional accidents, with vessels simply never re-appearing when teleported, but if true, they are quickly covered-up by the Matriarchy command.

    Pol Class Transport

    Direct price: £3.80
    Shapeways price: $5.60 (£5.21) Link

    Like many military transport vessels, the Pol transport is an old vessel, often neglected in favour of more glamourous vessels. It has seen a handful of updates in the over two centuries of service, but has remained more or less untouched since the design was first laid down.

    Slow and lightly protected, the most current version of the Pol carries sufficient point-defence weaponry to merit a 120 on the Xygritt’s scale.

    The Pol carries is cargo in three large pods, which can be detached and replaced, though as often as not, the pods are unloaded directly.

    Pol transports are also very visible as the predominant civilian long-range haulage vessels. These vessels are very similar to the military Pols, though many have older, slower GV drives and some even have older and more primitive defence systems.

    Pols have also been around long enough to have even been used by pirate vessels, replacing the pods with additional weapons, though the Pol’s poor combat abilities make such substitutions of dubious merit.

    Halayn Class Disruption Destroyer

    Direct price: £4.90 for two
    Shapeways price: $7.22 for two (£6.73) Link

    The Halayn Disruption Destroyer represents a typically Xygritt approach to a design. While most powers tend to place their spacial disruptors on large and well-protected vessels, the Xygritt instead opted to go for quantity over quality.

    The Halayn is lightly armed, with a rating 180 on the Xygritt’s point-defence scale and having no other weapons. It is slow for a destroyer, though it has stronger than typical shields. The bulk of the vessel is instead devoted to the four spacial disruptor globes extending from the thermal vane.

    The Halayn’s disruptors are relatively small, which means a correspondingly short range. While multiple spacial disruptors synchronised has a cumulative effect of the field range, this depreciating quickly. An individual Halayn is certainly a cheaper resource to deploy, to affect a large area means multiple Halayns must be flow at dangerously close relativistic ranges to match their field synchronisation, it would require four to match a single Xyriat Vydrosa Disruptor Battleship’s range and at that point, it is no longer as cost-effective. The other alternative requires the Halayn to get dangerously close to the enemy, making it much more likely to be attacked and destroyed as a relatively fragile smaller vessel.

    This has led to the Matriarchal Navy relying on spacial disruptor deployment primarily for small-scale battles than the mass-fleet ambushes more typical of elenthnar powers, where the Halayn’s ease of deployment makes it more useful.

    Lillours-YG Class Leech Frigate

    Direct price: £4.50 for 4
    Shapeways price: $6.22 for 4 (£5.80) Link

    The Lillours-YG is a specialist vessel designed to disable enemy ships for capture, in concert with troop ships.

    The Lillours-YG removes all of the Lillours’ particle beam turrets in favour of six forward-mounted leech cannons. This gives is a considerable ability to disrupt and disable an enemy ship, but it must first survive to reach close range. Lillours-YGs are thus often deployed in numbers, often two to four, to maximise their ability to survive and get in close.

    The leech frigates are most often paired with Golausio Troop Ships and their Kalu Assault Transport to perform the actual capture operations, since the crew of a Lillours is too small to deal with any vessel much larger than commercial small craft.

    Kalu Assault Shuttle

    Direct price: £2.50 for 6
    Shapeways price: $5.60 for 6 (£5.21) Link

    The Kalu Assault Shuttle performs the dual role of boarding vessel and landing craft. The bulk of its internal structure is taken up by the troop transport bays and it capable of carrying a considerable load.

    It role as landing craft meant that the thermal vanes could not be placed in their typical dorsal position, so the Kalu splits the vane it two halves and they jut out horizontally like wings, which has a distinct look likened to early industry fighter aircraft.

    The Kalu is only armed with a few point-defence turrets that grant it a rating 60 on the Xygritt’s scale. But it has considerable shielding, which means it is more likely to survive anti-orbital fire to reach the ground.

    The Kalu is optimised for ground invasions, and it less adept at ship-based boarding operations. With its minimal armament, it requires the enemy vessel to be disabled via leech cannons to stand a realistic chance, as without such help it is incapable of dealing with anything larger than light civilian transports without help.

    Photos of the direct sales Replicator 2 versions.

    Next month, probably just before Christmas, will be the first of two waves of the Phystyulons with their fighters, carriers.

    Unfortunately, it looks increasingly likely we won’t be Recon as usual as planned, as we appear to have gotten lost in the organisational change over. Having that sort of year, it seems, as this week we also had to close down the second evening of our local wargames club, due to low attendance.

    Aotrs Commander

    December 2019 release – Phystyulon carriers

    Here is this month’s release, the first of two waves of the Phystyulons – the carriers and fighters!

    Yaraktunar Class Carrier

    Direct price: £4.90
    Shapeways price: $9.86 (£9.17) Link

    Phystyulon doctrine has always leaned towards smaller, more mobile carriers to support their fighter’s optimum role as hit-and-fade attackers. Teleporting into a system, hitting their target and teleporting out again in quick succession.

    Thus the largest carrier in service, the Yaraktunar, is small by the standards of most navies. Only the size of a typical light carrier, the Yaraktunar carries two squadrons of fighters.

    Yaraktunars are intended to function as much as deep-raiders as fleet carriers, and are armed accordingly. Thy mount two Class 75 spinal-mount lazer cannons and a hundred lazer cannon turrets for close defence against missiles and enemy fighters. The vessel carries a single dorsal Phazra triple railgun turret of the same design as the Rylorz, granting it some long-range firepower as well.

    Combined with good speed and fair shields for a carrier of its size, the Yaraktunar is difficult to destroy, especially when on a deep-raiding mission where heavier vessels cannot be easily brought to bear.


    Rauztrak Class Light Carrier

    Direct price: £3.30
    Shapeways price: $5.60 (£5.21) Link

    The Rauztrak is the Phystyulon’s light carrier. Less than half the size of most light carriers, the Rauztrak carrier only a single squadron of fighters, Like the larger Yaraktunar, the Rauztrak is intended for smaller operations and raiding tactics.

    It has only average manoeuvrability for a small cruiser, but good shields. Armament is limited to eighty lazer turrets – enough to protect it from long range missiles or enemy fighters, and enough to be a serious threat at close range, but otherwise a poor weapon to engage an enemy capital ship.

    Nytvyx Bomber

    Direct price: £3.10 for 24
    Shapeways price: $6.20 for 24 (£5.77) Link

    The Nytvyx is named after a famous, elite regiment of all-female pilots in the First Phystyulon War, whom were termed such by their enemies. (Nytvyx is a Zoxyriat phrase that roughly translates to something like “evil sorceress in the dark.”)

    The Nytvyx’s primary role is anti-capital ship attack, but the munitions in the Nytvyx’s four missile pods render it quite capable of attacking enemy fighters and smallcraft as well.

    The Nytvyx is not as manoeuvrable as the Type 754 or the Byraxin, but considerably tougher, with three times the shielding.

    However, once the missile pods are empty, the Nytvyx only has a couple of lazer cannons to rely on and so typically Nytvyx squadrons will avoid protracted engagements.


    Byraxin Raider

    Direct price: £3.00 for 12
    Shapeways price: $5.60 for 24 (£5.21) Link

    The Byraxin raider is one more expression of the Phystyulon’s light missile vessel paradigm. Fast, agile and lightly protected, the Byraxin’s main job is to deliver its payload of semi-guided rockets to enemy capital starships.

    The Byraxin has only a single Nazograk core which is internal and heavily shielded; the tip of the containment structure is the small, elongated pyramid at the top of the fighter.

    A squadron of Byraxins can unload a considerable amount of rockets, and while individually not particularly powerful the sheer numbers tend to overwhelm enemy point defence systems.

    The Byraxin is not as adept at dealing with other fighters. While it carries a pair of laser cannons and is nimble enough to be a reasonable dogfighter, this firepower is usually no sufficient to hold against heavier fighters. The Byraxin excels instead at long-range hit-and-fade attacks, using its Dro’Sanla drives.


    Type 754 Lazer Drone

    Direct price: £3.00 for 24
    Shapeways price: $5.60 for 24 (£5.21) Link

    The elenthnar have for centuries made extensive use of drones, robots and droids as part of their military forces and the Phystyulons are no exception.

    The Type 754 Lazer Drone is the one of a long line of such drones whose ancestral line dates back to the Second Phystyulon War. The size of a fighter, the Type 754 is principally an interceptor, both in terms of attacking enemy fighters and in a more general sense in that they are sometimes deployed to serve as additional anti-missile defences.

    Unlike a lot of similar drones, the Type 754 is shielded, as well as agile, and even carries its own Dro’Sanla drive, with two tiny Nazograk cores on its rear. This investment means they are not considered as “disposable” as many such attack drones are, but more like a traditional fighter craft.

    The Type 754 is ultimately a weapons platform, carrying a single spinal-mint lazer cannon and four smaller lazer cannons in the forward of the hull and is capable of inflicting significant damage on capital starships, even without munitions.

    Types 754s are rated as above average artificial intelligence. During its service life, there has been an unusually large number of them to gain full sapience and thus far, all of them have remained completely loyal to the Phystyulon cause. (To the surprise and detriment of the Qyax Computation operatives to have occasionally tried to”liberate” them.) The gaining of sapience is rare at the best of times, but throughout Phystyulon history, the majority of this small number have nevertheless had a common trait – a quasi-religious regard pending on worship of KALAX, almost as a machine-god.

    Given the nature of the Phystyulons themselves, this has been regarded as a positive boon (save for the occasions when KALAX did not appear to be aligned with the organic Phystyulons). There is also a measureable increase in the effectiveness of the Type 754’s combat abilities when sapient and consideration has been given on whether to adjust and anti-sapient programming to encourage more emergence.

    Photos of the direct sales Replicator 2 versions.

    Next month will be the release of the ancillery support ships!

    Aotrs Commander

    January 2020 release – Phystyulon support ships

    Here we are In The Future (I remember back in the 80’s when Iron Man of 2020 was a back-up strip in Transformers and here we are now…!)

    So to open the New Year and new decade, we have the final wave of Phystyulons – their support ships.

    Kantusar Class Disruptor Dreadnought

    Direct price: £7.00
    Shapeways price: $18.98 (£17.37) Link

    The Kantusar Disruptor dreadnought lives up to the “disruptor” part if its name in more than once sense. It serves as both a special disruption platform and an electronics warfare vessel.

    The Kantusar mounts six huge spacial disruptor generators on pylons across the ship. The pylons are necessary due to the significant thermal and EM emissions and gravitic distortion created by the active fields.

    Four ECM arrays are tied to the four massive pyramids which house the extensive and massive communications and sensor arrays, giving the Kantusar twice the projection power of the Ortukat.

    Four enormous tractor beam turrets allow the Kantusar to hold enemy vessels from escaping on sublight engines, and the Phystyulon’s typical preference for good speed on a dreadnought means it can run down enemy vessels with relative ease. A hundred and twenty point-defence lazer cannons complete the Kantusar’s armaments.

    Kantusars often work in concert with one or more Itorkats. The Kantusar prevents the vessel both from escaping and calling for help and jams enemy fire, while the Itorkat’s Katoraks disable the vessel for the Itorkat to finally capture. This combination has often led to vessels mysteriously disappearing with trace and only later being found ransacked or in Phystyulon possession.

    The Kantusar’s main drawback is that its spacial disruption generators are not as powerful as those of the Xyriats, and while effective on elenthnar vessels, the UCDR’s teleportation magitech remains elusively out of reach.

    Takovt Class Supply Cruiser

    Direct price: £3.00
    Shapeways price: $5.60 (£5.12) Link

    Most naval supply vessels come from vessels designed for civilian usage, or are themselves converted for civilian purposes. The Takovt is unusual in that is it is a purely military vessel.

    The Takovt carries the bulk of its supplies in the eight modular pods on the dorsal hull. These can quickly be swapped via tractor beam and greatly reduce the on and off loading of the supplies. The Takovt can also jettison these pods, and they have more than once been used as an improvised explosive device when appropriately stocked.

    The Takovt has the speed and manoeuvrability to keep pace with the rest of the fleet. While lightly shielded, it has good armour for a vessel of its size. With no less than sixty lazer turrets for point-defence, the Takovt has surprisingly good missile defence and is nowhere near the easy mark that many fighter pilots would expect.


    Itorkat Class Troop Ship

    Direct price: £4.50 (Itorkat only)
    Shapeways price: $9.72 (£8.89) (Ikorkat plus two Katoraks) Link

    Shapeways price: $8.83 (£8.08) (Ikorkat only) Link

    The Itorkat can transport a regiment or more troops to battle. They serve as both ground army transport, with dedicated drop ships, or as capture vessels. In the latter function, they work in concert with Katorak Marine Fightercruisers, letting the smaller craft disable the enemy vessel with leech cannons before closing to boarding range. The Phystyulons have considerably better teleporters then the other elenthnar powers (though even they are still behind the galactic standard), so it does not even need to necessarily dock.

    Nor is the Itorkat a slouch in ship-to-ship combat. Despite the hangar bay and the troop quarters, the Itorkat is not slow and lumbering, and only about 14% less shield strength and 20% less armour than the Nakrozar of the same size. It also mounts two Class 75 spinal-mount lazer cannons and eighty point-defence lazer turrets, giving it considerable firepower.

    Katorak Marine Fightercruiser

    Direct price: £3.00 for two
    Shapeways price: $9.72 (£8.89) (Ikorkat plus two Katoraks) Link

    The Katorak is an assault vessel whose primary task is to disable enemy vessels for capture.

    This is facilitated by the Katorak’s three spinal-mount leech cannons. These weapons take up a significant amount of its hull, to the point that the Katorak uses not one but two thermal emitters in an unusual vertical configuration. This grants the vessel a higher level of protection from attacks from the sides, and combined with the extensive shields and high agility, makes the Katorak a difficult vessel to destroy. This is a necessity, given the short range of the leech cannons.

    Two powerful lazer pylon arrays, similar to those on Syrotukan, provide a solid defence against enemy fighters and offensive punch against capital ships.

    The Katorak also has a troop bay, suitable for both marine forces or landing ground troops, though this is considered a secondary role.

    Katoraks are most commonly stationed in pairs aboard Itorkat Troop Ships, where they disable the vessel for the Itorkat’s much larger complement of troops to perform the actual capture operation.

    Photos of the direct sales Replicator 2 versions.

    Next month we may skip a sci-fi release, depending on how things are going – I have to try and prepare something for Hammerhead in March (as well as keep up with the moderns releases). While I am working on several things (including a 3D rebuild of my scratch-built Aotrs fleet and some more ground forces) I don’t know yet what, if anything will be ready for release then, so we shall have to see!

    Aotrs Commander

    Aotrs Shipyards May 2021 (Re-)Release: Jalyrkieon Hierarchy

    So back after a loooong break in the main Sci-fi release thread!

    This month, this is the re-release of the Jalyrkieons. This is a release to both the starship and ground forces to TheShop3D, plus updated versions to Shapeways – plus one new release as well, in the form of the Qorenlu Heavy Carrier (commissioned a long time back, but never released)!

    There is a lore post containing all of the fluff currently available – including the Qorenlu – here at Wargames Directory, so please check that out! This is the first of what will be a series of articles Bleakbane’s Galaxy Guide, which will be similar (but MUCH smaller in scale) than the Guide to the Army Of The Red Spear. I hope to get these out as I re-release the various ranges to TheShop3D – while much of this stuff has been published on the net before, it’s disparately located and it really needs to be in an easily accessible place so that when people ask (and occasionally, people do!) I will have a resource to point them at. (As one feels one will never be big enough to warrant the dizzy heights of A Wiki!)

    (I did this one on the Jalyrkieons a few months ago.)

    Qorenlu Heavy Carrier


    Direct price: £5.90 (as a three part-model).
    The Shop3D price: £14.39 (Resin)/ £27.99 (Nylon) Link
    Shapeways price: $20.11 (£15.85) Link

    Photo of Replicator 2 version.

    For the rest of the models (rather than link the thirty-odd models here):

    Download the latest version of the catalogue here or from the Aotrs Shipyards Task Force group on Facebook.

    At TheShop3D, look for the MG144-JA codes for the ground forces (page 7 at time of posting) and the JAL codes (page 2 and onwards at time of posting) for the starfleet.

    At Shapeways, you can filter by the Jalyrkieon Hierarchy filter here.

    The ground forces have all been updated, mostly due v2 locking turrets, though I think I also added a couple of wheel treads as well and it has been re-sprued (notably the infantry and some of the smaller starships).

    A few sample photos of the ground forces, though, for good measure! (As I re-took the photos for those when I did that last catalogue update .)

    Jalyrkieon Infantry Platoon

    Appila Attack Rover

    Tevqolath MBT


    As my partners at Manoeuvre Group inch slowly closer to the issue 2 update’s release, once that’s done, I will be releasing a set of free sci-fi- modifications for that set of rules, along with the accompanying raw stats for all existent my released range. Once THAT’S done, I am going to then start looking at releasing the fluff for all my sci-fi ranges in (paid) PDF format, along with the accompanying stats for both Accelerate & Attack and Manoeuvre Group at the back. The Aotrs will be first (since there’s most done about them and theirs will likely be the single biggest), and the Jalyrkieons will follow. The plan is to release these at a low price point, with the fluff being the main focus and the game stats tidily away at the back. There will be a few additions (especially to the Aotrs fluff, believe it or not, there’s STILL more to tell there!), but these releases will be largely the same (only polished!) as the fluff I release with the models.

    (So, yes, that DOES mean that, at least for the ground forces existent at the time of the sci-fi MG release, that you will be able, from different sources, get both the majority of the fluff and the MG game stats for nowt, but if you want to support me, you can get the PDFs for stuff in a better format in one place (with AccAtt stats!). But I’d rather – especially for the MG side – get people playing as my first priority rather than paywalling the stats and/or fluff, just on principle.)

    I’m going to at least do the Aotrs and the Jalyrkieons in that fashion and see if there’s any interest. Otherwise, I’ll just likely only bother with (occasionally) releasing the fluff as a Wargames Directory article as mentioned.

    Aotrs Commander

    Aotrs Shipyards June 2021 (Re-)Release: Cybertanks

    Before I get to the release, I want to pause a moment to salute my good friend James Hepworth, who died suddenly last month at only 37. I knew him for over twenty years. Among the many things he did with our roleplaying ad wargaming circle, he was an early player and play tester of both Accelerate and Attack and Manoeuvre Group and in the former case especially helped to iron out a lot of the early kinks. I’m particularly grateful for that, since AccAtt wasn’t hugely his cup of tea, but he was happy to play anyone at anything.

    This is a render of a model I did specifically for his character in Rolemaster/Spacemaster for an Aotrs exploration party: former Second Star Trooper Snowward (now Captain Snowward). We only got to use it the once, unfortunately.

    James’ absence will be keenly felt in the years to come, both at and off the table by all of us who knew him (which was a lot, as he was active in many fields).



    This month, we have a comparatively small re-release of the Cybertank ground force at 144th. This is a release to TheShop3D and a re-release to Shapeways. The Cybertanks have been updated to the new locking turrets (Radical aside), the facets improved and they have been re-sprued. (And as with the moderns, at Shapeways the range has been rationalised.)

    To make up for it, though, there is a big lore-post in the form of Bleakbane’s Galaxy Guide: Cybertanks here at Wargames Directory!

    I finally had to admit defeat. Writing “below average” or “above average” and other similar comparisons was getting to become really repetitive, so as of this release, there are now units and scales which I had to create, which could then be informed by some game stats to put some comparative numerical values in. The result is a much finer granularity (and hopefully, more interesting) than just parroting game statistics would have been and most importantly, making them system agonoistic. The trick was to back-work “what would these game-stat numbers be abstracted from?”

    Please check it out. Feedback would be especially useful to know whether this is better (or worse) or whether I could lay off it a bit or what.

    As there’s only eight models this time, I’ll link them all!

    Resistor I


    Resistor II














    For the direct sales, download the latest version of the catalogue here or from the Aotrs Shipyards Task Force group on Facebook.

    Photos of the Shapeways versions (since the Cybertanks are the joint-oldest 144th ground force I did ten years ago!)

    I’m hard at work on next month’s re-release, which will be a rather larger one for the human Herosine Empire (and the General Designs Hulls “delta” starship fleet). The moderns release is largely done too, though we’ve been having some problems getting the filament (it only came into the shop we get it from today after several delays), which has also delayed the FDM sci-fi reprinting as well. Hopefully by the end of the week, I’ll finally be able to get back on the job!

    Edit: Accelerate and Attack: Aeons of War will also be part of Wargame Vault’s Summer Campaign Site-Wide 25% Off Sale, which is 1st to 7th July, so check that out if you’re interested!

    Aotrs Commander

    Summer Campaign Sale

    A quick interim update. Both Manoeuvre Group (WW2 to 2010 (plus!)) and Accelerate and Attack: Aeons of War (starships) rules are only sale at 25% off as part of Wargames Vault’s Summer Offensive, from today until the 7th (of July, even though it says June… typo on their end, apparently!)

    So if you are interested in either set, now is as good a time to check it out!

    In MG’s case. this sale also covers their army lists and the cardboard fold-flat terrain!

    Manoeuvre Group’s issue 2 has not quite made it in time for this sale, but the advantage of Wargames Vault is that when it’s released, all customers can be notified by email of the update.

    Accelerate and Attack was updated yesterday, too, to v1.03 (with some very minor changes, but I’ll go into that in July’s sci-fi release).

    Aotrs Commander

    Aotrs Shipyards July 2021 (Re-)Release: General Designs Hulls/Herosine Empire

    So this month, we have another big re-release, and this one also comes with no less than six new models as well!

    Partially, this was mandated by wanting to have some higher detail models for the accompanying lore post images for the smallcraft.

    (On top of everything else, this required me to do a small change of wording for AccAtt, since I had grossly overestimated how small the basic shuttle really was when I created the “basic shuttle” in AccAtt. Given as such a shuttle was supposed to be capable of carrying a fairly significant (if abstracted) amount of crew, when I did the model and it was clearly only going to take a little more than a car, so I altered the wording of the AccAtt to reclassify “basic shuttle” to “basic shuttle unit” to and say that such a unit was not necessarily a single tiny shuttle, but either a larger single vehicle something like the ship’s boat OR an abstracted unit or something like the GDH-1131 Basic shuttle. A basically inconsequential change for everyone (even me) but if I didn’t do it, it wouldn’t have been “right!”)

    So, anyway, this time, we have the re-release starfleet of General Designs Hulls, the galaxy’s largest human starship hull manufacturer, most famous for their Delta-series hulls. GDH, being one of the many super-corps that make up the fabulously corrupt Herosine Empire, is also the principle supplier of the Herosine fleet!

    We also have for you the re-release of the 144th Herosine Ground force, all sprued up, facet-improved where necessary and equipped with the new v2 locking turrets. This is probably the single biggest remaining release of the scifi to go!

    I am not going to link all thirty-plus re-released models to both webshops in the forum post, as I’d be here all day!

    Instead, I will direct you to the latest version of the catalogue pdf downloadable from here.

    As you will notice, I have started to include the links to the webshops in the catalogue now, so it is easier to do that! Now, thus far, this is a work in progress and I’ve only mostly done the TheShop3D links, plus the new models. We’re still always off from this being the definitive, but it’s a start.

    (If you want to look for these on Shapeways, you can filter by GDH for the starships and look for the MG144-HE codes in this section or when sorted by alphabetical order overall. (Since Shapeways has NEVER in ten years fixed the ability to sort shop sections by alphabetical order…)

    However, what I will do for you is show the pictures at the end!

    Once again, there is a substantial Bleakbane’s Galaxy Guide lore/fluff post (30 pages in Word!) on the Herosine Empire and their vehicles over at Wargame Directory here:

    This may be the last such lore release for a while, since the responses to the previous ones has been… Well, to be frank, non-existent; which is rather disheartening. I don’t even know anyone has read any of it, since you don’t get shown any statistics or anything. I put a lot of time into these, but if there’s no-one actually reading it, I can’t really justify spending more work-time on it. So please, please, if you do read these, any feedback – like at ALL – helps.

    Right. On to the new releases (all of which are sufficiently new I simply haven’t had chance to paint any yet!). As with the previous re-releases, with the lore post going up simultaneously, I’ve not repeat the fluff here.

    First, starships:

    (At time of posting, I discovered the resin version of the basic shuttles (300th) isn’t visible at TheShop3D. The nylon version of the Beta Transport is also listed as separate model if you browse the collection too, so the link below only leads to the resin version. We’re fixing these as soon as we can!)

    Beta Transport

    Direct price: £2.80
    The Shop3D price: £2.99 (Resin)/ £5.10* (Nylon) Link
    Shapeways price: $5.60 (£4.05) Link

    And then for the 300th fighter range:

    GDH-1131 Basic Shuttle (6) (300th)

    Direct price: £2.90
    The Shop3D price: £* (Resin)/ £13.50 (Nylon) Link
    Shapeways price: $7.40 (£5.35) Link

    Beta Screen Drone (6) (300th)

    Direct price: £2.50
    The Shop3D price: £2.10 (Resin)/ £3.29 (Nylon) Link
    Shapeways price: $5.60 (£4.05) Link

    Delta Assault Shuttle (300th)

    Direct price: £3.15
    The Shop3D price: £3.29 (Resin)/ £5.99 (Nylon) Link
    Shapeways price: $6.98 (£5.04) Link

    Galba Assault Shuttle (300th)

    Direct price: £3.15
    The Shop3D price: £3.59 (Resin)/ £6.90 (Nylon) Link
    Shapeways price: $6.99 (£5.04) Link

    Spectre II Fighter (2) (300th)

    Direct price: £2.60 (as two part-models).
    The Shop3D price: £2.39 (Resin)/ £4.50 (Nylon) Link
    Shapeways price: $5.60 (£4.05) Link

    Photos of Prusa versions.

    Next month will be a much more modest re-release (and with nothing new), of the Strayvian ground forces (likely September’s re-release will be small too); partly this is because I am going to be away one week in August and possibly September.


    Are you ready for a big photo dump? Are you? Are you??

    (Photos or various materials (some WSF some Replicator, some Prusa, even one or two in the now-unsupported transparent detail!)

    Rim Runner

    Basic Shuttles (Fleet)

    Spectre II Fighter (Fleet)

    Beta Series Scoutship

    Beta series Light Carrier

    Delta Series Assault Shuttle (Fleet)

    (The direct sales version that come on bases.)

    Delta Series Corvette

    Delta Series Frigate

    Delta Series Destroyer

    Delta Cruiser

    Delta Series Attack Cruiser

    Delta Battlecruiser

    Delta Superdreadnought

    Delta Series Heavy Battlecruiser

    Delta Series Battleship

    Delta Series Dreadnought

    Delta Supercruiser

    (The replicator version hat had to be done in four parts, because it was too big to do just top and bottom unlike the Prusa version (or the single piece everywhere else!)

    Devastator II Heavy Cruiser

    Beta Screen Drones


    Herosine Droid Platoon

    Turma Multirole Vehicle (APC Variant – with psiloi)

    Turma Multirole Vehicle (Command)

    Turma Multirole Vehicle (Medium Tank)

    Eques Battle Tank

    Lucius Defence Turret

    Auxilia Recon Drone

    Onager Super Tank

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