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    On Sunday 26th June we played a large game at Salon du Modélisme de Séné (near Vannes, south Brittany).

    The terrain is a large model of Fort de Penthièvre, near Quiberon, Brittany, where a battle occurred in 1795.

    This beautiful model was made last year by Jean-Jacques one of our gamers for historical conferences on the subject. For this event he was happy to imagine a scenario very inspired by real events of the actual battle, with his figures representing different units who fought there. The intention however was not to simulate the battle, it was more a good-humoured skirmish in the spirit of Argad rules. The rules are 1:1 (each figure is a person) but their 18th C., FRW, and Napoleonic extension (still under progress) encourages to manoeuver small groups of soldiers as real units able to form in close order or open order (if historically trained to) giving them some advantages or disadvantages in firing. This gives a better impression and allows to use miniature units which had been prepared for more traditional wargames. Soldiers may still act individually if wished, and when at close quarter fight one by one as per basic rules.

    The fort and the moors and sea around it:

    The village of Kerostin:

    There were four players: one Royalist officer, one Royalist Chouan leader, two Republican officers; and a GM.

    July 1795. Erasme Gaspard de Contades, a Royalist officer, is defending the Fort de Penthièvre. French Royalist troops arrived from England, and local Chouans (some with their families) are stuck in there, with little food and water. Republican troops commanded by general Hoche will be coming from the mainland in the north.

    Erasme de Contades inspects the artillery position. A Royalist patrol in red uniforms comes to enter the camp. A Republican officer approaches without hostility, the Royalist officer accepts to talk with him. They then recognise each other! They are far cousins and a marriage between Contade and the Republican officer’s sister had been planned (an idea imagined by the GM). They will try to discreetly protect each other if possible.

    At the other side of the Royalist positions, some starving peasants have decided to try to find some food, they know they can have fish and cider in other villages on the mainland. The Royalist soldiers, themselves half-starved too, let them pass.

    On the whole there is no much confidence between the Royalist emigrates, who tend to despise the peasants, and the Royalist Chouans who reproach them their lack of support and haughty manners.

    “AUX ARMES!” Three columns of Republican troops commanded by General Hoche himself have been sighted! The Royalists run to position.


    Avatar photoPatrice

    The blue soldiers advance, their songs can be heard …the mobile phone of a “Republican” player sounds this excerpt from comedy film “Les Mariés de l’An Deux” (1971)…

    …at which the “Chouan” player answers by singing bits of religious hymns in Breton.

    On the left, two Republican units carrying ladders walk on the beach.

    The Republican centre is led by general Lazare Hoche.

    The Republican right follows a local guide which knows a path to climb the cliff directly to the artillery battery. This troop sees the peasants trying to get out of the place to get food, passing near the beach. Not trusting them, they fire. “They have no bread? Let them eat lead!”

    This crime is not unpunished. A gun shallop of the British Navy near the coast fires at this Republican unit.

    The Republicans attack strongly in the centre.

    The Republican fire (with unexpected difficulty) a signal rocket. Seeing it, the patrol in red uniforms who had just entered the fort shouts “Vive la République!” They are Republican soldiers wearing the uniforms of Royalist casualties killed the days before. The Royalists are astonished by this.

    Very patriotically, a white Royalist flag is captured by blue soldiers red with anger.


    Avatar photoPatrice

    But the Republicans have not won yet. Two government representatives, Blad and Tallien (NPCs) thinking that they know better that the guys in charge, advance to give their own erratic (random results of die) orders to two battalion officers. Superior officers run to counter these commands but it loses time in the tactical advance.

    The left Republican column, having reached the end of the beach, puts its ladder against the cliff and begins to climb. Those who reach the top receive heavy fire from the side and are killed by a few Chouans. The Republicans retreat a few paces… The Chouans, laughing loud, steal a ladder! The furious Republican officer says its cost will be deduced from the soldiers’ wages!

    Republican pressure becomes harder in the centre. The Royalists have sent messengers to the village to ask for reinforcements but they take time to be heard by the officer there.

    Royalist (random) units finally arrive from the south, with delay but the situation now becomes difficult for the Republicans.

    Meanwhile, the British shallop is still firing its cannon at the Republicans who climb the other cliff. The Royalists on the top fire their muskets at the attackers. This assault fails.

    Still heavy and bloody fightings in the center. The Republicans suffer heavy casualties but cross the fences and enter the camp, but not in time to stop a heavy cart loaded with powder heading for the artillery battery.

    A second and smaller cart, carrying two barrels of powder, is following.

    A Republican officer asks the GM if it could be set on fire by courageous men. The GM mysteriously answers that anything can be done… In fact the Royalists have already thought of it, a Royalist fanatic has secretly set fire to a slow match. It takes some (random) time to reach the powder… and the barrels explode just when a whole Republican unit is about to seize the cart!

    It breaks the Republican attack. This time the Blues must retreat, the Royalists have won the day.

    AAR in French:


    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    Superb game and AAR Patrice:).

    Avatar photoMike

    Such nice terrain, the cliff and the sea in particular.

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    And what a fantastic plot/storyline/scenario!


    Avatar photoBowman Stringer

    Astounding! Excellent looking game. Thanks for that.

    Avatar photowillz

    An excellent looking game, wonderful modelling and figures.  Thanks for sharing.

    Avatar photoPatrice

    Thanks 🙂 …although I didn’t do much myself. Almost all the terrain, figures, and scenario, was made by our friend Jean-Jacques, I’ve just somewhat adapted and translated this AAR from the French one.

    Such nice terrain, the cliff and the sea in particular.

    If you really want to know… the sea is made from toilet paper, and we had many jokes about it when he was making it… but it’s beautiful.

    French lesson: We call it with a smile “la mer en PQ” (the sea in toilet paper)! “PQ” is French for “papier cul” (officially “papier hygiénique” or “papier toilette”). The word “cul” sometimes sounds slang when included in random sentences but I don’t think anyone I know is offended to hear talking about “PQ” we hear it and say it so often. 😉


    Avatar photoAutodidact-O-Saurus

    That is quite the set up! Thanks for letting us view it.

    Toilet Paper!? I’ve been using tin foil. I might have to try some new techniques!


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    Avatar photoOotKust

    >>Video unavailable
    This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.

    Thats a bit nasty… someone forget to pay the electric bills to the megopolis titan then???

    Great terrain, always great to see quality games on quality work!! Huge fan Patrice!

    regards dave

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