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    Avatar photoPatrice

    Some pictures of a game played the 18th February at “Ramène tes Jeux“ games festival in Theix-Noyalo (Brittany).
    Action takes place in 1795 in Brittany (ruleset: Argad).

    There were four players, each playing a military faction: Republican national guards; Republican gendarmes (elite); Royalist regulars; Royalist Chouans; and a GM.

    A Royalist Chouan leader has disappeared and everyone is looking for him …but for different and secret reasons! The Chouans because they love him, the Royalist regulars because they want him for trial on the admiral ship because he stole money from their army, the Gendarmes for trial in the town of Vannes (off table) …in fact the Garde nationaux had already captured him and secretly keep him in a farm before execution in the local village.

    The gaming table (the village is at the other end of the picture).

    Chouans cross the river from the left bank (other groups of Chouans were already positioned on the right bank but farther in the countryside).

    Royalist regulars cross the bridge and the river. The redcoats are the French “Loyal-Émigrant“ in British service.

    Other groups of Chouans are running between field hedges near the village since the beginning of the game.

    The guillotine is coming…

    The gendarmes have some difficulty defending the bridge.

    A dead man is discovered in a pond! Is he the missing Chouan chief? In fact, not.

    …the Chouan chief dies under the guillotine.

    Heavy fighting in the fields. The Chouans and Royalists will be defeated.

    …And two pictures in the local newspaper!


    Avatar photoChris Pringle

    Lovely game and I bet it was a ton of fun. Well done!

    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    I have no idea who the “good guys” were but I’d call that a definite victory for one side, that’s for sure!  Great looking game, and a news mention, well done!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Avatar photoMike

    Great looking game, and a news mention, well done!


    Avatar photoPatrice

    Thanks. And it’s always interesting to adapt our usual skirmish rules, 1 to 1 man fighting each other, with the idea of regular units in close formation – which is mentioned in the rules but players are not often trained to do it.

    I have no idea who the “good guys” were

    Um, we prefer not to talk about good guys and bad guys in a such bitter civil war. People in big villages and in towns mostly supported the Republic, the rural countryside was mostly Royalist, for many historical reasons which have not much to do with our modern views and opinions. But the political outcome was obvious. 😉



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