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    Mr. Average

    Germy was good enough to give me a playtest version of his long-in-development rule set “Armo(u)red Thrust.”  As the name suggests it takes a great deal from Full Thrust as an antecedent (with permission of Jon Tuffley) and is the first game I’ve played since Ogre where Superheavy, BOLO-like units are treated as something truly unique on the battlefield, rather than simply as Very Big Tanks that are more or less just numbered-up conventional forces.  The system is a ton of fun to read and really falls into a category something like Vanguard’s “Dominion,” where it’s actually meant to be played with 3mm scale figures right from the getgo.

    So what was I to do but begin finishing several long-deferred 3mm scale armies and base them up for Armo(u)red Thrust?  I have a short break between the holidays here and had no excuse.  So below you see the beginnings: a unit of grav tanks from the Draah’z Assembly, and a heavy MBT unit from the Federal Republic of Hellas Planitia.  They’ll be fighting over a lot of different terrain eventually, but for starters it’ll mainly be for control of the colony world orbiting the star 94 Burgess.

    And here are some forces from the U.S. Provisional Government’s Colonial Army and grav tanks from the storied (and recently re-equipped) St. Vincent Lift Brigade, both waiting for appropriate paint jobs.  Ignore the Commonwealth Peacemaker there, he’s trying to find his way back to his own sci-fi milieu just here.

    I’m definitely a quick fan of AT and can’t wait to get it on the table for a test run.  The FRHP Olympian Hoplites there are well ahead on appropriate armaments, but the USPG Colonial Army First Cav is catching up.

    Thaddeus Blanchette

    Looking forward to seeing how these much storied rules work!

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    Mr. Average

    I’m eager to try them out. They seem to be built on a pretty sound foundation, and do almost everything I had wanted a 3mm scale rule set to do: artillery, air support, VTOLs, dropships, large armored formations, and super-units that feel like more than just glass cannons or big moving targets.

    I’m already dreaming up the flora and fauna of 94 Burgess, which is trapped in a Cambrian cycle and has some very odd life forms, but is also brimming with useful resources and lots of space for colonization, so controlling it is very important.


    Interested in this also. Miniatures look good and curoious how Full Thrust can turn into a ground combat game.

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