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    Richard Partridge

    Dear all,

    The club is looking to play the War of the Three Kingdoms using King and Parliament rules. As a good Essex boy, I’ve elected to build the army of the Eastern Association as this seems to be the right size for an evening’s gaming. It can – of course – be reinforced by the Earl of Essex’s army if we want to play bigger games, say at weekends.

    I think I can identify the infantry colours and some of the cavalry cornets carried at Marston Moor, but the whole army was not present on 2 July 1644 as some remained in garrison back in East Anglia. Is anyone aware of a comprehensive listing of all of the army’s units along with facing colours and their flags?


    Richard Partridge


    Your best bet is the book on the army from the Pike and Shot society – http://www.pikeandshotsociety.org/

    Be warned that you are likely to find that a lot of the info you already have is fictional. The truth is we basically have very little good info on civil war uniforms/flags and most that is out there is just made up.

    You can also look here, this also has ‘fictional’ material – http://wiki.bcw-project.org/start

    Not Connard Sage

    The word is ‘conjectural’

    "I go online sometimes, but everyone's spelling is really bad. It's... depressing."

    Richard Partridge

    Dear Hwicce and Not Connard Sage:

    I was afraid of that, but thanks very much for pointing me in at least a direction.

    Best regards,



    Brendan Morrissey

    If you can wait until June of next year, this might be of some help:-


    Apparently it will include all known flags from the period.

    Richard Partridge

    Thanks for that Brendan. Since I expect that this will be long-term project then waiting to June doesn’t sound too bad!



    I’m not sure a tyro like me should butt in but the cited book’s  author, Stephen Ede-Borrett, is a respected authority on Napoleonic flags and has been useful for me in the past. Based on this, I would think it a book worth getting.



    Ian Bailey


    Would enthusiastically endorse getting the Pike and Shot Society book on the Eastern Association. Try also here http://wiki.bcw-project.org/start . Quite a useful resource. If you are getting “into” the Eastern Association (and why not! They are the basis for my Parliamentary Army to!). Try also looking at “Europe Had No Better Soldiers” (  http://www.caliverbooks.com/bookview.php?j9rpc1eimgok87i4e5la5452o4&id=17757&subcatcode=A&subcatno=19  ) .

    Re colours/Cornets etc, Steve’s book will be interesting (although, if you read this Steve, finish your NMA book first!) but there are already several out there you can refer to now  e.g. a book on the subject already produced by Steve a few years ago plus a great booklet by Stuart Peachey and Lesley Prince ( http://www.caliverbooks.com/bookview.php?j9rpc1eimgok87i4e5la5452o4&id=2548&subcatcode=A&subcatno=19 ) and another, more recent ( http://www.caliverbooks.com/bookview.php?j9rpc1eimgok87i4e5la5452o4&id=24504&subcatcode=A&subcatno=19  ) loaded with colour plates.

    The above will help a lot with your Cavalry Cornets but, sadly, aren’t too useful with your infantry (in my opinion!). The perennial ECW problem is that it tends to be the losers colours (ie those captured) which are better recorded (and the Eastern Association and the NMA didn’t lose too many battles!). Still, if you are doing the Royalist Army at Naseby or the Scots of the 2nd or 3rd Civil War there is plenty to go on (re the Scots, Stuart Reid is particularly good here in my opinion)!

    If working in 28mm Empress Miniatures have some useful Eastern Association cavalry Cornets with more to come idc I understand.

    Hope this helps..

    (PS forgive all the Caliver links, I’m not on commission!, but they are just so useful to anyone doing ECW!).



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    Ian Bailey

    PS – should have added, per comments in other threads, the “Pete Berry notes” in Forlorn Hope and on the Baccus web site are another really good starting place. Re sashes/scarves – Manchester seemed to adopt green as “his” colour so, by implication, Eastern Association Troops probably donned green sashes (?).

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