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    Hi, not sure where to mention it, as it’s not directly wargame related, but as there are two different subjects of interest in this one I do it anyway (please remove it or move it elsewhere if not fitting here).

    Since some time I’ve been following videos of Artel Film Production, a Russian internet channel which produces short films about WW2, of good quality I think, the actors appear to be very well trained and/or professionals. More links can be found from this one (but no subtitled).

    (In 1941 a young lieutenant brings a message to a small unit in retreat, the order says to go back to the front and fight enemy tanks, after some delay and discussion the messenger takes command with support of the NCO; everyone understands they will not come back).

    I mention this one because at the end they sing a Russian song I didn’t recognised, although I perhaps heard it before. Then I searched about it. Well, as most of us (not being Russian myself) when thinking about WW2 I knew Russian traditional songs (Katiusha, etc.) and Red army political songs…

    But I never thought about tango!
    …and yes I realise that, obviously, normal civilian people and soldiers also, in the USSR in the 1930s and in the early WW2 were also listening and singing other, fashionable songs. So, for atmosphere… when painting figures of WW2 Russians now I’ll be listening to what these people liked much. Vadim Kozin, the Russian tango king! …Take time to listen, the first song in this link is the same one that the end of the other video (although it may seem different at first).

    Vadim Kozin was sent to Siberia in 1944 ; he died in 1994 (after the fall of the USSR).


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