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    Avatar photoTim Snoddy

    I was playing a game yesterday and wanted to make sure I was playing assault right.  A unit assaulted an enemy unit behind ramparts.  Neither unit was particularly good at assault so we decided the only modifier that would apply would be the -1 for attacking across terrain.  Both units were undamaged when the assault began.  As the attackers inflict a point of damage immediately the -1 modifier for having more damage was deemed to apply to the defenders.  It seemed odd then that two relatively equal units should end up on equal factors when one clearly had the better tactical position.  Is the -1 for more damage meant to apply only to a unit with more damage when the assault begins?  Any update on the ETA for Hammer of Democracy or Squad Hammer tool kit?

    Avatar photoJason Smith

    The example right after that section describes it just the way you played it.

    For better or worse, you’re doing it “right”.

    I can’t speak to the reasoning behind the rule.

    (Clearly, the intent seems to be to reward the aggressor, though.)

    Avatar photoRetroboom

    I think it feels right, personally. Ideally the defender has plenty of opportunity to shoot the attacker several times on their way in. The attacker wants to limit their exposure until the last minute. If seemingly out of nowhere the defender has grenades bouncing around their positions, they’re in a bad spot, even if they’re in “a good spot”.

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    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    The modifier for most damage is applied AFTER the automatic assault damage is factored in. It’s basically the “shock” effect of suddenly being attacked at close quarters.

    Ideally, the defenders have had multiple chances to fire as the attackers advance on them.

    For some settings, you may want to factor the assault damage AFTER calculating the modifier, if f.x. it’s a setting where attacking troops would be at more of a disadvantage.

    I am working on images and art for Hammer right now, so hopefully not too long. Tool kit is probably 50% done but testing is a LOT slower there, since there’s so many moving parts.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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