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    On a routine investigation of a habitable planet, a ship of the 2nd Legion Space Marine crashed on the far side of the planet. The loss of a valuable legion asset must be investigate and those responsible brought to justice. However, just as a recovery mission was about to launched, the 2nd legion recieved an urgent order. The priority code was from the emperor himself. The luxury of time no longer available the Primarch decided to send a small team to the crash site while the rest of the legion report to the Emperor.

    A team was assembled. Nothing the legion would miss for a few months. A newly appointed Sergeant and two new legionaires would handle the simple task. A small warp capable ship was made available so they could catch up to the fleet.

    The waste management corvette Ersatz landed near the crash site disgorging the SQUAD of space marines. Sergeant Ed ordered Legionaires Toby and Cousin Lenny to secure the perimeter. All cleared, he then led the SQUAD up a nearby hill, using the high ground to find the crashed ship. On the way the SQUAD encountered an indiginous creature but as they got closer it skittered away, presumably from Toby’s growling stomach.

    Up on the hill Sergeant Ed used his immense experience to locate the crashed ship, spotting it to the North. Jumping for joy the SQUAD ran down the hill to their onjective. Sergeant Ed notices rumbling sound of something big, but every time he looked it’s always out of sight. Upon reaching the crashed ship the SQUAD found a survivor fighting off a gigantic creature that looked like a walking boulder.

    The survivor, an apothecary charged the rock monster and got knocked on his ass. Undetered he got up, and ran. Instinct kicked in, Sergeant Ed and the SQUAD open fired, but their bolt fire bounced harmlessly off the rock armor. The apothecary hearing the familiar and reassuring sound of bolter fire curved toards the SQUAD leaving a trail of dust behind him, the rock monster following closely behind.

    “For the Emperor” the apothecary shouted and continued running.


    The creature caught up to the apothecary but its attack knocked him ahead once again.

    Sergeant Ed bravly led his SQUAD by example and ran. Leading the way back to the Ersatz.

    Cousin  Lenny lagged behind and was the target of the rock creature’s attack. Luckily the attack only kocked him down and he managed to get up as the monster was about to attack again, scooting after the rest of the SQUAD. Sergeant Ed led the group into the Erstaz, but Cousin Lenny was caught by the native creature again. Lucikly for Cousin Lenny the ship’s engines were cold and Sergeant Ed struggled to lift off. He was hit once again by the creature’s huge talon, but again, his power armor saved him and he was booted through the Erstaz’s hatch.

    Sergeant Ed tried again to rev the engine, gently applying gas. The Ersatz only budged a little, turning to face the creature. Confronted with the much bigger ship the rock creature hessitated.

    “All weapons, FIRE!!!” the apothecary commanded.

    The much bigger, tiny ship’s guns would have made minced meat of the rock armored monster but noone was manning them. It didn’t matter because Sergeant Ed managed to get the engines going and the Erstaz shot forward and up, into space with a large thud. The rock monster infront of the Erstaz was now skewered by the ship’s prow and died of asphyxiation once they reached orbit.

    In orbit of the planet Sergeant Ed noted the fleet was gone. Consulting the astropath, they set a course to rondevous with their legion. All the excitement over the Apothecary introduced himself as Apothecary Brother Ubiquitous Iniquitous. Like a good Space Marine Sergeant Ed hand command over to the officer and watched with his SQUAD as the apothecary points out the bridge towards the carcas of the rock monster and said to no one “Engage!”

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    That is so cool!

    Tally-Ho! Check out my blog at…..

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    Are those home sculpted miniatures? That is so awesome. I love small encounters like this.

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    Yup, the miniatures are homemade.

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    You’re doing a great job on these little sculptures. I didn’t expect the rock monster to die like that. Did make me laugh, thanks for the AAR.

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    These minis are more abstract, later on you’ll see the better ones.

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    May we have a picture of the Rock monster impaled on the Ersatz’s prow? So Kwel!

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    The sculpting is done. I just need to paint it but I want to save it for the next game. Way to spoil it though.

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    After weeks of Legionaire Tony punching and kicking him, asking “Are we there yet!”, the Erstaz’s astropath finally keeled over, frothing at the mouth and died in a pool of his own blood. It was a small miracle the man lasted that long.

    With the astrogator dead and a brewing warpstorm around her, the Ersatz tumbled out of warp, unceramonously appearing in normal space. After a few days of fiddling around with the archiac instrumentations Sergeant Ed managed to figured out they were in the Ultima Segmentum and within range of one of the outlying worlds administered by the 13th Legion, the Ultramarines.

    The crew of the Erstaz were in luck, the Ultramarines are famed for their organizational skills and all their worlds havd at least one navigation outpost on it. The Ultramarines would surely have a spare astropath or two for their fellow space marines to borrow.

    Unfortunately the aded weight of the rock creature on the nose of the Ersatz ruined what would have been a perfect landing. She managed to miss the landing pad entirely. The force of the controlled crash knocked Sergeant out cold. Apothecary Ubiquitous Iniquitous left him on the floor eager to breath fresh air for the first time in weeks. Astarte high protein diet  made ship air thick and… unpleasent.

    The SQUAD was greeted by an Ultramarine legionaire guarding the landing pad. They asked him where they could find the 2nd Legion.

    “I can’t talk about that sir!” the legionaire nesitated.

    Confused, the apothecary tried to press him for answers but the legionaire wouldn’t say anything.

    “You’ll have to ask Warmaster Horus if you really want to know.” the legionaire finally told them.

    “Warmaster!!?” Toby said, “What idiot made him warmaster!!!?”

    “Traitorous words, take that back!” the legionaire was angry and shocked at the same time.

    The SQUAD could see the veins on the legionaire’s forehead through the helmet.

    “Don’t joke around! Horus as warmaster? Whoever thought that up is an idiot!” Apothecary Ubiquitous Iniquitous said, amused.

    The legionaire didn’t say a thing but pulled his bolter and flicked the safety off.

    Fortunately the 13th legion were paperpushers, eventhough he acted first the combat reflex of the 2nd legion marines were faster and three bolters pointed back at the Ultramarine. Unlike the Ultramarines, the 2nd legion never did learn what the safety catch was for and Legionaire Lenny accentally discharged his bolter, hitting the Ultramarine square in the chest, knocking him on the floor. Startled by the bolter fire Legionaire Toby’s bolter also went off, hitting the floored Ultramarine in the head.

    “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!??????” Apothecary Ubiquitous Iniquitous screamed, “Police yout bolter! I’m writing you two up for disciplinary actions!!” ignoring the fact the two legionaires only fired a few shots each, while most of the holes in the Ultramarine had been from his now empty bolter.

    Shaking his head Apothecary Ubiquitous Iniquitous led the SQUAD to a large building atop rocky high ground, the navigation beacon tower. It was guarded by two Ultramarines.

    The ultramarines didn’t waste time with small talks, their bolters were already at the ready.

    “Tratorous scum! You killed Kenny!!!” one Ultramainre shouted, spraying bolt shells at Apothecary Ubiquitous Iniquitous.

    Apothecary Ubiquitous Iniquitous jumped back down the rocky hill, hiding behind a rock while Legionaire Toby and Cousin Lenny fired back sending the Ultrmarine diving for cover behind the building. The second Ultramarine targeted Cousin Lenny, forcing him to take cover. Apothecary Ubiquitous Iniquitous sneaked under the rocks, fashioning a lasso from his friendship band he bought from the flea market on Uluthwee V… and pulled the second Ultramarine off the rocky cliff. At least that was the plan. Instead the Ultramarine replaces his leg with a grenade and Apothecary Ubiquitous Iniquitous ran for cover just in time as it went off. Together the Ultramarines went after Toby but the 2nd Legion marine had better reflex once again, shooting and killing an Ulramamrine. The other Ultramarine jumped back into cover.

    The initiative in their favor Toby and Cousin Lenny advanced, shooting at the last Ultramarine. The barrel of a bolter poking out the corner of the building sent them running for cover again. The two sides taking cover on opposite sides of the same building. Apothecary Ubiquitous Iniquitous skeaked up behind the Ultramarine and filled the 13th Legion marine with bolter fire, blowing on the smoking muzzle once he was done.

    Having saved the day, Apothecary Ubiquitous Iniquitous walked proudly infront of the building and punched the ‘OPEN’ button on the door. Inside they were geeted by a lone astropath. Apothecary Ubiquitous Iniquitous easily convinced her to join them by pulling out a candy bar and dangling it in front of her. Apparently Ultramarines weren’t much for snacking and the SQUAD managed lead the astropath all the way to the Ersatz with just one candy bar.

    Cousine Lenny always resourceful, made sure he looted all the ammo and powerpack from the dead Ulttramarines, as well as remove as much evidence of their involvement as possible.

    With their new astropath on board the Ersatz lifted off once more chasing after their parent legion.

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    I’m sorry I missed this. Love the rock creature pinned to Ersatz.

    And now three are five… but we seem to have lost one marine, at least in the pictures

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    “Ubiquitous Iniquitous”

    And they killed Kenny?  You are killing me! 😉

    I don’t know how I missed this previously, but glad I found it and glad to see you’re getting some work done!


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