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    <p style=”text-align: right;”>My latest blog entry is a brief photo report from today’s Attack show in Devizes. Notable for being the first wargame show I’ve ever attended where I’ve got to feed a guinea pig :)</p>

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    Guy Farrish

    Very cute guinea pig!

    Thanks for posting –  reminded me it was on. I haven’t been for a few years so I made a spur of the moment decision this morning to go myself.

    Son decided he would rather stay at home so I had a leisurely and relaxing drive down (Apart from the ring road round Chippenham – I always used to drive through Chippenham, the ring road appears to be a ring road round Wiltshire not just Chippenham).

    Anyway, Devizes seemed the same and I found the school okay – parking seemed a little convoluted but there was some!

    The venue was dispersed.

    I found Annie and said a very brief hello as she was talking to a customer – didn’t get to feed Nadia

    I did pick up some of the plastic 28mm Warlord Landsknechts and some paints from the Dark Age Heroes stall. They were great to talk to and interesting and I look forward to their own metal Landsknechts (shortly? I hope).

    Interesting talk with Damian from A&M Miniatures/Donnington/Xyston – I may be being persuaded into branching out into another 15mm Ancient collection.

    I found the Bring and Buy and bought a book but the best part of that building for me was a Wargames Association of Reading demo of the northern flank of Moscow 1941 using 3mm Oddzial Osmy figures – a 40k x 40k battlefield on a 4x4ft table by the look of it – and not crowded! It was an excellent table and looked like a battle that was really moving rather than being just set up and abandoned. The players were really helpful and one of them particularly keen to explain the benefits of the scale and show me the books that had inspired their own set of rules and I am now awaiting an email with a copy of them. So big thanks to them and WAR.

    The games all looked good and the Pirate game had a good sense of humour to it while remaining a game and not just an entertainment.

    I had a quick wander round the competitions and the demo/participation games, but I have to confess the whole thing was a bit spread out and I wandered about a bit before a trade from Gym1 took pity on me and pointed me in the direction of the entrance to that section, tucked around a couple of corners. A bit clearer signage needed – or it may have been me. Once I had blundered about for a bit everything was in fairness around a quadrangle (barring the competitions which were tucked away where they couldn’t offend the horses).

    It was pretty quiet today and I hope the traders did much better yesterday. I enjoyed wandering around with room and time to browse and talk but I am sure the people selling would have preferred a lot more of a crush and elbow jostling.

    Anyway, an enjoyable day out. Thanks for the timely reminder DM. And I wish them all the best for next year – I’ll put in my diary and remember to look at it this time.


    (Sorry no piccies – rushed out in  a hurry and forgot my camera – wossat Skippy? Mobile phone? What manner of foolishness is that Skippy? Go and talk to the guinea Pig.)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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