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    President For Life Field Marshal Zebedee Lukaku is going on the offensive! He will unleash his Simba warriors, supported by the Imperial Gunship, upon the loathed imperialist dogs advancing on Bongo Junction.
    His intrepid warriors have all been issued with a magic palm leaf that wards off bullets, up to and including .50 cal,…
    the entrails have been consulted and predict a great and glorious victory!

    The Forces of President For Life Field Marshal Zebedee Lukaku advancing down the main road. Himself can just be spotted, toting his gold plated SLR, just above the Imperial Gunship’s rotor blade…

    The Imperial Gunship…

    Imperialist heavy armour and Mercenary Infantry skulking at Bongo junction…

    Oops, Himself could have done without this bugger!!!


    "Wot did you do in the war Grandad?"

    "I was with Harry... At The Bridge!"


    Battle is joined!

    All I can really say is that the white mercenary force must have used ‘The Dogs of War’ as their trayning manual… they were that inept they made the Simbas look like the Brigade of Guards. Their fast jet made a bombing run and hit Africa – just! as it came back for another pass the Imperial Gunship, with a bit of deflection shooting that Biggles would have been proud of, blew it from the sky… round 1 to the Simbas.

    Round 2 saw the 1st Simba Light Horse come on in great style, taking the enemy armoured car under a heavy fire that left it a burning wreck.

    For reasons best known to themselves (contempt for the natives?) the white mercenary infantry showed a disdain for cover that lead to heavy casualties, quicksharp…

    The commander of the Centurion was a tad brighter. He shot up the T72 forcing it to scuttle into cover to give the crew time to smoke some of di’ bottle giving Ganja. The 1st Simba Light Horse once again came on in great style, kind of a charge of the Light Brigade, it ended in tears…

    Excellent shooting had swung the pendulum… till the Centurion drove off having run out of ammo! This demoralised the white mercenary infantry allowing the drug crazed, spray and pray, Simbas an easy victory. the last white man falling in savage hand to hand fighting…

    The victorious Simbas have themselves a celebrate like only they can…

    President For Life, Field Marshal Zebedee Lukaku, master of all he can see…

    But, as we veterans of a thousand fields know only too well, that bitch we call victory exacts a heavy price. A price paid in full by Betsy, the Imperial Gunship…

    But, this is Africa, life goes on…

    “God be with ye, yer murdering ‘eathans!”

    "Wot did you do in the war Grandad?"

    "I was with Harry... At The Bridge!"

    Avatar photoJohn D Salt

    What models are the Saldin and Centurion?

    All the best,



    John, they’re Corgi, proper heavy handfuls of diecast!

    "Wot did you do in the war Grandad?"

    "I was with Harry... At The Bridge!"

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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