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    Jose LuengoJose Luengo

    On December 2, 1805, after pretending weakness and renouncing the advantage provided by the Pratzen Heights, Napoleon defeated superior forces in number, in what would become known as “the battle of the three emperors”: Austerlitz.

    Austerlitz 1805, from Trafalgar Editions, recreates the conditions of the battle, from the forces involved by both sides, with all the historical rigour, to the foggy conditions that conditioned the first part of the battle.

    Despite its historical fidelity, Austerlitz 1805 allows you to rewrite the history and obtain a different result and explore alternative strategies during the battle.

    A game for 2 players or more, with an approximate duration of 90-180 minutes, Austerlitz 1805 uses an innovative game system, bringing mechanics from miniatures to a boardgame without hexagons or zones, which allows us to enjoy all its aesthetic splendor.

    Each counter represents an artillery battery or an Infantry or Cavalry brigade. Elite units can also be found on both sides, such as the Guard Units or Oudinot’s Grenadier Division, commanded by Durac.

    Using templates for artillery movement and range and a clear map with no hexagons or zones, Austerlitz 1805 also incorporates a simple sequence of play and a fluid game system, in which the movement capacity and range of artillery fire are measured using templates.

    After the Norway 1940 crowdfunding, Trafalgar: Line ships and Waterloo 1815, in Trafalgar Editions we plan to launch Austerlitz 1805 through a Kickstarter campaign on April, 30th 2019.

    Jose LuengoJose Luengo

    The fog limits your visión to a few meters. It drowns out all the sounds, enveloping the Heights of Pratzen in a tomblike silence. You fear that the fog will hide a n assaulting French army avancing towards your position. Perhaps the worst is happening right now..

    In the game game Austerlitz 1805, we could not forget the fog that covered the battlefield during the beginning of the battle. This fog, Napoleon’s ally, made it impossible to see the enemy clearly.

    Our game incorporates fog during the first few turns, with a variable duration, so you can plan your strategy in advance knowing that it will last between 3 and 7 turns before it begins to dissipate.

    During fog, the units detection capacity is reduced and you won’t be able to tell if the chits in front of you are decoys or real units until you get very close to them.

    The true composition of each formation will be hidden on each player’s strategic map, in numbered boxes, to place on the map when the unit is revealed.

    In this way, with a minimum number of rules, great tactical depth is added to the map, as you have to adapt your battle plans to troops you don’t know the exact composition of.

    Jose LuengoJose Luengo

    Hi  !!!!!!

    The campaign in Kickstarter has already come out …. here I put the link:

    We hope you like it


    Jose LuengoJose Luengo

    Take this opportunity to tell you about the new update !!!
    with a free scenario, the North.
    Take a look and if you like it, share and support the project, we are close to founding !!!



    Jose LuengoJose Luengo

    Austerlitz 1805 – Kickstarter now in its final stages!
    –  An authentic miniatures-style rendering of Napoleon’s most famous victory.

    – A game system dedicated to bringing vivid realism to the field of combat.

    – Authenticity without complexity.

    – All furnished with components of outstanding quality.

    Our aim is to produce one of the most visually stunning and original Napoleonic designs – FULLY FUNDED !!!, this will indeed be style and substance marching together.

    Here you have the last update:


    Jose LuengoJose Luengo

    The crowdfunding campaign al Kickstarter is now complete.

    You will soon be able to access the “Late Pledge” if you are late for the campaign and the backers will receive an email with their personal invitation to the “Pledge Manager”.

    Thanks to all the backers who have made this project possible, we are sure that you will like Austerlitz 1805 as much as we do. 🙂

    Jose LuengoJose Luengo

    You can already find the Late Pledge button in the Kickstarter campaign, which, if you missed it, you can still get the game at a very interesting price.

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