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    I need another unfinished project like I need a hole in my head…

    However, over the last couple of years I’ve been having an increasing interest in the AWI (or the American Revolution, as we call it here).  It doesn’t hurt that there is a lot of local history involved in it.

    I’m torn between collecting the beautiful 28mm models that are on offer by a few manufacturers and doing this as a skirmish type thing, or collecting the beautiful 10mm models that Pendraken has and doing this as big battles.

    Both have their appeal.

    Then I also have to decide on which campaign to start with, as that determines which uniforms I will be painting.

    These are tough decisions!

    Any opinions and wisdom that you’d like to share?

    Norm S

    Another choice … Kallistra 12mm, their range is not compatible with 10mm, but is pretty much complete anyway.


    One of the beauties of AWI is that you can do some entire campaigns, like Montgomery’s invasion of Canada, or Clark’s conquest of the Illinois, or some major battles, like Guilford Court House or Cowpens, in 28mm scale with only a couple of hundred figures or fewer, without hardly breaking a sweat.

    Or if you want to stage Long Island or Brandywine, then you can paint up a lot of 10mm figures in a hurry, and fit them all on a ping-pong table.


    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

    Darryl Smith

    15mm, Blue Moon would probably be first choice. Period would be war in the south, 1780 and after. Also war in the west with Clark.

    Buckeye Six Actual


    I went with 15mm Peter Pig Figures about 8 years ago but I wish I had of tried 10mm now



    Now that my sister found out we have an ancestor Issac Keepers who joined a Maryland Reg. in 1776 , I have started to have a bit of an interest in the period . If I do game it, it would be in 15mm. No idea what rules I would use.

    Chris Pringle
    General Slade

    I’m doing AWI in 15mm using Minifigs.  I haven’t really worried about picking a particular campaign.  I just paint up uniforms I like the look of in the Blandford book.


    Lots of input!


    Good looking game, Chris.


    Nice to have a family connection, kyoteblue.

    Glenn Pearce

    Hello Noel!

    Have a look at Baccus6mm. Their latest rule set “Ruse de Guerre” covers not only the AWI, but also the F&IW and War of 1812. Their AWI figures are outstanding. The rules allow you to scale the game to the size of your collection, you can also use other figure scales if you want to. As the size of your collection grows so does the size of your games. 6mm allows you to get into pretty much any period fast and at a very low cost.

    Best regards,



    Hi, Glenn.  Thanks for the suggestion.  I do love Baccus and have models from them for ancients.

    Their AWI range is high quality and was an initial interest of mine, but I have been smitten by Pendraken’s line as the models look great, with lots of character.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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