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    Peter Berry

    Not new releases as such, but a preview for the many Great War collectors out there, many of whom are assaulting my email inbox in large numbers. There has been huge interest in this range, and thanks to all of you out there who have been collecting it. I think it only fair that I give you an update on what we are planning.
    Over the next two to three months we’ll be adding a lot of codes to the range.  This will cover mid and later war troop types in helmets for the three armies we currently have in production. In addition to this you can expect to see more heavy artillery, more machine guns and the appearance of various mortars. As a bit of a curtain raiser, here’s a piccy of some of the master models.



    From left to right: British 3″ mortar, British 6″ mortar, 9.45 ‘Flying Pig’ mortar, French 150mm mortar and German 17cm Minenwerfer.
    By the time all of this lot is in place, you can expect the Great War range to have expanded roughly threefold. We’ll be adding later war Division packs and Corps asset packs. At this stage we’ll be calling a temporary halt to proceedings as we start to tackle the WW2 project.
    When we return to the Great War, we’ll be covering Mesopotamia, before moving on the Eastern front and later war Western front as well as adding vehicles to the mix. All of this will take time – we are anticipating the whole plan taking about four years, so please bear with us. This is a subject worthy of respect and we’d prefer to take our time and do it justice.


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