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    Robey JenkinsRobey Jenkins

    Ever wanted to see what happens when you try to play billiards with bad-tempered, carnivorous, helium-filled beach balls?  Of course you have!

    And now you can!!


    The rules (in beta) can be found here!!!


    They say that multiple exclamation marks are the sign of a diseased mind!!!!  But I’m fine!!!!!




    That’s……………………..a lot of balls!

    Interest include 6mm WW2, 6mm SciFi, 30mm Old West, DropFleet, Warlords Exterminate and others!


    Am I correct in thinking this was from Macrocosm or something previously?

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    Robey JenkinsRobey Jenkins

    Hi, Mike.  Sorry to have neglected TWW for so long, but I’m back and trying to be a constructive, contributory member (trying to work out if I can afford to be a sponsoring member, too…).

    Yes, these miniatures were originally released by Macrocosm with a Kickstarter in 2016, but Chris got distracted by other things (see Boneyards for more details) and so I nipped into his shed while he was out and made off with the moulds*.

    I now have almost the whole available range upon my website:

    Team of one-eyes:

    One-eyes Team

    Team of two-eyes:

    Two-eyes Team

    Limited Release Halloween Balls:

    Halloween Balls

    I’m going to try to get some gameplay videos up on YouTube ASAP.

    *No, not really.


    Strangely attractive.

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