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    My first WWII wargame that I purchased when the wargaming bug hit me again. Designed by Gordon Roach of NZ it hit right about the same time as Flames of War came out and was subsequently buried by FOW’s popularity. After internet research I ended up buying Flames of War, Panzer Marsch, and Baptism of Fire as I started work on 15mm armies. Of the three, Baptism of Fire gave me the game I really wanted. The command and control aspect coupled with the fact that games really felt hectic and out of control once the engagements started in earnest with mortars falling, bullets hitting all around. I had a dedicated opponent for a brief time and it was simply fantastic.

    Of course, he moved and finding opponents was often difficult after that. Then there was a second edition and honestly everything elegant about the game became bogged down. Abstract command and control seemed to be giving way too detail oriented rules.

    Not many pictures left as my digital camera was a joke back then. It’s weird to realize just how long ago it was that I was playing this game. Which is probably even sadder that I realize it’s probably been a decade since I played a WWII game. Wait, just remembered I played single game of Bolt Action a few years ago and found that also not to my taste.







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