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    Daniele V

    Hello, I am going to get some 10mm scale WW2 infantry and weapons (MGs, Mortars, AT guns), what basing size do you advice? I am not tied to a particular set of rules, I am looking for functionality, flexibility and nice look… thank you!



    Steve Johnson

    I base my infantry on 50mm x 25mm bases, with 4-5 figures per base (I game BKC). Mortars and MGs I put on 25mm x 25mm bases. ATGS are either on 25mm x 25mm or 25mm x 50mm, depending upon size.


    I think as Steve has done, use multiples of the same size. So his are multiples of 25mm.

    Or you could do 20 x 20 with 20 x 40mm.

    I base vehicles, so I would consider base sizes for vehicles in that too.


    Mike HeaddenMike Headden

    Having come to BKC from Warmaster I base most of my stuff on 40mm x 20mm bases but various larger items may get longer or wider bases.

    Infantry are usually 6 figures to a base, heavy weapons are two MGs/ Mortars to a base, artillery and vehicles one to a base, command stands are dioramas.

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    Steve Johnson

    Lovely looking battlegroup Mike.

    ian pillayian pillay

    I use 30mm squares with upto 3 castings to a base. I mainly play crossfire so not a lot of armour but I tend to keep 30mm frontage and whatever depth best suits.



    Almost all my twentieth century stuff is on 30mm wide bases, be it 2mm, 6mm, 15mm or 20mm. I aim for 30×30 but bigger elements get deeper bases (usually vehicles or artillery). This size seems to work for most rule systems,.

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    Buck Surdu

    I base mine on 3″ x 1.5″ bases.  I think these look like a nice platoon frontage vs. depth.

    Norm SNorm S

    40 x 20 for infantry

    20 x 20 for HMG / Mortars

    for vehicles I cut card to just a tad longer than the vehicle and allow 5mm to either side.

    for A/T guns I base to fit


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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