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    Anthony Miles

    I will shortly be starting on a Portuguese brigade for the Peninsular war and am dithering on how to base them up. Our club Napoleonics are based to the Shako II system, although the Peninsular games will mostely be played using Black Powder.
    In Shako II an average British battalion would be represented by 18 figures on 3 bases of 6 figures, Guards units may have 24 figures on 4 bases if taken as being closer to the theoretical establishment of 1000 men.
    The dilemma comes with choosing how to represent the 2 battalions of a Portuguese regiment with a theoretical establishment of 750 men per battalion. If it is assumed that a Portuguese regiment fielded on average slightly more men than a British battalion, seems to have been the case from most orbats i’ve seen, then 4 bases of 6 figures for a regiment, the same as a British guard battalion, would seem sensible. But this means each battalion of the regiment would only be 2 bases, which sort of looks wrong I think.
    However as neither ruleset uses figure removal for casualties or indeed figure numbers to represent anything specific does it really matter and could I just base each Portuguese battalion the same as a British battalion, ie 18 figures on 3 bases?

    Comments, ideas and suggestions warmly accepted.


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