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    Anthony Miles

    Back in July at New Buckenham we had a game of Post of Honour, the fast play version of Osprey’s Honours of War rules which can be found on the Honours of War forum. For this game the scenario was based of the Battle of Dettingen from the War of Austrian Succession. The battle is known for being the last time a reigning British monarch, George II, led troops in battle.

    A combined British, Hanoverian and Austrian force heading for their supply depots find a French force blocking their path with further French forces rapidly approaching to their rear.

    Our game focused on the lead elements of the allies trying to force a path through the French blocking force.

    The French held a strong position behind streams and marshy ground with artillery across the unfordable river Main on the allies left flank.

    The French started with some troops across the streams to represent the historical battle where the French commander ignored his orders and advanced his whole command over the bridge to fight with his back to the streams and marshes. Unfortunately our French players chose not to repeat his mistake.

    After initial British success against the French right flank the allied advance got bogged down, literally in the Austrian’s case, in front of Dettingen and the streams to it right. While the Hanoverians on the allied right found themselves fighting on two flanks after French forces appeared out of the woods on their flank.

    With no way through for the allies and the main French army rapidly approaching to the rear the umpire called the game. Unlike in the historical battle, this time King George would have to negotiate terms with the surrounding French.

    Another good game using the rules which should work well for Minden in a couple of weeks time.

    More on my blog at Jabba’s Wargaming


    Chris Pringle

    WAS and Seven Years War are before my period of expertise, but I have done some study of SYW battles. One thing that struck me is how often, as at Dettingen, an army deploys with a water obstacle running parallel behind its line. I can’t remember whether I read this or I just deduced/assumed it, but I believe this was actually a deliberate measure to make it less likely that troops would desert the line, as they had nowhere to run to. Does that tally with anyone else’s reading? A tricky factor to build into a ruleset; perhaps worth a scenario special rule now and then.

    Anyway: lovely game! Thanks for the AAR.


    Bloody Big BATTLES!






    Excellent AAR and fantastic figures, my favourite Crann Tara on display.  Keep stuff like this coming.

    Have you visited this forum http://fifeanddrumminis.proboards.com/






    Anthony Miles

    Thanks for the comments.

    No I haven’t seen that forum, may have to give it a look.

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