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    I reviewed Michaels’ new scenario Books, Eagles Over Bavaria, and Duel Of The Princes.

    They are wonderful books with 18 scenarios each. Some are small with 3 to 4 divisions aside, others medium sized with 5 to 8 and large ones with 9 to 12 or more. Most of the book is black and white with some colored pages and bio’s of commanders.

    Scenarios included in each are:
    Duel of the Princes, Northern Italy 1809.

    Sacile, South, North and Grand, 3 scenarios
    Paive River morning and afternoon, 2 scenarios
    San Daniele
    Tarvis 1 and 2
    St. Michael

    Eagles Over Bavaria
    Abensurg, north, south, centre, 3 scenarios
    Eggmuhl, north, south, grand 3 scenarios

    Our group were play testers for many of these scenarios. They are designed for pretty much any rule set, we played them with Shako 2.

    OOB’s list battalions/regiments, brigades/divisions.

    Our game was played at Rick Stevens’ place with all his figures and terrain. The scenario is played diagonally across a 12’x 6′ table.

    The Austrians need to get 9 wagons over the bridge at the town in back. One wagon per turn is moved off the table. Austrians arrayed in front.

    Two divisons of light cavalry in the front, commanded by me.

    The French starting positions with lots of light cavalry as well.

    The French advanced in the same old way…
    I was aggressive with my light cavalry charging and destroying two regiments of French light cavalry while loosing one. I placed one Grenzer unit in the centre forest, the other in the forest at the top of the picture.

    More cavalry attacks against infantry this time, trying to slow down the French. The far Grenzer unit draws a lot of attention.

    I move the centre Grenzer unit out to try and draw in the French cavalry.

    More cavalry attacks, slowing the French advance. My Grenzers in the centre form square, come on charge me!

    French infantry and one cavalry regiment try to turn the Austrian right flank, while  our Grenadiers move up on the left.

    My first light cavalry division is destroyed 4 LC and 2 Grenzers. The second with 3 LC has one unit left. You can see it moving to the rear to save itself so we don’t loose another division towards victory points.
    The small Landwehr division on our right is being whittled down.
    Grenadiers attack on the left.

    Two battalions of Landwehr are destroyed the third is drawing a lot of attention in the woods.

    On the far top left you can see one Austrian Grenadier battalion that has defied all attacks, the French loosing two regiments of light cavalry in fruitless attacks on the square. This destroyed a French division. The Landwher on the right are now destroyed. French are moving in. All the wagons are across the bridge.

    The game ended after 12 turns with two Austrian divisions destroyed and one French. With all the wagons across the bridge this  gave the Austrians 1 point with minus 2 points for  lost divisions. Minus one overall. The French lost 1 division minus 1 overall for a tie game.

    Avatar photovtsaogames

    Where can one purchase these books? I don’t see them at On Military Matters.

    It's never too late to have a happy childhood

    Avatar photoThomas Moore

    You can order these books directly from Michael in Canada. His e-mail is log1cal.mh AT gmail.com
    They are $40 each Canadian Funds, postage at cost or as near as possible.

    He is releasing two more 1809 books soon.

    The Roads To Vienna – 18 scenarios from the 1809 campaign
    Eagles Over Austria – 18 scenarios from the 1809 campaign

    With more for the Peninsula and 1812-1814.


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