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    Evening all,

    Today, I intended to refight the Battle of Montgat 1808 with a friend from the wargames club, pitting Italians against Spanish, but due to family illness, and the resulting lack of sleep, I had to cancel at short notice.

    However, the table and armies were already deployed, so I thought i’d still post anyway – the AAR will have to wait until another week! I hope you enjoy – I think it looks great.

    The Battle of Montgat in 6mm scale – layout and armies

    As always guys, any feedback, comments, suggestions, criticisms are all welcome



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    It looks great; how have you organised the basing and name plates?

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    Tony S

    Love the castle!   As you say, quite an interesting battle.  My 6mm Napoleonics are also from Irregular. My friends all have Baccus, but I agree with you; Irregular have character!  And I think you get much more of a mass effect from them then from Baccus, even if the sculpting isn’t as good.

    Besides, when I get asked “are your French wearing bicornes or shakos” I always answer “yes”. 

    Steve Johnson

    That’s a nice looking game and love the castle and certainly an interesting scenario.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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