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    SULACO, Saturday.  Blue Helix Defense Solutions engaged in brief but fierce fighting with forces of the Earthlight Division this afternoon, when Earthlight forces crossed the border into Costaguana and struck at a VTOL fueling station known by its map designator as Point Luck.  The government of Sulaco denied responsibility for the action, and declared that, although the Earthlight Division and their parent corporation Erdeslicht Verteidegung-Systeme GmbH are retained by the Sulaquéro government for defense purposes, the unit acted without authorization when it crossed the border.

    Blue Helix, which has been optioned by the Republic of Costaguana for defense training in the area to the south of Point Luck, responded to the incursion in force, but were repelled, and the Point Luck fueling station was destroyed.  The Costaguañero consular agency in Berlin lodged a formal protest with the government of the Mitteleroupaïsch Demokratische Republik over the presence of MDR mercenaries in their country, and the ambassador to Sulaco has been recalled to Santa Marta for urgent consultations.  The heavy losses incurred by Blue Helix has led to speculations that the corporation may exercise their escape clause and allow the remainder of Costaguana’s option with their company to expire without invoicing.  However, sources report that Blue Helix company activity has increased at their main in-country depot outside Santa Marta International Airport.  There have also been unconfirmed reports that advance units of the Regimento Acero are taking up positions in the Santa Marta Valley.

    ENSPUN and EAST are issuing travel advisories to their citizens and nationals traveling in Sulaco, Costaguana and neighboring countries.

    Initial positions: Blue Helix mechanized forces hold bunkers along the Rio Peñacoso, with Light Cavalry defending Point Luck station on the rise to the right.

    Earthlight artillery and CHQ take up positions to bombard the defensive line.  A very good hit from the RAP gun on the artillery skimmer blew away one of the advance infantry units and cleared the river valley west of Point Luck.

    Blue Helix heavy cavalry and Strider support arrives.

    Earthlight armor and heavy infantry arrives to reinforce the attack, while additional bombardment drives back the Blue Helix armored counterattack.

    A precision-guided artillery strike yields two critical hits on the Blue Helix strider, crippling the defense operations and sending Blue Helix into retreat.

    My thoughts on Horizon Wars?  EXCELLENT game!  We had the rules down in about ten minutes and played a full turnaround in an hour and a half or so.  The rules feel very right for the game.  Being used to more complex “simulation” games we were both initially ambivalent about the level of complexity versus the level of abstraction but the balance felt just right.  And most of all, we showed that a well-designed conventional force (Earthlight Division) can radically outclass and ostensibly more powerful but less focussed force (Blue Helix) when it uses its powers to best advantage.  The real strength of the game is in its customizable forces, which really guide you towards forces that “feel” like real and cohesive military units with particular strengths and weaknesses that guide your style of play.  We also both liked the D12 system a whole lot, and the match-to-negate felt a whole lot more dynamic (and oddly, felt like more of a defense) than a simple roll-higher-than-your-enemy system.  Critical hits were also very key to the system, as it led to some decisions about where best to allocate hits to get the most out of a good strike.  But above all, the best part was that neither of us felt like we were ever trying to game the system by overthinking a certain action – the game kept moving at a very good clip and no unit felt like a throwaway – they all had lots of things they could be useful for, and so your options kept you from trying to do any one specific thing above all the others.  Flexibility was key and made the game really interesting.  A game you can lose and still totally enjoy is a rare and wonderful thing, and this was it!

    A fantastic first game – we were both impressed and eager to play again!  Blue Helix definitely needs to invest in some more Heavy Cav and Heavy Infantry, although I think they’d have done much better in a scenario requiring a more mobile force – fixed defense is definitely not their long suit.

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    Great miniatures, great background and great write-up!

    Avatar photoMr. Average

    Thanks, man! Horizon Wars is a really fun system and I plan to give it more play time as soon as I can!

    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    Sounds like a thight engagement, thanks for sharing 🙂

    I’m glad to hear you like it, HW is a great game!

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