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    Our second game at Little Wars this year was The Battle of Smolensk. The scenario involved four Russian defenders vs four French attackers and had three whole French corps on the tabletop in addition to one of cavalry.

    The Russians put up a very determined defense, after an estimated 2.5-3 hours the French had cleared all the suburbs but for Krasne on the west edge of the city. The Russians maintained control of the city gates and the Royal Baston overlooking Krasne.

    Ney’s III Corps and the Polish V Corps fought themselves out clearing the suburbs. Davout committed two of his three divisions to the end of this effort. Storming the Baston appeared too much a hurdle and the game was ruled a Russian victory.

    The scenario was run in 15mm at 1″=75 yards. Rules were Et sans résultat! and the scenario was from Master of the World, 1812 in Russia.

    All of the buildings, including the city walls, were made by Saint Paul Irregulars Press. The models will soon be available for sale from ‌The Wargaming Company.

    More photos can be seen in The Wargaming Company Gallery.


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