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    Alexander Makarov

    Hi, first post!

    Yesterday I took part in a game of Dawn of the Battleship, we have played this ruleset several times and were introducing some other to it. Our battle was completely hypothetical between Germany and Japan taking place in 1905, the fact that some of the Japanese ships sank in 1904 should be ignored   Since it was kind of an introductory game the sea state and visability were absolutely perfect. We play with 1/6000 ships at 1cm=100 yards.


    Each side had a division of Battleships, AC, and PC. The Japanese had Hatsuse, Shikishima, and Fuji with AC Kassuga reinforcing the battle line.  Idzumo, Adzuma, Tokiwa, Iwate, and Yakumo in the AC division and Kasagi, Chitose, Takasago, and Yoshino making up the Protected Cruisers.

    The Germans had the 5 Battleships of the Wittelsbach class (Wittelsbach, Wettin, Zähringen, Schwaben, and Mecklenburg) Armored Crusiers Fürst Bismarck, Prinz Heinrich, and Prinz Adelbert, and the Protected Cruisers of the Victoria Louise class (Victoria Louise, Hansa, Vineta, Freya, and Hertha.)


    The opening engagement saw the Japanese battleline engage the German protected cruisers at around 3000 yards with little to no effect.

    After the German cruisers turned away the Japanese battleline conducted a U-turn to engage the main German force.

    The Germans were able to concentrate all fire and the Japanese flagship at ranges of 1500 to 2500 yards, scoring some critical hits to engineering reducing the speed to 9 knots.


    Alexander Makarov


    A close fight ensued resulting in Schwaben and Shikishima both being dead in the water, Wittelsbach being sunk and Zähringen becoming overwhelmed by fire after firing a torpedo salvo.

    After a Japanese torpedo fired by the dead in the water Shikishima struck Fuji, the remaining German battleships were able to hammer Hatsuse, achieving a detonation of the torpedo magazine, which destroyed the ship. 

    Meanwhile the Japanese protected cruisers managed to put themselves in a precarious situation between both German cruiser divisions.  Despite ramming Prinz Aldelbert for little effect, the German Armored cruisers made quick work of the poorly Armored Japanese, destroying the first 3 ships in column nearly simultaneously!


    I really wish there was more to post, but after around seemingly nine hours it was about time to call it a day. When it was all said and done the Germans lost 2 battleships and had one dead in the water with some serious flooding, the Japanese lost 4 protected cruisers, one battleship destroyed, one dead in the water, and another with some serious flooding.

    It was was a successful game in that it added some new blood to our group. Our German battleship gunners seemingly couldn’t hit anything, while the Japanese seemed to have a 33% hit rate per main barrel of battery…

    Jim Jackaman

    Excellent! I really enjoyed reading that and looking in awe at your ships. You wouldn’t think they were 1/6000!

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    Alexander Makarov

    Thanks Jim, I wish I could take credit for the Japanese ships, but they are the work of one of the guys we play with. I’m in awe of them as well. My German ships certainly aren’t the center piece here!

    We had six players using signaling rules and standing orders which always makes for an interesting battle.

    Next week we will be doing a night engagement, probably with the Americans and Japanese around 1905-07 so the battle will go much differently. Looking forward to that.


    Great looking ships!


    We played a full RJW campaign using the Figurehead 1/6000 and it was ideal for fitting the engagements on modest table space and actually painting two entire fleets in a reasonable time frame.

    Nice work on both the painting and the ancillary game tokens. It makes for a great looking game!


    The tree of Life is self pruning.

    Alexander Makarov

    Nice work on both the painting and the ancillary game tokens. It makes for a great looking game!

    I’ve been trying to come up with a good marker that makes sense to replace the ‘Datum’ markers which show where torpedos entered the water. After that I think our games will look much better.


    I love a good ‘what if ‘ scenario – particularly in the Pre-Dreadnought era – so this was an entertaining post, thanks – I cannot believe the painting skills on show….. I was sure the ships would be 1/3000 or even 1/2400th…… amazing that they are 1/6000th!

    As to the Datum marker, how about something the same size, but showing torpedo tracks in water – a scratch-built one – layer of filler on a base, sculpted a bit to show the splash?


    Very nice looking game; thanks for sharing


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