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    Sane Max

    Hi all

    A while back I bought a fair quantity of Caesar Miniatures 20mm fantasy. They will not win awards, but are quite acceptable, so with a box of each my first thought was a home-brew Saga Fantasy.

    The Goblins get a (ridiculous Bat Eared) Troll and I had an old GW Venom-spitting thingy that makes a good allied monster for the Lizards, and that made me think a general monster entry might be appropriate for all the Races (nb I hate the word Faction in this context).

    When my kids were small ELC used to have a bucket of simple soft plastic beasts in their store, and I thought a tarantula for the Orcs, Giant Rat for the not-skaven, Eagles for the Elves,perhaps a cave-bear? for the Dwarves  etc – but that is a thing of the past, now they sell rather pricey high-quality models,  which would be frankly too good next to the very basic plastic Caesar Figures. Giant Spiders, centipedes etc all welcome

    Anyone have a source in the UK of plastic beasties of appropriate sizes?





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