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    Avatar photoStroezie

    Sometimes I get an idea to build something, not because I need it for a game but just because I can.

    So I built this today, say hello to my little retro scifi tank πŸ˜‰



    Sadly, as is often the case, I got so caught up building the thing, that I completely forgot to take pictures during construction.
    To atone for my sins I’ll try to give you a list of the components used.

    5mm foamcore for the main hull.
    The drives are a 6mm bead, a piece of tubing from a kids balloon and a .177 air rifle pellet.
    The turret is a 10mm bead which has been ground down almost but not completely halfway and the barrel is the gas vent valve from a mini bic lighter.

    All in all this was an easy and fun little project, I hope this will inspire you to try some scratch building yourself.

    Also for those wondering, the minis in the pictures are GZG NAC troopers which I added a green stuff helmet crest and a cape to.

    Hope you enjoyed my idle afternoon’s labour as much as me πŸ˜‰


    Avatar photoVictoria Dickson

    Very nice indeed πŸ™‚

    Avatar photoStroezie

    Thanks Victoria.

    Some people have remarked about seeing a similar tank in a larger scale.
    Well, that could be because I made one like it for my 15mm Trigan Empire inspired forces a few years back πŸ˜‰

    Trigan Empire and Storm are some of my all time favourite comics and a lot of my scifi gaming borrows heavily from them so certain designs tend to pop up again
    over the different scales I play.

    Avatar photoMike

    You are the king of bead re-purposification.

    Avatar photoStroezie

    Ha, when scratch building, I tend to look for base materials which I can get a lot of and with two little girls in the house I have acces to a heapload of beads πŸ˜€

    Avatar photoPatG

    Very 1950’s love it.

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    Well, I have to say a big thank you- so



    No, I haven’t lost the plot completely (I think!) – Trigan Empire – I read the first few episodes in ‘Ranger’ in the mid 60s and then for whatever reason (probably a retrenchment on the Comic frontΒ ) I lost that plot. I kept the few issues I had and really liked the professor finally breaking the language the chronicles were written in and always wondered how the Trigans got from the primitive Vorgs to the the space travelling people. I forgot all about them for years until I just saw this – flippin’ ‘eck that’s good for a story in itself! Not sure I’m going to rush off and read all about it (probably will!) but nice to know there was more.

    Oh – and good scratchbuilds by the way!



    Avatar photowillz

    Love it looks like a tank from the Trigan Empire, Eagle comic circa 1960’s.

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