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    Vallejo & various other paint manufacturers often market boxed sets of all the paint you’ll need for a period or an army.


    For example:



    Do you ever buy such things or do you prefer to make up your own mind as to which hues are best?




    I would find this useful if I was new to paints. Otherwise I suspect I would use what I have and fill any gaps with what seemed right.

    Can’t imagine ever needing to buy a paint set with black white and flesh. Already have those and I would just be duplicating colours.


    I would find this useful if I was new to paints.

    That sounded really condescending, sorry.
    I think I meant that were I new to the hobby and did not already have loads of paints it may be useful.
    But I would just as happily use leather brown or wood brown, or beasty brown as my saddle colour and so on.

    But then I never was that fussed about the right shade of uniform, my Napoleonic British were red with the correct flags, this made it obvious what nation they were and this was good enough for me,


    I bought the Russian WW2 one on ebay for a good price.  I’ve found the range of browns very handy although I’ve yet to paint any Russians with it.  You can’t have enough good quality white paint.



    I have been known to buy them. It’s a useful way to get all the paints you need, assuming that you accept their ideas about the colours. I’m lazy and not good with colour, so I’m happy to let others choose these for me. On Mike’s comment about extra black and white, I find I go through these colours quite quickly, so having reserves is useful.

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    A Lot of Gaul

    Speaking only for myself, I prefer to choose my own paints with the hues, values and chromas that best match those available in ancient paints and dyes. Most of the paint colors that I have seen in ‘Ancient’ boxed sets are too ‘pure’ and modern-looking to my eye.

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    I’ve been using craft paints,along with some Liquitex, for years, and am quite happy with them, so no for me.

    Ivan Sorensen

    I keep thinking it’s a really cool idea, but I always end up just buying random colors as the whim suits me.

    Heck, I’ve gone to the store to get something specific for a unit, then returned home and realized that even though I bought four times as many paints as I needed, I still don’t have the one I went to get.

    Nordic Weasel Games


    I just got Early War Luftwaffe from Hataka, and US Navy and USMC from AK Interactive. Won’t try them out until next weekend, but it surely made the shopping easier compared to putting the colors together myself. Laziness is a big factor in our lovely little hobby. 


    I have and have used the Lifecolor WW2 naval camouflage sets for the USN, Regina Marina and Kreigsmarine and they’ve been useful.

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    I’m with Mike, I’ve got loads of paint so it would quite likely end up duplicating some colours I already own. Certain colours I go through very quickly, black, white, horse tones, French blue (somehow I always knock French blue over).

    If I was starting afresh, with no paint then yes I would think they are a very good idea. Now I’d use the contents list to see what I haven’t got in order to make a shopping list. A really good starting point, not lazy. No different really from asking “how did you paint those skeletons, they are really effective?” Some things are a beast to get the colours looking ‘right’, I will happily follow someone else’s  recipe if I think it looks the business. Don’t care if the recipe comes from a company or an individual.

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