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    r e

    Hey all…

    I’m looking to stick my toes into 15mm ACW.  What do you feel are the best looking figures to invest in??

    Thanks in advance!!


    AB seem popular?


    Nathaniel Weber

    Best looking would probably be AB. Very characterful, and AB faces make for great painting focal points.

    Cost wise, and possessing of their own particular look, Old Glory 15s are great. They have a wonderful campaign look of rumpled uniforms and tired, slouched soldiers.


    ‘Best looking’? Id have to agree that it’s AB


    there are several other really nice, characterful ranges but none as technically good.

    r e

    Thanks for the advice.  Anyone know how AB and Old Glory look together??


    Sane Max

    they ARE nice aren’t they. Must resist urge to buy more ACW….

    If you decide not to go with them, Peter Pig’s stuff is my 15mm ACW of choice, which I used to bulk out half-an-army of Essex figures for the Union and stuck with for the whole of my Confederates. PP are Marmite – some people like them, some really don’t. I like their figures for most of their ranges.

    r e

    My head is spinning from all the choices!  In this day and age we’re definitely spoiled.  I’m probably going with AB for my favorites – Iron Brigade, Army of Virginia, etc.  I’ll fill out the rest with…  I don’t know yet .  Thanks everyone!

    r e

    Ok… so how long have I been gaming??  Well, I was digging through old boxes and I found hundreds of 15mm ACW!  Some look like Franco Prussian but the slouch hats are definitely ACW.  Their muskets bent back into shape pretty easy so they’re not the modern tin that break.  Now… how long have I had them??  In one of the boxes is my badge and reciept from Historicon 1998.

    Judging from the time period, I wouldn’t be surprised if these were old Essex – although I’m not sure Essex had a rectangular base.  Now if I can find my Fire and Fury rules.  I found my Johnny Reb 3 rules and my Fire and Fury Regimental..

    ian pillay

    I do like CP Models range, it’s not a huge range but they are nicely sculpted and are true scale 15mm….


    Tally-Ho! Check out my blog at…..


    If you already have figures, bonus !!!

    r e

    OK – Now that I have (some) oof the figures and I found my Fire and Fury rules – any one know where I can get bases 1″ x 3/4″???



    If you like flat metal bases, Wargames Accessories.If you prefer laser cut plywood, Litko. There are others.

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