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    My latest project is getting a Judge Dredd collection going, and in researching suitable rules I came across the suggestion that NW’s Five Core system might be a good fit. Intrigued, I flitted off to Wargame Vault and was startled to learn there are all sorts of games under that title. Then I noted there is a whole series specifically for Sci-Fi called Five Parsecs and now wonder if one of those would be better. Not sure if Weasel frequents these parts, but can anyone give a pointer?

    And mind, it’s Judge Dredd I’m interested in, so there are a few factors to bear in mind. The most important is that the game needs to be suitable for larger than life characters (like JD himself) along with your low-level grungy perp types, and then some rules for persuasion, interrogating, investigating wouldn’t hurt either. Possibly Five Core Skirmish or Pulp? Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Hello, I can’t help directly with your question but there is a Nordic Weasel Games category in the forum, try posting there (he replies personally)


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    I am a major fan of NWG’s Starport Scum series of rules. They are RPG lite and allow for some hand-wavey-game-mastered RPG dice rolling between games in order to set up each new engagement. Combat is simple. Movement is simple. Taking RPG actions (hacking, negotiating, intimidating) is simple.

    Character design is great in that you can make up abilities that match your characters, or there are some generic ones that you can give. There are four different levels of characters: grunts/goons/cannon fodder who pose little threat to your main character unless in large numbers, bruisers who can benefit from having more than a generic weapon, aces who are like supporting characters and get a weapon with abilities and a character trait or two, then heroes who are your Judge Dredds. They have 3-4 traits and weapons. Here is an example of one of my characters:

    Ulrich Nolan – Hero
    C Tracker: +1D6 against target after the first time targeted by this character.
    C Sharpshooter: +1D6 over 18”.
    S Explorer: Discover hidden items with 4+.
    Lenherr Rifle: -1D6 defense against this attack.
    Survival Gear: +1D6 to pass environmental tests

    Games can be incredibly quick and are sort of like you are watching your miniatures live out a movie action scene.

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    Daniele, thanks for the heads up. I suppose I should have known that. Is there any way to port this over to that board or should I repost? Will look into this…

    Thuseld, that’s immensely helpful, thank you. I’ll take a look at Starport Scum when I have more time. Does it allow for solo play? Anyway, thanks very much for the pointer!

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    Will look into this…


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    A friend is also working on a straight up cyberpunk “Hackers vs corp security” hack of Squad Hammer, which is nearing completion. Adapting some of that into Dredd shouldn’t be too hard.

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