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    Avatar photoRhoderic

    I’m always trying to amass new types of plastic plants for terrain-making, but the process of acquiring them is pure chaos. I never know what the best place is for ordering them, and while I suspect this is the case for most everyone, I thought I’d still try my luck and ask for concrete tips about webstores and eBay vendors.

    Regarding eBay, I still haven’t gotten most varieties of those new plants being sold out of China, the ones that seem to have been primarily made for decorating architectural models. Several times I’ve ended up holding off on making the purchase after putting them in my shopping cart, because I could never be certain that I had found the cheapest, most reliable vendor with the largest selection. So, I’m asking for suggestions about specific vendors, in the hopes that someone has already figured out which vendor is better than the rest.

    I’m also interested in getting more types of aquarium and terrarium plants, but I’ve exhausted my options locally. I keep seeing photos of other people’s terrain that include interesting-looking aquarium/terrarium plants that aren’t part of the selection in any local shop I’ve visited. Is there some one-stop webshop for this kind of stuff? One that ships to the EU and doesn’t price international shipping like it’s equivalent to a manned mission to Mars?

    Avatar photoMike

    These guys import a fair bit from China and mark up accordingly, so you will pay more, but I find with them being UK based they are much quicker which helps my impatience!

    Serious Play

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    Alas, most of the things I want seem to be sold out at Serious Play. I’ve experienced the same issue with other UK-based webstores that buy in and repackage plastic plants from China. They never seem to stock up as much as they ought to, and they don’t seem to have a steady enough supply (perhaps due to the same problem I have, that it takes hours upon hours of searching and comparing to figure out which Chinese eBay vendor is best). I used to get palm trees from Minibits after learning of that webstore through TWW advertising but I ended up ordering more than they had in stock, and now they seem to have dropped that product line altogether.

    Still, Serious Play does have some things in stock that I want, and getting them will at least shorten the list of things to order from China. And maybe they’ll restock at some point. So I appreciate the tip.

    Avatar photoGraham Harrison

    I found it best to go straight to the manufacturers in China using https://www.aliexpress.com/

    They have a secure payment process, if you hunt around you get some very cheap prices, although, as with Ebay, you will often find the same item at varying prices.

    I’ve placed several orders now and had a good service. Some sellers offer very cheap, or even free, postage to the UK. There are periodic discount days when I’ve got up to 40% off the listed price!

    Avatar photoPatrice

    I’ve often been happy to order from Nicolo.


    Of course you need to choose between products in his catalogue, some are better than others.


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