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    In my opinion Cliffs over Dover blitz is the best ww2 sim, while DCS beats it in graphics, sound and effects. Clod has a complete ww2 environment for 39-41. And fantastic damage modeling.

    And next year the expansion Fortresses and Focke-Wulfs will complete the lineup for the 41-42 period. It add all 3 models of Hawker Typhoon, the 3 early models of Fw190. More Me109 and Spitfire models. Two original Mustangs before the Merlin engine upgrade. And a B17E, a flyable 4 engine bombe, its been many years since a combat sim had that.

    In total the game will have well over 100 plane and plane types.  20 Me109 variations, 15 Spitfire types included all the major production models(except the Mk XIV) you got various Mk1s, various  MkII, crap ton of Mk Vs, and now the Mk IX will come too.

    And 12 variations of Hurricane.

    Still a ways off, but I’m testing the vr beta with my new Pimax and it looks amazing 3232×3824 per eye resolution.


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    All sounds like good news to me!

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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