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    Alexander Wasberg

    I can’t take credit for the idea, since it’s been around for over 20 years, but cheers anyway 🙂 It is a nice color scheme either way!

    I’d love to see some of your mechs when you feel they are ready to be shown off!


    Mr. Average

    Those are seriously sessy mechs, man.  So much so that it’s making me feel really enthused about not only my 3mm scale Vanguard 40K titans, but my mecha game projects in general!  Are these all for Horizon Wars?  Have you considered any other game systems for them?


    Alexander Wasberg

    Thanks Mr. Average! I look forward to seeing all your titans for the 3mm 40K, it’s coming along great IMHO.

    They might all feature in Horizon Wars, but the Battlemechs will be used for Alpha Strike as soon as I manage some more mechs. I’m looking at ways to use Starport Scum or other more rpg-focused rules for a more character driven set of mecha games with a few or even a single protagonist.



    I can’t take credit for the idea, since it’s been around for over 20 years, but cheers anyway 🙂 It is a nice color scheme either way! I’d love to see some of your mechs when you feel they are ready to be shown off!

    Well I haven’t ordered any Mecha Front yet. But I think I definitely will. The two Hawk WG walkers I have are the start and I will but adding a few more from their range. Also I’ve got some 6mm merc walkers from Brigade and looking to add a few of their 15mm range walkers with it. I’m quite interested how the two will scale up together. The 6mm being light scout and the 15mm being the heavy stuff.

    So yeah, I will be on to my big stompy robots project soon. Furthermore while I’m on here waffling away. I’m looking at Startport Scum. Just downloaded it and started reading through. Might incorporate it into some sort of mech game or something.


    Alexander Wasberg

    I think that your mechs will be great, the ones you’ve shown certainly are!

    Starport Scum is great, I’ve been tinkering with using it for mech combat as well..


    Starport Scum is great, I’ve been tinkering with using it for mech combat as well..

    Ooooh! Now I’m really looking forward to your  next Starport Scum campaign

    If you like 6mm scifi check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0



    Got my mitts on some Mecha Front!

    So will be watching eagerly for any new developments on the Startport Scum/big stompy robot front.


    Alexander Wasberg

    Nice, looking forward to seeing them!

    More stomping will be forthcoming, still working out the details and assigning mechs though, so it might be another while!


    Alexander Wasberg

    I haven’t managed to get a lot done in the last few weeks, but now I have some WiP to show at least:

    They are finally here, my first ever 3d-sculpted mechs. The image isn’t great and the FUD doesn’t really help the definition, but I hope to have some paint on them before long.


    I also received my Bullshark minis from Steel Warrior studios. These mechs are a beautiful redesign of the original BT Marauder, itself based on the Macross Glaug. Two of them are going to join the earlier offerings as Lyran guard, with the last one either becoming a Kurita or Merc mech, as soon as I can decide on which I prefer..


    So that’s that for now, hopefully it won’t take more than a few days to finish up some of these!




    Those WiP’s look interesting, especially  the second one in from the right. Will look forward to seeing them painted.

    Steel Warrior Studio do some nice mechs. I particularly like the Krigeshammer, will look forward to seeing the Bullshark painted too.



    Alexander Wasberg

    Cheers 🙂 I will start slapping some paint on them as soon as I finish up the first two bullsharks!

    They really do, all around prettier/more modern versions of classic battletech minis. The Kreighammer is one of my favorites too 😉


    Alexander Wasberg

    As I had hoped, starting to paint meant I was that much more likely to finish it in a few days:


    First the Battlemechs, Steel Warrior Studios Bullsharks (an interpretation of the classic Marauder)
    As an added bonus, I finally settled on a color scheme for my mercs.


    The yet unnamed merc company’s first mech. Avoiding my go-to of “grey and something” I just decided to lift one of the NIJA/Sanada megacorp colors (one of my fringe-verse factions for those who haven’t looked around this blog too much ) for my mercs.

    The two remaining mechs will form one half of the 2nd Lyran Guard lance, together with another heavy and possibly an assault mech.
    My Shapeways mechs managed to get some attention as well, all 4 being completed the following evening.

    A mixed bag of color schemes, but every single mech looks better with paint than before it, so that’s a win in and of itself!


    This first one was designed with mostly Battletech influences and painted to fit in with my Zephyr megacorp’s forces.


    Joining the same ranks as the first one with a matching paintjob, I’m a bit torn about the design of this one. Taking some inspiration from eldar Wraithlords and “battlemeching” it up, I think I might try re-designing this one at some point.


    Not really painted up to belong anywhere in particular, the mech I titled “Boxmonster” is really supposed to stand out and I think that it manages that job pretty good. I got the inspiration from a LEGO mech I saw online, so the neat design is only partly my doing. That being said, I’m quite pleased with this one!


    The last mech was my attempt at making a more clan-like battlemech, inspired by the Cauldron-born and similar designs. I’m not 100% happy with it, but for a first print it’s acceptable. It’s painted up to join the Warg Industries merc company.


    These first prints have been fun to make, it’s really cool to have something you designed on your computer as a real-life object in your hand. If I ever make any more, which is likely, it’s also been good experience and hopefully I can do better next time around!


    Somewhat unrelated to BSR exept that the often fight in, around and on top of them:

    Finally I have the results of my recent attempt at using hot-wire cutters to shape some terrain. I decided to start with something basic that you can almost never have too much of;


    The two smoother ones in the back is just shaped with the wire cutter and then had extra grooves and details made by a knife. The two in the forground were carved out as more or less straight blocks, but then I used a heated blade not too dissimilar to a soldering iron to create the textured surface.

    After painting a base layer of grey on the pieces I just drybrushed it in a few stages some to give a more worn look.


    The blog, as per usual: http://lasersandbroadswords.blogspot.se/2018/03/finished-bullsharks-painted-shapeways.html


    Thanks for checking it out!



    Looking good! Particularly like the Zephyr Megacorp colours. A sort of “go to” military main colour then a brighter secondary colour picking out various bits works quite well I’m thinking. (Just getting some inspiration from you before I settle on a colour scheme for mine).

    That “Boxmonster” is looking good too. Kind of feels like a remote operated weapons platform. Where the pilot sits in a control vehicle at a safe distance and sends in the “Boxmonster” to “soften things up”.

    Nice job on the rocks BTW. Two very different designs and quite realistic too.

    You mentioned about tinkering with Star Port Scum for the mechs on your blog? I’ll definitely interested what you come up with for that. Something I’m thinking of but have no clue on ATM.


    Alexander Wasberg

    Thank you for saying so!

    I try to go for some more realistic color choices from time to time, but I can’t bring myself to do camo on mechs. In my mind they are a weapon of terror as much as actual destruction, bold colors makes sure the enemy sees them when you want them to and active camo/stealth systems allow you to be a bit more sneaky when needed, at least thats how I picture it in my games 🙂

    I am tinkering around a bit with Starport Scum, as I love the open-endedness of the system. So far I’ve only had the chance to run a quick test game with a pair of mechs per side, but I believe that every attempt will take me a little closer to the end goal.  While there are vehicle rules for the game, they are better suited for limited apperances and as scenario objectives.

    So I’m trying to get the mechs ( and later on other vehicles too!) function closer to the way a character does, but with some changes to differentiate between a man in a vehicle and one on foot.

    Right now it looks like there will be two ways of handling mechs; One more detailed with hit locations for games centered on/exclusively containing mechs ( think Battletech and anime shows like Gundam) and one more streamlined with a single damage pool (like in the original vehicle rules from Ivan) for games with a mix of mechs/vehicles and ground troops.

    I’m trying to find a way to use a single attack stat like in the original ruleset, using traits to set weapons apart from each other rather than using a list of pre-made weapons with set stats. The trickiest bit so far is figuring out a good balace between attack dice and the accompanying traits vs. defence dice and traits vs. HP pool for each mech in a way so that it doesn’t turn into static slug-fests or that everything blows up as soon as it’s hit.

    I haven’t got the formula down just yet, but I hope that some more testing will help me find a suitable solution.


    I’ll let you know if I make any progress!



    Thanks for the reply!

    Thank you for saying so! I try to go for some more realistic color choices from time to time, but I can’t bring myself to do camo on mechs. In my mind they are a weapon of terror as much as actual destruction, bold colors makes sure the enemy sees them when you want them to and active camo/stealth systems allow you to be a bit more sneaky when needed, at least thats how I picture it in my games 🙂

    I have similar throughts on camo for mechs. For me mechs; in most cases are big and tall. Seems pointless to me to paint a camo colour. I think mechs will have some kind of energy field/shielding and/or stealth ability. Negating the need for heavy armour plating and camo. Both “Predator” type camo and energy shielding is in development. So I’m thinking bright colours too.

    Using traits to set weapons apart instead of using a list of pre made weapons with set sats. That’s interesting, something I never thought of. I shall squirrel away that idea for future reference when I come to it.




    Alexander Wasberg

    No more update on the rules as of yet, but I have more Battlemechs:




    A Zeus assault mech. Amongst the heaviest of mechs, the Zeus is a 80 ton beast common in the Lyran mech units.



    The Hatchetman. A medium mech weighing in at 45 tonnes, it’s the first mech with a full head ejection system and one of the few with a melee weapon as a standard loadout.



    Last of the trio is a Wolfhound light mech. At 35 tonnes it’s lighter than all the other Guard mechs I’ve painted up so far, but it’s heavily armed for it’s size with 1 large laser and 4 medium ones.


    The remaining mech belong to my yet unnamed mercenaries, bulking them up to 6 mechs, putting them half-way to a full company




    The first mech is a Centurion. This 50 tonne medium mech is a capable fighter with a varied arsenal, most feared of which is the Luxor D-Series Autocannon/10.



    The Banshee is a 95 tonne assault mech. Armed with a PPC, an Autocannon/5 and a small laser, its somewhat underarmed for it’s size but carries a whopping 15 tonnes of armor.



    A 75 tonnes Battlemech, the Orion is a well-rounded heavy mech with weapons to engage at most ranges.



    The lightest of the Mercenary mechs, a 35 tonne Jenner. Very fast and with a respectable amount of firepower as well as jumpjets, the Jenner is a exellent scout and raider.



    Finally we have another medium mech, the Clint. Weighing 40 tonnes and armed with both lasers and an autocannon/5, the Clint is however a bit of a technicans nightmare due to the use of lots of non-standard parts.


    I did manage to take a few bonus pics of the Bullsharks after I gave them a wash I had evidently forgotten about. I owe thanks to the nice people over at the Battletech painting and customs group in FB for spotting that miss.

    Anywhere, here is a few more pictures:






    I’m off to the UK next week and will be attending Salute 2018. Hopefully I’ll return with more fun models and inspiration!


    The blog, as usual: http://lasersandbroadswords.blogspot.se/2018/04/more-battlemechs-finished.html


    Thanks for looking!



    Inspirational as per usual. Will be nice to see them fight.


    Alexander Wasberg

    Cheers, I’m in the process of re-learning the Classic BattleTech rules as well as trying out the quicker Alpha Strike. When I have gotten far enough not to screw up too much I’ll have some fights to share!


    Alexander Wasberg

    Time flies, as it is wont to do.

    I have managed to finish up a few more Battlemechs:


    I picked up these Robotech tactics models as they are what is known as the “unseen” in Battletech, being the original mech models for certain designs. This trio belong to my Lyran Guard company.

    Longbow mech. A long range artillery/fire support mech.

    Archer heavy mech. Like the Longbow, the Archer carries a lot of long range missiles, I used some spare parts to make the lasers attached to the lower arms of the mech.


    Lastly a Rifleman. Usually carrying a pair of lasers and autocannons in each arm, these mechs usually provide direct fire support or work as snipers with the an alternate 2 Ac/2’s in each arm.


    My Merc company also got a few new mechs, bringing them to a full company like the Lyrans. Both companies are quite high-tonnage, but I’ll probably add more lighter mechs to both sides with my next order or reinforcements.

    A Merc Archer. It’s identical to the Lyran one with the exeption of the open missile bay doors.


    Both the Rifleman and Longbow is also identical to their counterparts in the Guard.


    The last pair of mechs is the iconic Warhammer. I gave both to the Mercs because the Lyrans already have the two SWS Krieghammer versions of the Warhammer. This is one of my favorite mech designs.

    I have played a few 2 vs 2 fights using CBT rules, but given the time investment I will probably only use the original rules for engagements of 2-4 mechs per side. Even those matches can last 3 hours or so. I’ve been meaning to try out Alpha Strike for full company (12 vs 12) engagements and will hopefully get around to it.


    I’ve managed to pick up a side project to getting the Battlemechs of the 31st century ready for battle, but it’s not too dissimilar.



    This is the lower half of a giant stompy robot I’ve started working on. A handfull more are being planned, as is some large monstrosities for them to fight when they aren’t pummeling each other.

    I’ll share more as I manage to complete it!



    Woah. That sculpt is the bomb. What material is that you are using?


    Alexander Wasberg

    Cheers Mike 🙂

    I’m using super sculpey, it’s a type of polymer clay that you cure in the oven.

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