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    Avatar photoMark Piper

    Game played some time ago from the “Day of the Rangers” scenario book (p78 Darkest Before the Dawn).  6′ x 4′ table.  Foamboard buildings from GameCraft Miniatures and scratchbuilt.  I cut up the foamboard with a hobby knife and use textured paint.  Quick dry brush and ready to use. Corrugated fences and misc drop terrain scratchbuilt.  Britannia “heroic” 28mm US vs Somalis.

    Close up of the Little Bird support

    Little Bird

    US forces hunker down.

    Somalis form up for an attack on the US position.

    Great game with the US position finally overrun by the Somalis despite the support of the Little Birds.


    Avatar photoShawn Carpenter


    Shawn Carpenter
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    Avatar photoPaul Deehan

    Very nice, I really like the buildings and how you’ve laid them out. It looks really good.

    What make are the Little Birds by the way?

    Avatar photoMark Piper

    Corgi 1:64 scale tactical strike.  OOP but I got my on eBay some time ago.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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