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    Getting Black Powder onto a (very) small gaming space. The following links follow an AAR with examples of game mechanics demonstrated. The videos were uploaded daily as a serialised project, but here are all the links to a job done !

    Video trailer – 1 minute fun intro – LINK https://youtu.be/yFqIl7j8RKg

    Video 1 – an introduction to the battle, a discussion of the rules, situation and forces involved (uploaded 15th November 2016). – LINK https://youtu.be/LM4DnxHNM6E

    Video 2 – Covering troop deployment and the first turn. Includes examples of issuing orders and shooting. (Uploaded 16th November 2016) – LINK https://youtu.be/vx4z0hYTaIM

    Video 3 – Covering Turn 2 and giving examples of charging to combat and the hand – to – hand phase. (Uploaded 17th November 2016) – LINK https://youtu.be/3RzBJY1Iqm8

    Video 4 – Covering Turns 3 to the end of the game, with examples of enfilade fire and other mechanics shown, together with quite a lot of nuances that create a bit of decision making. (Uploaded 18th November 2016) – LINK https://youtu.be/0mulQ2ekXBs

    Link to the blog article that covers the whole thing, including scenario details etc – LINK http://battlefieldswarriors.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/black-powder-on-pinboard.html

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