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    Thinking of starting a blog, never blogged before (that’s a bit of a fib, for a very short while I wrote the entries for the ‘diary of a team member’ for the mountain rescue team I was in). So I’d welcome any advice, tips, thoughts etc about how to do it. Big question is blogger or WordPress. So any experiences from you ‘old hands’ along the lines of “if I was starting my blog all over again i’d do it this way because…”

    Thanks in anticipation


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    Northern Monkey

    I don’t have any real tips, other than do it for yourself, don’t set yourself unreasonable goals(IE posting targets), and don’t get concerned about views/followers.  I started mine purely to focus my painting and sort of catalogue my stuff, and it has worked quite well in that respect forcing me to get on and paint rather than procrastinate

    My attempt at a Blog: http://ablogofwar.blogspot.co.uk/

    Norm S

    I use Blogger and am quite happy with it.

    I would say label each post properly, as good organisation now of topics will help later.

    and then, if your do fairly lengthy posts, on each post do an opening paragraph, with a photo then put in words to the effect of ‘ use the read more tab for the rest of this post and insert a LINE BREAK and the write up you main article and PUBLISH.

    In settings, limit each page to three posts.

    So if you have done all of the above, your page will actually have a list of your three most recent posts, with a photo and your opening paragraph and when the reader clicks on (or taps) the read more word, the rest of the post will open up. This who thing just keeps your front page tidy and not overwhelming.

    Don’t expect a high rate of comments, I recon around

    I wouldn’t normally promote my own blog in these sort of posts, but it may help to visualise all of the above.



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    Hi Tim,

    So what is the best way of doing that?  Before or after the photos are edited?  Is there a way of doing it en masse?





    Wow, thank you. Some excellent tips here.
    Northern Monkey – that’s sort of what I wanted to do, a repository for the stuff I have found. Maybe my inner show off would like some hits, but I’m not really bothered. If it helped just one person starting out in ECW that would be a bonus, but it will be there for me.
    Norm Smith – I’ve gone with blogger. All very useful tips. Many thanks. Hadn’t thought about the whole tagging issue…
    Tim – something that annoys me but hadn’t connected the two together. Think I know how to do that, but as Whirlwind has asked the question I will more than happily sneek a peak at the answer.


    Norm S

    Computer screens don’t use anything above 72 DPI, so having a file bigger just causes download problems without any extra benefit to the screen picture.

    Blogger / Google give you an allowance for photographs, as I understand it, anything at 750 pixels and above in one dimension come off the allowance, while anything smaller is hosted free. Normally a full size photo for the screen would typically be 800 x 600 pixels, but if the above is true, then slightly smaller is better.

    There is a big difference in file size between an 800 x 600 image and say a 600 x 400 image. There comes a point in which you can compress the file size so much that you end up with a grainy picture.

    I have come to the conclusion that it is better to have fewer photo’s, but go for an image that is 600 – 700 pixels wide.

    For my iPad I use an image size converter called Image Size. I can manage my blog on the iPad with the Blog Touch Pro app

    I prefer to handle my images by the resize function that comes built into the photo editor on my Chrome Book.



    Just to add my two penny’s worth, I prefer WordPress. It’s easy to run a simple blog from your smartphone using the WordPress app. My blog is run from my phone. I found Blogger very difficult to run from a smartphone.

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    The tagging and picture advice here is spot on.

    While there are many picture editing options available, for simple resizing–in bulk–I use ‘Converseen‘.

    Efficient tagging is a subtle art. Personally, I keep the number of tags fairly small but broadly inclusive. I’ve seen some blogs with a huge tag list.  As a reader, I find that off-putting. It’s like being overwhelmed with details. Just my personal opinion, YMMV.


    Self taught, persistently behind the times, never up to date. AKA ~ jeff
    More verbosity: http://petiteguerre.blogspot.com/


    Many thanks one and all. I’ve taken the plunge. Now it just needs some content…


    Can anyone explain the best/easiest/quickest ways to resize photos to make them most efficient for putting on blogs please?  And how to compress them?





    I think the newer version of MS paint has a resize option, just resize to about 800 wide and that should do it.


    Can anyone explain the best/easiest/quickest ways to resize photos to make them most efficient for putting on blogs please? And how to compress them?

    Every version of Paint has resize. It’s also good for compressing; if your photo-taking device saves as a .bmp file, use Paint to save as .jpg or .png and the file size will be significantly smaller – as it will be by resizing it smaller



    If using Blogger there is an image option. Select the image and the menu appears. I set everything to ”medium” sized


    Every version of Paint has resize.

    ooooer so it does.
    I had never seen it on the version I use, as it is tucked away a few clicks.
    I went investigating after you said that.


    Shaun Travers

    I have used InfranView for as long as I can remember as my image viewer (for Windows).  When I started blogging in 2010 I used that to manipulate the images for my blog.  The original photos from the camera are about 5MB and all I do is crop the bit of the photo I want (occasionally rotate it a bit as well)  and resize to be 1024 pixel wide.  This reduces the image to be about 300-500KB that I then upload.  I have been doing this for so long I can whip though 10-20 photos for a blog post in minutes.  If I need to do some simple markup such as a couple of  labels or arrows I use InfranView.  For detailed markups or lots of them I tend to then use Paint.Net as it is easier to manipulate the settings for better control and also has a better undo feature.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Well, thank you one and all.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>My first attempt at blogging seems to be doing something right. Without really promoting it, after 4 months it is just shy of 4000 hits. Whilst not really interested in the numbers (well, secretly I am really pleased, but isn’t every blogger?) the blog is doing what I wanted it to do – be a repository for all the snippets of information that I would have scribbled down somewhere, then promptly lost. If it has helped anyone out, even better!</p>
    I must admit it is pretty satisfying to look at the stats page and see whereabouts page visitors are located.

    So, thanks again.

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