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    Count Belisarius

    I’ve just been reading Norm Smith’s post about using a website as an alternative to a blog. My blog is a self-hosted WordPress one and apart from the all too infrequent blog posts most of the content sits on static pages and galleries. You can see from the menu structure that I have great plans to add more content but as ever, finding the time… I too have contemplated moving to a traditional website to give me more flexibility in organising and displaying the content. I’d still have the blog part of the WordPress site to allow for announcements and an RSS feed (although I could easily set this up for a website anyway…). When I did the last major revamp of the blog I also created a Facebook page connected to it. All this does is act as a place where blog updates get posted to. I’ve never added separate content just on FB.

    Now, a good few people integrate their sites across several platforms a lot better having updates and posts appearing on FB, Twitter as well as a blog and/or website (and also posting links on forums). I suppose it depends on the driving force behind your web presence (in whatever form). Are you just using a blog to post piccies and keep track of your projects? Are you trying to attract as many followers as possible? Do you want a central ‘place’ for all your stuff and multiple ways of pointing people to it (FB, Twitter, forums) or are you happy posting stuff everywhere? A quick update on Twitter? A few pics on Facebook? A big update on your blog?

    I suppose I’m trying to decide whether I want to expand on what I do. At the moment I tend to just do the odd ‘big’ blog post when something happens (big game) or I finish painting something. I also post links to said on my main forums. Should I drop stuff/comments on the FB page occasionally? Should I finally (and I’ve held off for a long time!) post odd bits on Twitter? Does spending more time publicising across multiple platforms become self defeating as I end up with less time to paint and therefore less to post about! 🙂

    What do you do? What do you think? Does it really matter?

    How much could I have painted while I’ve been thinking about and typing this?



    Alvin Molethrottler

    “Are you just using a blog to post piccies and keep track of your projects?”


    ^ This ^

    I have two blogs (coincidentally one of which is about me following Norm’s 10mm WWII hex project) but I don’t generate enough content for either of them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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