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    craig cartmell

    Charles (my co-author) and his chums have started a series of playtests. Here is his brief report:
    Game 1 Viking vs Saxon.
    Objective – get to the hut in the woods before sunset and persuade the hermit who lives there to use his second sight to give you a reading.
    Both sides had magical powers and heroes but only limited missile fire.
    The Vikings managed to get their leader into the hut on turn 10.
    The Saxons lost their leader but their best fighter – Steapa – took a dreadful toll on the other Vikings.
    Game 2 – Saxons vs Draugr, same scenario.
    The Saxons lost their leader and Steapa but managed to kill all of the Draugr except one; they even managed to take out the Invulnerable Draugr leader by using a spell enhanced spear. The Draugr deputy leader made it to the hut, got the seer’s reading, then ate him…
    Conclusion – both games were fun to play with familiar mechanics yet a quite different flavour to Daisho. Which is of course exactly what Craig and I are aiming for.
    No change requirements were spotted during these two games though I did notice a few typographic / wordsmithing issues to be fixed.


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