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    Chris Pringle

    Like a lot of wargames forums, the BBB Yahoo group has migrated to groups.io:


    Happily this means the 100s of scenarios, player aids and other resources in the group files have been preserved, not to mention five years of erudite (or not) discussion.

    The files are also easier to find than they were in Yahoo; and I believe the group is easier to join. If BBB might be of interest to you, please do check out the group and join up if you haven’t already.


    Bloody Big BATTLES!


    I wish you had gone with Facebook groups.  I think it is something that lots and lots of gamers already have accounts for.  I belong to several game related groups there now.  The interface is easy to use.  It’s easy to upload and access pictures.  The only downside is that it is facebook.  😉

    groups.io appears to be more of a yahoo knock off.  that’s not necessarily a good thing.



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    I’m glad the group didn’t move to Facebook since I won’t use it. I’m sure my personal data is for sale or barter all over the net anyway, but I really don’t like Facebook’s policies or the way the interface functions. I do peek at my wife’s from time to time and don’t like much of what I see.

    Groups.io is designed by the original inventor of Yahoo groups. He was bought out. In time all the tech people left and Yahoo began to decline. Groups.io is what Yahoo groups could have been. The look and feel is familiar but without ads. And it works.

    This too shall pass

    Chris Pringle

    Well, it’s tricky: some people love FB and want to use nothing else, others vow never to touch it.

    With nearly 800 members and a huge archive of stuff on the Yahoo group, transferring to groups.io seemed the best way to preserve and continue that thriving community.

    That said, there is also a BBB Facebook page for those who prefer that:


    Hopefully this way everyone can find what they need by their preferred route.





    Glad it has gone to GROUPS.  A lot of us do not use FB; Sam Mustafa has taken his forum there, so those of us who do not use it have lost touch with a key rules designer.  AFAIK know many complain that FB lacks appropriate file and thread style most appropriate for running a group.


    Thanks Chris. Groups. Io is fine by me.

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    Chris Pringle

    Thanks, Martin – welcome aboard.


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