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    Norm S

    Nice find (book)

    The Wargamers Guide to Dark Age Britain



    Not Connard Sage

    Hackett has published a few guides. I’ve got his ‘Raise the Clans’.


    I found it a bit ‘meh’ TBH.

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    Hackett. A perfect name for a Dark Age wargamer.

    I have his Dark Age Britain book and it is a wonderful source for scenarios. As for the history… well, let’s just say Master Hackett tends to the dramatic and romantic: Picts as displaced Scythians; Arthur as a naval mastermind, that sort of thing. Nothing objectionable, just take it all with a grain of salt.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!


    That is a really good book – and an enjoyable read, if my memory serves … which is doubtful at the best of times …

    Now why did I walk in this room … ???


    Darryl Smith

    I have a like new copy for sale if anyone wants it. While it is a nice book overall, it just didn’t do it for me. US Buyers only. Call it $15.00 which includes shipping. Contact me at preds81.ds at gmail.com or send me a message here on the forum.

    Sorry if this is bad form…just thought someone might like a copy since the book was being ttalked about.

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    Buckeye Six Actual


    Great book!  I have the Kindle version.  I think it is a great source for wargamers with the scenarios.  Hackett seems to still have his “Old Grognard Card” as his rules are a simplified version of WRG rules.  This is a fine book for all things Britain during the Anglo-Saxon period.  I guess technically that makes it England but whatever. 😉


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    Guy Farrish

    Dunno – does it cover Elmet, Rheged, Manaw Gododdin, Strathclyde Celts, Scots, Picts, Cornish, Welsh, Romano Brits? If so – definitely Britain not England – and not that until after 9th century at earliest, 11th for the actual term – later still for current spelling.


    Picts as Scythians!  It’s amazing how this stuff continues to be recycled.


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