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    Avatar photoStug

    Hi everyone. Do you have any good book suggestions to learn how to create beautiful terrain? I will be wargaming in 6mm during the world war II era.


    Avatar photoTony S

    Interesting question.  I’ve got a lot of books on wargaming, but they are almost always in the topics of rules or gaming.  The only exception is the old GW book on terrain, but that’s focused on large 28mm.  And a book from Sarissa Precision to make MDF buildings.  Offhand, I can’t think of any books on 6mm terrain.

    I do have all the Bruce Weigle rules for the rifle and sabre period, and he does include an appendix in each describing his methods for recreating his 6mm battlefields, as his tables are absolutely stunning.  However, the rules are a trifle expensive to purchase just for his terrain making tips.

    That said, I’m not really a terrain guy, so hopefully there are others here who can point you in the direction of some useful books.  Or perhaps asking experienced 6mm gamers for their advice and tips.

    If you look at the recent WW III thread, that shows a 6mm game with some really nice terrain; maybe pop over and ask Irishserb how he accomplished it?

    Avatar photoMike Headden

    I have to say that for 6mm I mainly use commercial stuff. Buildings from Leven Miniatures, bags of miniature trees on EBay (shipped in from China), hills, rivers and green felt from S&A Scenics, printed terrain mats from Tiny Wargames.

    The terrain making books I’m aware of are mainly aimed at 28mm/ 32mm stuff.

    I’d be amazed if there weren’t terrain making demos on Youtube.

    Sorry not to be more help,


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    Avatar photoGeof Downton

    I’d be amazed if there weren’t terrain making demos on Youtube.

    …absolutely, some of which are intended for rail modellers, but are still useful, particularly for the smaller scales.

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    Avatar photoNot Connard Sage

    Having had a foot in both camps, here’s my twopenn’orth.

    Model railway ‘terrain’ isn’t really up to the rigours of wargaming, and being single use it’s construction can be different, but you can still pinch a lot of ideas.

    A look around Woodland Scenics website might suggest ideas too. Their book https://woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics.com/show/item/C1208 is a bit of a bargain (as model railway prices go), but I haven’t seen it myself.

    If you’re considering buying pre-made model railway stuff, it’s all likely to be oversized for 6mm. The smallest model railway gauge is Z, which is 1:220/6.5mm. That should be OK for pre-made roads and other artificial structures. It ain’t cheap though!

    <edit> Noch make grass mats, which are the best thing for covering large areas. Unless you like being knee deep in static grass 🙂



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    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    There’s  a Youtube channel: The Terrain Tutor which, as the name suggests deals with making all sorts of terrain for wargaming. Terrain Tutor is an intro to his channel, there are LOTS of episodes.

    I’ve watched him for hints on certain materials I hadn’t used before (often because they didn’t exist when I was making a lot of terrain) and he’s quite good. From memory most is aimed at the bigger scales, but you can easily adapt.

    Good luck.

    [As NCS says – model railways are great for inspiration, but that terrain is to be looked at, not fought over. ]

    Avatar photoAdmiralHawke

    Pat at Wargaming with Silver Whistle produces beautiful terrain and has published a couple of books on the subject, one on winter wargming and one for the Mediterranean theatre: http://wargamingwithsilverwhistle.blogspot.com/.

    His scale is 28mm, so I suppose a few things might not work in 6mm. I imagine the choice of theatre is as important as scale.

    It appears that the first book is sold out:

    Setting the Scene Vol II

    Avatar photowillz
    Avatar photowillz
    Avatar photoGareth

    These are not 6mm but still excellent books on terrain making I can recommend.

    1. Setting the scene by Pat Smith(Volume 1 and 2).
    2. Landschaftten Im Model(its in German but just follow the step by step pictures).
    3. Model Making by David Neat(superb web site as well).
    4. Any of the Diorama books by Laszlo Adoba.


    As mentioned by others Silverwhistle.


    Herseybrush has some nice terrain stuff. Make sure you click on the translate button at the top right or its all in Spanish.


    Youtube channel for Nightshift. Yes that voice is real lol.


    And if you get really bored check out my stuff.





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    Avatar photoPhil Dutré

    Battlefields in Miniature, by Paul Davies.


    Hello, this is my contribution:

    The Terrain Tutor book https://eu.warlordgames.com/products/terrain-essentials

    I’m stuck in a couple of KS and I think you can still get in.




    Or you can also go through my Youtube channel that I have tutorials and more and more… ha ha ha https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCycEt_5_2-i-hgrHLVaDd5w
    Greetings to all


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