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    malc johnston

    Boshin war conversions and flags 1868

    I am beginning to get around my Boshin war 28mm miniatures and actually paint them, i got a fair number of figures from Empress at some show a couple of years back and just never got round to work on them.

    Anyway i have began, but i wanted to create conversions, i saw some Napoleonic Hanoverians plastic 28mm, and straight away i began on the box, i used a dremel tool to remove the braids and cuffs and tailcoat, it does not take very long as they are plastic, drill a hole and pin the heads in, i removed the pouch off the backpack and then cut it in half and stuck it at the front of the figure.

    For the sleeve stripes i used a model knife and cut up small pieces of paper and pva glue them on (once sprayed they are solid).

    This is the Kuyo clan the bearer i had to work on abit as he was the metal figure, the large cloth bag wrapped around i could get away with as this could be used for carring personal items ect.. which they did use during the war.

    20mb image hosting[/url]

    The staff i had to use the solder iron kit, best way to fix this together is use blue tack to place it firmley on a board so it won’t move.The flag is now available on the website, i created two sheets one for the Imperial and the other the Shogunate force.

    adult image[/url]

    Thing i like about these miniatures is they really do look like they are on a campaign and marching to war, the officer is from Bac Ninh Miniatures, i just ordered a large number of different heads a couple of weeks ago.

    upload a gif[/url]

    images upload[/url]

    screenshot windows

    I think you can see in this picture the white circles around the hips, these are painted on for a reason, these show the service mark.

    image hosting without registration[/url]

    Goverment force Satsuma battalion, these carry two flags one would be the simple red on top of white flag or the Satsuma army flag which is the one they are carrying.On this battalion i cut the rifle bayonet off as they were issued with the model 1865 Spencer rifle, same conversions pouch at the front.

    photo hosting sites[/url]

    jpg images[/url]

    image upload[/url]

    img upload[/url]

    Got more conversion to do, my next will proberly be the hoods for the Tokugawa Shougunate and some cavalry for both sides, will get photos up as soon as possible, more photos on the website, enjoy.

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    Thanks Malc


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