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    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Got the surprise of my life leaving the library – stood in the window of the Brigg Woolshop was a cutout Space Marine!

    Turns out they are now stocking (and happy to order) a limited set of GW figures / paints (the basic small rack) and are looking to start a club covering games and painting. The have put aside a room for games with one table for 8 so far and a smaller painting area to be run by a regular tournament player.

    Their web site is down for maintenance (https://www.briggwoolshop.co.uk/) currently but questions can be asked on 01652 408632 or by calling in. They are located on the north side of the market square (opposite The Angle) next to The Woolpack pub.

    First meeting is planned for Saturday 22nd July at Midday for around 4 hours with the possibility of weekday evening opening and more rooms are available if the size warrants it.

    Not sure of any cost, age limits or if it will only be GW games long term.

    Being in Brigg there are plenty of eating places (Tesco / Lidl are just minutes walk away) and parking is free on weekends (2hrs free at other times). Bus routes are limited at weekends and trains just a rumour at the moment.

    Avatar photoMustPlayThat

    nice to have a club you can get to ok, I remember when hobby shops had demo tables that you could go in and play.

    Avatar photoMike


    I was in Hull today and went to 2 independent games stores, both of which had a space set aside with multiple tables for gaming.

    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    I think that it’s exceptionally cool that a woolshop that is dedicated to a completely different hobby that is usually participated in by a completely different demographic from you average gamer is making space for something new like this.  Gives something for the husbands to do when their wives go a’shoppin’ I guess!

    Pretty good strategy.

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    Avatar photoian pillay

    Cool beans! We need more games shops in this neck of the woods.

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    Avatar photobobm

    The woolshop in Filey sells model kits, paints, glue and some Games Workshop 40K stuff.  Maybe it’s something about woolshops…

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    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    For those on Facebook, they have a page (currently open to none FB users):


    Next meeting is this Saturday (5th Aug) – sounds like it’s a painting session (may get able to get a dwarf done).


    Avatar photoMike

    Cheers for the update!

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