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    In our last fight, Captain Penny’s men took the German forward line, but before the position could be consolidated, the German commanding officer, Captain Penzig, swiftly organized and counterattack.

    The Brit force, consisting of their CO, Captain Penny, a PIAT team, and five rifle squads.

    The German force: the CO, 7 rifle squads, an MG, and a Pz Mk IV (w/short 75mm). This force will be split into two elements, the ‘holding force,’ consisting of two rifle squads and the MG, and the ‘relief force,’ consisting of the CO, 5 rifle squads, and the Panzer.

    Starting positions: the German have Cpl Albrecht and Cpl Borger’s squads, and Sgt Jernigan’s MG, on the hill (far left), while the Brits have (counterclockwise from bottom left) Sgt Abbott’s squad, Sgt Belmont’s, Cpl Cooper’s (on hill next to Germans), Sgt Dupont’s, and Sgt Enis’ squads, with the CO behind Enis and Cpl Leon’s PIAT team behind Sgt Dupont’s squad. Then the Germans have Cpl Colgen, Sgt Dietrich’s, and Cpl Egan’s squads at top center left, looking to cross a ford, with the CO, Sgt Nuen’s Panzer IV, and Sgt Falmstadt’s and Sgt Gohrman’s squads accompanying them coming up the road at top right center.

    Cpl Cooper’s boys (bottom right, with CO next to them and PIAT team to right) turn their weapons on Sgt Falmstadt’s men of the German 6th Squad (leading the tank down the road), and they are eliminated!

    And this clears the way for Cpl Leon’s PIAT team to move up and fire on Sgt Nuen’s Panzer IV. The German tank is damaged, but it’s enough to force the crew to bail out!

    To see how it turned out, please check the blog:

    This is game 2 of 5; more to come, so stay tuned!


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